We can see something at last all right. I am so sorry for putting you guys through that. My apologies. I will have to edit this video by the looks of it because at least now i can see things and there is the proper title lets talk about drones. Yes, you are first again, but at least now i can see high and high, and please tell me that its correct and that you can hear me okay and that you can see me okay and that you will be able to participate in this. I have my ive got such a set up here, its its, i wonder, can i even show you like? Can you see it if i show you this, can you see that my laptop is down there right and then ive got another screen here and then another screen here dont know: if thats im able to show you everything there, so ive got three screens going on Anyway, yeah what happened? What happened was this is what happened this bad boy, that my friends is the key to me. Speeding up! Oh no, you cant hear me one two, one, two: what happened? Oh you cant hear me. Can you hear me no thats, not good. Now people are saying that the audio isnt working right tell me that you can hear me. First of all, can you hear me youre, joking or jk? I have a new video in 10 minutes. Oh okay! Well, stick around long enough and well be able to see that.

Can you hear me okay, can you hear me? Okay apple can hear you. I can hear you danny jones got ta, be able to hear me too. Please, no, i i think its just taking the audio from inside right lets see here. I can hear you and i can hear you so unprofessional so unprofessional. You must be thinking yeah, Music, and can you hear that? Can you hear the audio Music yeah? I think you should be able to hear the audio is fine from the start. Any drone lets stop that its not the day to be saying that to me when im having tech difficulties, okay, drone, mavic, 3 and yes lets see some proper drone footage see what we think. As i said, this bad boy just need to be able to go like that thats. What i wanted originally yeah join us as we explore some of the most exciting features of dji mavic. Have you seen this little promotional video? Yet what do you think of it when you were using the mirror? It told me you used to be a barber. I actually, i i actually bought this little thing just to be able to show people what was going on, but im not actually a barber. Although i was trained as a hairdresser in a different life, okay, having such a large sensor on a drone of this size, what do you think is this the one that we saw, or is this a different guy compared to smaller sized sensors it lets? You saw him before dynamic range, low level, dynamic range, if any of you guys had any new videos thats what i want to know.

Okay, that is what i want to know. Did you watch my last video mavic? 3 delivery. Nice. I want you to watch my last video again dont forget to give this like live stream a little like. Please, please give it a little like, and that way it helps my own stats. I know you want me, we all want each other to do. Well. Yes, we do so its important that that happen typical of dj and they always do great all this dynamic range and color correction, guys for the few of you that are s watching me at the moment. I have some brilliant ideas that i am going to bring to fruition over the next few months that will involve a decent bit of video work. Can i pop this in here and see is even better look at that? Yes, thank you for giving me some likes any drone. Have any of you done any work? Did you buy the mavic 3? No, i did not and im not going to i dont need to i. I have to make use of my own setup first and really get on top of and really get on top of the news. Why am i not subscribed? This is dji, but malarkey all right lets see some videos here. Okay, oh this looks nice new england lets get a look at this, the worlds most advanced website, design, platform um and over here. I just need to take out one more level, one more little thing here over here shall i put it.

I think you can do that got a good connection. Quiet, okay, should all be working home phone. If this, if this freaks out here and stops that shouldnt happen back again and back again, sorry, i disconnected by accident, okay media productions or anyone in the chat. Is it worth upgrading from the r2 to the r2s? I dont know i dont think so here to his amazing. Drone takes all the boxes, yes, the r2s or the r2. For that matter, i dont actually see much of a difference. I think that their one is as good as the other right give me one. Second here, so i get into this and were gon na go back and were gon na look at this video. Yes, we are, i know i know, i know what youre thinking. I know what youre thinking, but i am i have to i cant, possibly sit there. Okay, all right so now all right back to the beginning. Okay, so i know um barry. I know that we did go over bits of your stuff before, like the little intro, but im gon na. Do it again, because no oh whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa cuz! No one else is offering no one else. Oh here we go here, we go right were going to discover new england. I hope thats okay, im thinking of upgrading from the air to there to uh. Oh okay, oh so you do think it was worth it.

Wow. Thats good didnt even realize that that was an issue. I didnt realize that it was such a big um difference in the upgrade yeah. It is your video barry yeah sitting there in the chat giving me stick giving me guf about my audio now were gon na. Have a look at what youve been doing? Yes, we are. Oh, you dont get off that lightly. All right here we go at least youre telling us what your what your website is, which is good. I, like your. I like that. I, like your little intro there thats good, look at him just pops and tells us where hes going discover new england, one of the most beautiful new englands, most beautiful parks, okay, see its unsubscribe me again. If i command – or this is gon na unsubscribe me. Why is that? Why is it unsubscribing me see that thats a glitch all right guys, thank you for everyone, whos in the chat. You guys work away, make sure that youre all subscribing to each other make sure that youre liking. This live stream, make sure theres lots of conversation. While i dont mind me im here with barry mullen and his new england video on the new guys that have popped in yeah like mernick media productions, hello, dont forget to subscribe to my channel. If you havent already lets, have a look at that right over the tree, beautiful beautiful i like it, where did you get this little youtube? Logo share it with us, dont be keeping all that to yourself its a bit like the one i have yes were back on limited vertical.

Yes, we are john, you just make sure you stick in there, keiths uh keeping everybody abreast of whats going on right. Oh nice house, okay, lets have a look, lets go back a few seconds right and off. We go nice, nice little shot, okay from the roof showing us the showing us the pond and a nice little reveal smooth yes and he changes shot before we get any awkwardness thats. What i like to see nothing wrong with that now were getting a little theres that tree that he started off with which was really nice. I love the colors not overly bright. Just nice, nice, authentic, identical, okay were getting a bit of an orbit shot on a nice smooth transition. Music cars. Go, oh, oh, oh, oh did we just get a sound effect? Oh mernick media productions youve been subbed for over a year. What why have you not commented until now whats your name mernick media productions, because i like to try and learn everybodys name im a bit of a disaster that way, as some of you already know, but i i i like to try and where are you from Where are you from mernic media productions? My memory is terrible anyway, it must be the vaccine media productions. Yes, okay, where are you from and what is your name? Who are you who owns you as they say as they used to say when i was a kid all right? So this is a lovely little new england park and lets just keep it going nice and smooth love.

The sound effect here look at that birdie coming in okay and nice and over he goes the sky. Is that sky just a shy follower yeah? Well, you can give us your name if you want, if you dont, then thats, fine, northern canada, god the canadians theyre just amazing, they are amazing and canada. Yes, saskatchewan saskatchewan, remember that i had a couple of friends from canada when i was growing up. They used to come over and see me all the time. Okay, im whats your name. All right are you from new york. Where are you from and hello nice to meet you and elbows instead of hand, chicks and no hugs? Okay, there we go on right. Im worried about this little sky here is slightly blown out slightly, but listen Music. It might just be slightly but thats where the nd filters come in. Oh keeper couples draw joining in too ive, got a good memory and can recall when you wouldnt talk to us for over a year almost forgiven. I know i know i didnt talk. I didnt talk to you andy, because i had other things that i just couldnt get out of. Oh capture life connection were going to get there. We are going to get there lets just finish off what im at dont be distracting me. Murnick, media production still waiting for a name and lets keep going and keep smashing that like button, please it is blown out god darn it yeah.

I know, but im going to start to show you some tricks how to stop that happening. Nice little speeding up there over the lovely lighthouse, nice, quick, nice and quick its nice, its very good look for patterns. I like the movement of the drone here. I like the way youre youre, youre, lifting it up and drawing the camera down very good and quick youre moving it along nicely, and i heard hold on a minute – was that another sound effect Music. You are a high school teacher by day, quitamos lagora. For being a school teacher eric, yes, i suppose thats for rick rick from canada, richard well youre gon na, have something to tell the guys in skill. Okay, i always have to give. I will have to get back to doing live streams. Everybody has to get back well, everybody meet meet rick. Is it rich or wreck rich or wreck wreck rich rich from richard? How do i pronounce that properly? How much raw footage do you shoot for a typical two to three minute video? I would shoot quite a lot but im, but what im doing now, uh john, is that i am trying to be a little bit more conscientious of my shots before i shoot and i go out, and i say okay, i need to get a few reveals. I need to get a few top down. I go through the list of the 20 best drone shots and i take it from there and i try to replicate that thats.

What i tried doing. The last little drone trip that i had, if that makes any sense um and sometime, but i do make sure that every drone clip is at least five to seven seconds before i even move the camera rotation at all, yeah uh, rick, okay, good good to clarify That uh, because you know my russian – is not very good as they say, and man on fire. Okay, now i have a secret. I have a secret, but if i tell you, if i tell you guys, i dont want you stealing my idea. I know you wont, but i have an idea, and i wonder if it would fly, tell me if you want to hear my new idea for a drone use can help me and i will. I will put a link in the description to whoever helps me get these videos together, but i have an idea keith. If you get any time in your hands, yeah rich rick, rick, rich rick. Do you have any time? Okay, tell me if you want to hear what idea were talking about just need a few to say yes tell us, i was thinking of going through, for example, taking a famous actor okay, yeah gon na taking a famous actor say i dont know we all like Uh lets see we all like, for example, sylvester stallone yeah, and i go through all of his movies over the last 10 years and pick out the drone footage and see what its like.

What do you think and go through it and analyze it and and get the good bits out of it and say why i think its good just go through it and learn from it. I think that would be great, so it would be sylvester stallones, drone videos or go through, for example, rambo the movie, and you know when hes up there, company colin raymond come in raymond and all of that – and we see you know when he was good – that When he was going up through the forest and the top down shots and the helicopters am i on to something i bet, if i make this video, it does well everybodyll be doing it, but no ones done it. Yet. Youve heard it from me, youve heard it from me, so i i pick a movie or i pick uh an actor and i go through all of his drone footage and we chat about it. But i make a video of it and i say why i think its good, because these guys that work in these film productions know their stuff and its all about imitation. Have you seen red notice? Ive noticed that sounds very familiar. Is that the one with the rock johnson and and mr oh, mr a good guy whats, his name great idea, but i guess there are license problems thats. My only issue would there be license problems, yeah thats? What im thinking could there be licensing problem? But what if i credit everyone like im, not making money off it? And lo, like i see all these videos online about you know, were for like family guy roasting.

You know different ethnic groups and things like that. You know people are there watching it and they dont have a problem. You know. Is that going to be an issue thats? What i you just see, a lot of people reacting to different things: ryan, rowland, thats, it ryan reynolds. Yes, yes, it is. Oh, i just think im on to something i think ill. Do one right, kevin and keep a couple. I think ill. Do one surely thatll work? No. If anybody wants to help me go through like if its already on youtube is it public domain? Is it out for public scrutiny? I dont know im, not monetize. I dont want any money. I dont want any money from it. I just want to go through and bring them all together in, like a sequence, you know you do see. You know all of um. All of a certain actors, but you know all of the um all of the knockout punches and fight game thats. What im thinking hey jims droning welcome! Welcome to anyone whos joining us im just talking about my new idea for drone videos, if youve. Just if you have just joined us, please do, as peter mckinnon would say, smash that, like button very important to keep all that going and tell me what you think am i on to a good idea. Apart from it – and you guys right anyway, so there we were looking at the most beautiful parks in new england, so thats my idea ill.

Try it and well see how we get on. You should be okay on fair usage right, okay, keith! Keep me right regarding that anyway, thats, my idea and thats what im thinking of doing anyway. I appreciate that everybodys here, having the chats make sure youre all subscribed to everybody else, see drone views media popped in there. Alan thank you for just saying hello. Thank you for everybody. Yes, im watching my drone video yeah im watching im watching anyway. I think its very, very good. I like that youve popped, some sound effects in love. This little effect that youve done here. Look boom. Ah thats super cool. Look at this lads! Hey pay attention boom. That was good. That was a good transition. What did you do there? Music there? It goes very, very, very nice. The musics good transitions are good tennis courts. Looking good basketball courts looking great thats, quite the park, whos your mans hand a little swamp lake there yeah. What are you using to add it on thats? What i want to know Music, mike mike thanks for joining my god, its great to see everybody and to see some new faces. Yeah were here, taking a look at the minute. Any drone list make sure that you subscribe to his channel and everybody else is taking the time to join in the chat, very important, very important that were all all supporting each other thats. The name of the game were looking a good final cut pro man like myself.

This is a bit like football teams, love a good final cut pro man, yes and do subscribe to everyone. Please nice, to see that theres an end card in there. You probably should have your card in to subscribe, too. Why do you not and lads you have to be – you can put up the little subscribe button there the whole way through the video anyway, so that was good, very good, very good, very good. Okay capture live connection, wasnt, it stevie was it you that said you had a new one that was dropping. Will it remind me remind me again, no lets just say: okay, so i subscribed. I hit the bell to all of them. If i command or like. Why is it unsubscribing me? I dont know why i apologize for that. I dont know why its not is there some limit on how many subscribers i can have thats what i dont know anyway, wonderlos travelers popping in to say hello, doing some great flying and madeira very good okay. So it was right so for all you newbies, that are in say hello to everybody and make sure that you like this live stream. Now guys theres 13 of you watching ive only had 12 likes. Who didnt give me a like? Well, probably somebody didnt like it, patrick, oh, okay. Okay, all right, you cant force people to like you thats true, and neither do i intend to import so thats what we want, thats, what we want.

Okay, ive used all right, final cut pro love. It thats. My editor of choice, right lets, go and capture live connection. Capture live connection, im subscribed to all of you, but i dont like the fact that it didnt look. Why is it unsubscribing me 12 minutes ago this? Could we could really help your video take off here? You know if we all go over and like it right away all right lets see what you have to say. Are we in the catskills, where wha, wha wha? Where are we get into it? Whats up good morning, sunrise always always a great adventure with stevie and sunrises, always a great advent youre up youre up really early. Oh look at that waterfall. Let me just make sure the people are in okay. Look at that waterfall somebody hand catching theyre, not a problem, an fpv. I love the little look at that. I love the little tripod you got going on there for the gopro god, you lads are serious. Look. You got your hard kisses there. Oh, my goodness unbelievable thats, some lovely, but look how lovely look, how lovely the sky is all right, so were gon na see, catskill falls, i suppose theres a mix of people well done for getting all your buddies out. Theres somebody else hand catching theres, no messing with you people. What do you mean? You people remember that remember that from the movies, what do you mean you? People, okay, wonderlos travelers, give us some names please, because im trying to write everybodys name down so that i can try to learn them all off by heart.

Anyone whos new, please tell us your name, wander, lost, travelers, okay and um mike we have yes and anyone else new that has dropped in there. Um sounds like a gts on andreas yeah. It does doesnt it. Okay. Here we go look. Is that an fpv drone coming in wow james droning? Oh stephen, tina good, and where are you from steven tina thats? What we want to know also steve and tina? Please do tell me where youre from okay everybody check out this video that were looking at from capture life connection again, i have subscribed, but if i hit ctrl r, it unsubscribes me for new york and we in the catskills lets get it. Why are you starting? No medicine just says its falling new york whats up um were sunrise, always always a great adventure with stevie and sunrises always worth the time. Look at that look at that lovely waterfall. Oh, i can see theres going to be some amazing footage in this video living in hargett uk, but from the us, thats, okay, thats, okay, okay, just make sure youre all subscribed and liking the video and say hello to everyone else and make sure that all of You should have at least 15 subscribers, considering whos on okay, all right somebodys out there, with their fpv drone stevies, showing off showing off there with his with his first person view drone skills i want to. I want to the catskills of my honeymoon with my wife that wouldnt, let me film dont, be telling anybody no dont be telling anybody didnt, let you film stevies, just like meh didnt, know so im getting it up there, Music, okay.

Well at least your man. There put his head away and kiss you know he gets sliced, then hes, just bringing it in turn it off. Okay, love, the fact i love it. No all right lets see some footage boys, Music. All right. We got a retiree here, yep thats right man make sure that everybody subscribed to everybody else on instagram mine is at patrick d for david conlon. Can i put that in the chat and then you can keep an eye out what im doing on a normal day to day basis on insta? If anybody wants to put their insta handles there, i have to depart yes, thats. Okay, dont worry, do not worry, no ill, not be on in 40 minutes. I got ta try and respect everybodys time anyway, im im going to finish this one uh for stevie and were just going to see what else ive been out of work for two whole weeks now. Dont know what to do with myself. So i wound up here, uh two hours and 50 minutes. Oh, what three hour drive to get a bit off: thats, not bad today, to get some drone footage. We dont know how lucky we are and caught in little small countries, huh yeah theres nobodys on the road yeah thats right, just us hes living his best life right now, just the sunrise catches except thats it, except for this very moment. Well, right now it looks great.

It does look cold, though. Hey man im, just happy everybodys here you guys made it its freaking freezing, but we getting whats down there. Thats whats, important, yeah, okay! Well, look theyre going down. Theyve got all their rigs set up. Music! Nice no messing getting the b roll in quite a group of people getting together. If you dont, if you dont mind me saying there im watching it right through, so that you get plenty of watch time here, Music check it out, drop a comment. Music, okay were gon na see any drone footage: Music Applause, Music, that sky studio, west thats, a new name come on whats your name, and where do you come from im on instagram as well bro? I will make sure that youre following me, bro as they say nothing wrong with that. I got ta, get a little okay, so anybody whos joined the chat. Please do at least tell us who you are and where youre from what part of the world everybody here is chatting among themselves, trying to support each other in their drone channels. Make sure that you do hit up like subscribe check out some of the videos. If you like, what theyre doing and its your sort of thing make sure that you stay on board and we can all learn from each other theres no doubt about it. Ive already learned lots of things from you guys uh. It goes way back. Uh ozbe chandi says wives can be so restrictive on your hobbies and tell my wife.

I got a new drone. She would have killed me. No, no! You just get another present. Oh you know you dont need to you. Dont need to say exactly how much the new drone cost but like get it on offer. Dont dont dont dont rub it in is what i would say and if you can, if the finance is alive, get her a little present and say darling, dont worry were gon na, be able to go to loads of places. You can go off and do some shopping ill, go ahead and get a little drone footage and well meet in a couple of hours, no time to buy it, not a problem and shell love it hopefully, hopefully, of course she will shed be like. Oh, that was just amazing. Just keep you know, Laughter just keep your new drone in your old kiss. Yeah listen hold on a minute here: women arent innocent, either the amount of times that i have seen new shoes in old boxes. So its not just us. You know, i would be very interested to hear your thoughts on that anyway, for anyone who has joined thats new keep keep on cracking on. I better keep going here. Yes, all right all right, Music, well, guys, im, stopping and starting and having the chats and checking out the the stuff. You know steve is here hes out making videos hes doing the proper thing showing us these lovely parts of the world Music.

I have friends that are hiding in the mavic 3. I dont know about hiding it now. You have to be honest enough. You have to be able to say ah its just a hard to get it. Its gon na help our relationship, and all of that must. Okay right here we go god the fpv drone and like, if you lost it in there thats the end of it jeepers. Here we go Applause. Oh, that was amazing. That was just amazing. Lets see this little sequence again: okay, listen to the intro Applause, very good! Stevie very good nice, lovely, Music sunrise, the music is just great. The colors are just great Music and its cut to the music, its beautiful stevie. This is one of your best ones, yet thats, quite the waterfall too. Look at that. I would prefer two minutes of this than 10 minutes of rubbish flying weve all done it keep the attic tight, keep it nice and tight. It has to be done. This camera mine is all over the place. I wonder if i do that without help. Dont want to mess it up. Nows work. The sound effects are amazing. Okay, its over. That was good. That was really good. Stevie for uh the great adventure of catastrophes falls definitely a great spot. I want to come back and do it again, definitely a great spot. He closed out my video good b roll there too whats all this at the end, thats a lot of thats a lot of conclusion: whats all that at the end, stevie he closed out my video.

He kills down my video, like wheres the card. You know stick in the card there, so that we can subscribe for more im, not sure about all thats going on at the end. Okay, subscribe thats all right, yeah, all right, eddies about to bring out the dji fpv how you feeling right now nervous. I feel good. I feel good hes, good hes good hes, a pro hes a pro. He got this well at least youre motivating them all. Okay, so without a doubt, this is the shot of the day, and with this we have to leave it because ive been on here for ages, everybody went down. This is the shot isnt it yeah. So lets go back to see it again all right. This is it folks and with this im going to end whos, eddie eddie great stevie, now oh thats, his buddy, all right! You get these guys on to the live stream too. All right here we go here. We go im ending with this. Thank you for watching its been lovely chatting to you next week, ill not be messing about with all the settings. It should be pretty straightforward, going forward just like to be able to see your comments on this screen and not have to close this one, not down yeah its just my setup anyway. Its been lovely chatting lets watch this and ill see you next week. Applause, an amazing intro to that amazing. Yes, my new york, pro okay nunez, your new york bro to uh to come and join us all right anyway, uh waddle arrow have i got i do dont, i kevin! Yes, have everybody thats joined us.

Listen! Thank you very much to everyone and ill chat to yous. Next week cheers and bye bye.