Dude. No, you think its a body double. Did you see his body? Pull it up? Hes got a nice bob. Yeah biden has nice legs, he doesnt hate. I think youre hating, i was – i couldnt – have been happier to watch that guy fall off that body thats how high gas prices are ill, be honest. He is the gift that keeps giving if youre, not a biden fan, i havent seen it yet lets see it. Its fun all right, wait. You havent holy, i think thats him dude watch the video yeah its definitely because the video of him falling. Oh, he looks pretty toned its so sad. He says: im good, wait, hes already wearing hes, not wearing knee pads. I think above it is the video thats it its so sad should have a knee pad. I hope its just. He didnt have any nip. No, he goes down hard. Can i see whats the wobble style? No, no wobble dude hes got good legs thats. Why im kind of amazed that he falls down so much? Because if you look at his legs they look pretty sturdy, so he gets there and oh thatll you up. No, we didnt see it fake. Oh thank god. He couldnt stop. He was married every time he felt that many people would help you, no no theres plenty of other other videos. Look at that guy smiling because he got it. That guy was so happy.

You see the excitement in his thumbs, yeah hes gon na give me no matter what you see. Somebody fall off a bike: youre happy yeah, yeah youre happy, but when theyre that old, it becomes really funny like if a 20 year old guy falls like that, its not as funny as a 79 year old guy falling like that yeah. The president, the president, coming to be like hey everybody who is who falls more than him because he used to be they used to joke around about gerald ford being clown, thats right. That was the last guy that they talked about being a klutz yeah. I mean thats right. He fell a lot. That was a good thing. Yeah he would fall walking up the air force, one stairs thats great. No! You didnt know that yeah. Well! Here he goes there. You go stupid ass there. He goes hes down. Oh my god. He was stopped. What was that? Well, his foot got stuck in the little pedal thing and he thought he was going to pull. He was going to lean his weight on his right leg, but he had already put his try to get his foot out of the pedal thing and he already committed to going down there. He goes im. Fine, you shook it up. He got up well too thats. A hard fall, i think, hes talking to a youngin hes all right. He does love the youngest. He does love hell, just smell them.

Bobs dead, shut up its funny before it was like. Did he get assassinated? No, no, its biden. He just took a spill.