Does it come on and yes, it does so were very happy with that outcome. Thats, a good start and at least were streaming, and we are welcoming everyone into tonights stream by saying hello and welcome to tonights live stream, where we are going to look at some interesting footage photos which i have been looking at during the week, um, which i Have been very, very happy to show which i am very very happy to share, and i hope that everyone has had an amazing week because its all about taking advantage of the time when we cant get out to think about the things that we are going to Do and at the same time, to look at some of the stuff that we have been looking at to see. What is there that we can learn from others, so were looking here. Right away were having a look at this guy called nicholas ryan, which i think is an amazing channel. Now i did subscribe and then it unsubscribes, which isnt something which is unusual in my case, but lets have a look at this dji mini 2. Cinematic footage: hello capture, live creation, oh nice, to see you here and lets have a look at what is going on in other peoples. Drone footage. I was really impressed by this little bit of footage only lasts. It only lasts about a minute and a half or sorry a minute and a half is what i have looked at so far, and i think its just amazing so im going to get up one more thing at this side of things and then were going to Have a look at it capture life creation, you always have a new video for us to share, which is great.

I look forward to checking it out in just a moment. So let me just get to here bear with me a second seo. Road map is not what im looking for. I not to add videos like this. Let me just see if i can pick it up fairly fast. It should be within this folder here we go all right. That should be a good start and lets keep going. Have a look at this so ah weve, two new videos to look at wow, thats, brilliant, because thats not often that we have that. Definitely not so lets have a look: okay, whats up, stevies there, too yeah. We can see that um. We have any drone list here. Yes, okay, so barry is there too, with us and hes up in new england? If im not mistaken, no okay have a look at this folks. Tell me what you think. Thank you. Let me have a grip. Yes, i am having a great week. Okay, look at this. Tell me what you think know what happened: cheers everyone so im very interested in knowing what you feel about this, the moving of the footage in post edit. Do you like that angle, thats? What im asking you here every shot is moving, so im interested in seeing mine is cheesy on purpose, haha, patrick to say. Thank you changing theories, yes, lovely to see you too, yes, im changing theories. By the way we like to put a name to everyone who joins us in the live stream, so please give us a name to be able to include you and call you by your name.

So changing theories, whats your name and where are you from thats? What we want to know yes and top drone, is there too? Oh, we should have you here too. Do we? No, we dont have top drone either tom drone. Please do tell me, tell me what you think of this footage, so look at it. Okay, its done with the dji mini 2. I think its really good give us a little bit of an explanation and look at the way. Look at the angle of how he introduces the footage thats. What i want you to look at dont forget to like this live stream folks and to subscribe, if you havent already and subscribe to everyone whos taking the time to join us top drone. Changing theories. Give us your names we want to know. We want to be able to put a name to that. Yes, lee from lancashire. That is amazing. Thank you. What do you think of this Music peter right there? The reconnection was successful. Thankfully, for that sorry, i think i may have dropped out there on some of you. I hope i didnt. I hope it still does appear what i was actually out for for dinner there so im just having have you ever heard of a cuantro, ah top drone, of course. Yes, terry from donegal, Music. Look at this footage. Music. Tell me what you think of this Music. Dont, you think this is just amazing Music and its done with a mini 2 with a dji mini 2.

Tell me what drones you use Music. I think we should all over the course of the winter if we dont get a chance to go out, because at the moment weve got a storm going on here in ireland, hi keith from eagle vp welcome. I think we should take a moment to go through our old footage and see what we can re edit now that we have a little a few more tips and tricks in the bag. For those of you are just joining us, please remember to like and subscribe and say hello to everybody and make sure that youre checking out all their different things. I like this like look at the way he does this little evidence. Look Music look. Does this edit to the beat of the music, but he actually puts in a little black space around it, which i thought was really cool. Look its not mad like what you know. What are we waiting on to actually look for inspiration? I think its its its. So cool Music barry, you made it to a thousand subs. Yes, that is great news. Music, Music, congratulations is in order. I like the way he did the shots at the beginning, where he was bringing it in from one angle to the other and thats. What im going to try and achieve next week, because i didnt get out – i want to be able to to move the footage in that way in the in post, production, Music, Music, its a very, very good ad isnt.

It thats nicholas underscore rion and i hope everybody is actually subscribing to one another on instagram heres my handle, if you havent done so already. Okay, so who told me that theyve got a new video that we can watch because thats whats really exciting. Let me have a look here: okay, so top drone is chatting away there. Let me secrets Music in her okay, yes, who has got a new video? Where is that, i didnt see that at the beginning lets see lets see if any journalists i was looking at one there, but anyway we go back in here any drone list. Surely surely you have something? Why does it unsubscribe youve made it well done? Lets have a look, hang on a minute. Wait, a minute question tuesday. There he is there. He is christmas tree and all you guys are well yeah. Whats everybody been up to i like us. You guys have been busy in here. It is so good to see you thats a live stream. Always always ha always helps to have your other half there to help you out feedback i like it. That is unbelievable anyway. Lets have a look at some footage more to see the way i dont subscribe me again. I do not like that at all. Ah, that is definitely not good on my behalf. Barry okay lets have a look at this 45 seconds. What views you got from it? 436, just from a 40 second, ah its good im whats your good wifes name, because somebody has to be getting on the merit for keeping your ship keeping you in between the hedges.

As they say, Music, very nice top thats a down up, reveal and then were going through thats a good shot. Music. No youve youve sped up the footage there. Okay, but its lovely. What program are you using to edit? Okay? Youtube is bad for unsubscribing people. I know i dont know why they are Music. I lost so many social and i lose subs too because of it. Look at that lovely piece of footage. The musics so good, drawn viral. Welcome joining us joining us late, but nonetheless jesses over there in the netherlands dont know if youre getting the same storm as were getting here. I like that youve added, i love it. I love it that youve added the the sound effect really good thats, the better half of the 100 of you, two put together yeah out there in new york, the new england waterfalls. I wanted to see more of that. It happens if youre not active on your on their channel for so long. Oh okay, when did you hear that wasnt interesting, better news, thats, not good, nope, no storms here no theres storms here, though well that was lovely. Who else has done a bit of a bit of video ill count, your life going sure late night i subscribe to you every week every week see if ive been unsubscribed. I will not be happy capture life connection, all right that looks good. How are we doing? Look unsubscribe start heading up north to catch the fall foliage.

This i love it. I love it right mike henrik. This is it. What is this? Er2S army army salute youve been saying this all week mike and i want to know what is going on. Is this? Just a greeting or weve been spotted wrong mike. Is this a greeting or what is it that youre telling us? What do you mean thats? What ive been asking you in the chat? I lose three subscribers every video release by the time i have 100. Yes, that has happened to me over the last few subscribers last few videos ive actually lost subscribers cant believe it i just cant, believe it its not cool, and what did i do there? Okay lets put this in here, its not good it. Oh its just a greeting okay, okay, all right! Now i get it anyway. What are you up to capture life connection? Stevie comes out from the bronx ive, been watching some really interesting, um documentaries on netflix about the bronx recently and about all the all the different things that were done in the 80s and 90s and the subways and the vigilantes and oh its, been really interesting. So heading up north to catch the fall foliage. This video in particular, is going to have a few different locations. Okay, a few different townships. Okay, i tend to move around a lot. Well, you certainly do just wanted to grab something guys. Quick just reminder: please do like and subscribe everybody to everyone, elses channel and also please do hit that like button on this stream too, because there are nine people watching and theres only five likes theres a problem.

I have a problem. The least you can do is like the stream. Okay. I hope you enjoy this video all right lets get into it. So whats going on were gon na see some some fall foliage. Look at how lovely it is. Look at that fog. I have an aunt who lives in there what they used to call the irish bronx. I dont know if youve heard of that, but definitely it was so beautiful. Okay, well have a look at drone viral stuff too. If we get a chance in this stream, look at the lovely fog Music, what theres a liverpool match on tonight? Ah, damn it im missing it! No im, not keith! I should be oh. I cant believe im listening thats how much i appreciate this community that im not watching the liverpool match and i should be ill catch. The highlights later look at the love. Look at that thats lovely snowing in wisconsin mike that is unbelievable were like mike. Were you please do, please do tell me where exactly youre from, i suppose must be uh wisconsin in that case, if thats, where your flying normally because certainly sounds like it uh. I do love wisconsin because you hear so much about it too and tally, which is great Music. I love it thats. A nice reveal up like that look Music. Oh liverpool are 2 1 up against milan thanks for spoiling it god, damn it on the highlights.

Keith, its okay, its okay, as were winning im, happy look at that bit of footage. Whats node, oh drone, viral jesse, its snowed in the netherlands. How can we keep up with stevie and his drone footage? Look at that whats going on here with the cars theyre going very fast, a bit of editing for a bit of editing tricks going on there. Nice guys dont forget to like this stream. If, indeed, you are enjoying it say, hello to everybody. Whos joined in the chat and um make sure you like the video thats, really important, definitely is important. Now i dont know. Let me know if its a bit choppy because im in the process of changing my internet – and i think it is a little bit choppy at the moment, which is quite sad, Music, look at that shot. Wow lets have a look at that again. Look at that Music, i couldnt just couldnt, do it. I couldnt milwaukee knew it wisconsin milwaukee. I love it. Thats the home of uh milwaukee, miller beer. Yes, we all love a bit of milwaukee miller, beer theres! No doubt about it. That used to be my uh beer of choice. I dont see i dont see it around as much Music and eddie is about to go up with the dji fpv Music. Its got a gopro on it. Also so thats two im gon na be flying uh, the dji fpv, but with the gopro hero 8.

So i can get that cinematic. Real, steady, look, um and im using dobos helmet yeah, get it at the original wow Music, steve youre, welcome, anytime. Anyone. Anyone who has done a recent video, please dont be afraid to share it with us. Well all watch it and we give you our honest opinion, but, as changing theories has just said, layover in lancashire. Yes, we agree, it was lovely theres, a lot going on. Are you lads that have the fpv drones? I just think its just too hard Music guys? I would invite you please shameless plug if you havent already go on to and at least subscribe to the newsletter, because im working on one at the moment and id really like you all to be part of that so head over to dot tv and make Sure you sign up to the newsletter. Well, not my finance issues there so uh patrick conlon, dot, tv tv, oh man, no, no, its, not working hold on patrick colin dot tv and just make sure it should appear after a minute or two even sign up to the newsletter and join us, because id Really like you to be included, im working on all sorts of things at the moment, and i think you youll like it. So if you get a moment, dont be afraid to to join us when were doing that. Okay, lets get back to see what stevie has to say: Music god.

Those drones are going so fast and hand catching all right. Another drone session in the bag im about to head back take care of a few things. I hope you enjoyed the video we did. Thats really good theyre, snappy theyre to the point and theyre really good videos and thats what we want. Okay, who else has got some new stuff? Oh yes, drone viral. My foggy morning, video, yes lets see no again same thing will happen. Drone viral. I have see. Ah, it says i am subscribed, thats, not so bad. Where is it? Where is it foggy morning, but thats from six months ago, the six months ago, video its working, he thinks its very okay. Okay, lets see drone viral, always a pleasure to be able to look at your stuff jesse. Thank you for joining us. Have you together have you you have to get no im, not doing it keep couple not doing it. Ive decided theres no way kevin. Oh well. Will you get one kevin and laura up there? No well. Neither will i lets see what the morning fog looks like one minute: 25. Okay, oh, when we think of the netherlands, we always think of lovely windmills, Music, oh theres, a nice sound effect. Let me hear that again, the lovely sound effect – hey christian von twisk – photography, yes, nice to see you again. I havent seen you around for a while make sure you like and subscribe to this live streaming channel and i hope youre well out there.

In wicklow. Look at that lovely shot Music. I think sometimes theres a lot of merit and just doing a slow shot so that you can take it in and not going too fast gosh the morning fogs beautiful, oh holland, is your home country, okay, but youre in wicklow arent. You arent you christian Music, look at that its lovely now whats that its not a little mark on the lens whoa whoa whoa. Oh so much better! Sorry! What is what the hell happened there? Let me just see let this go back. It must be. On my end, isnt, it seems to be a slight mark there, beautiful Music, so nice, Music, hey weve, got a nice little sound effect in there too lovely. That was really nice. I liked it a lot cos. Youve 85 likes so thats, not bad. That is really good. There were some really good shots there, folks its been absolutely lovely to say hello to everyone. It is. I dont know why im getting this news channel up, but nonetheless thank you for taking the time out, half an hour tonight to say hello and to be able to really look at some of your drone footage. We know its the winter time. We know its harder to get out, but lets look at our old footage and to really just look at it and try to re edit it with all of the stuff that were learning in these live streams.

Thats, the name of the game pop in some sound effects pop in some angles, from left to right, thats what im trying to do and definitely definitely try and get out more its harder, though, during this time of the year, make sure you check out my last Video, please and and drop a comment. It was that that perfect reveal that i was looking at the other day. Look so make sure i still have to answer some of the comments lets see. If we can see it make sure that you do get a chance to check out that video and for anybody who hasnt reviewed it. Yet i am open im open to hearing what you have to say, because i want to get better too definitely want to get better top drone. Thank you for dropping in thats, really good of you, terry and for everyone. Oh drone kings drops in at the last minute but sure were about to go its its its good morning for you, but its good night for us. Okay – and i i do want you to all subscribe and check out everyone, elses channels, drone kings, give us your name because thats what we want, we want to be able to address you by your name youre out there in australia, and we want to be able To help, obviously, its the morning time where you are okay, drone kings, give us a name so that we can call you by your name.

When we see you the next time it has to be australia, it has to be. I have to get back in now and try to catch up with this with this um liverpool match, which keith has told me theyre winning 2 1, which is always good. So i wont present you for telling me the score and i look forward to being able to chat to you all next tuesday at the same time, get those videos over to me and do follow me on instagram ill pop. My my name in here, patrick d. Conlon remember to like this: oh, its brad, okay, brad! Thank you for dropping that into us. I look forward to catching you all next week. Yes, okay! Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has joined in. It is much appreciated and make sure you, let me know of all your new videos when you do because half the time it doesnt look like my subscriptions stay in place.