Actually the sunrise was like an hour ago, but you can see im getting blinded by that early morning, sun, so ive heard a rumor that theres some treasure out there. In the surf break, we havent been here in a while were gon na go check it out. Uh, brittany, are you gon na come home with me hes kind of cold, so i dont know if brittanys feeling it today, but i want to do like a full sweep out there see what kind of stuff people have lost lately could be crowded guys. So he might get run over by a circle yeah. Hopefully i dont get run over theres. Also a contest yeah for access surf, so super cool that theyre doing an event, thats uh accessible to people that are differently able getting them out here. Surfing super super cool thing: im not involved with them. Just thing is cool im going to go, find some treasure. There could be a number of things out here. Gopros apple watches, phones, drones, you name it. Electronics, people lose it, probably not a toaster, probably not a hair dryer. We wanted you to find a blow dryer. I need one though oh bernie needs a blow dryer all right, so im looking for a blow dryer out there well so well see what we find today. So anyways were gon na go get in the water smash subscribe. If you want to see more treasure, hunting videos out here in hawaii um, hopefully can find some action out there and i got ta hurry because i can see theyre putting out one of the buoys, and i know that theyre going to yell at me.

If im out there swimming, where theyre trying to have the contest so lets go so the first thing that i found was this bracelet thing. I tried to see what material was, but i couldnt tell anyways its so beautiful out today, just absolutely epic water and then right after that, i found this whoop. I think its called its like a fitbit apple watch, type thing um, and then this massive cone snail, like probably one of the biggest ones ive ever seen, thats, actually the kind that can sting you, but the stinger is like not where my hand is so its Not going to sting me, dont worry and then just so so beautiful today. You never expect it to be beautiful here, oh yeah! Sorry, all right, so it looks like i couldnt get it done fast enough. I got kicked out of the competition area, thats. Okay, they need their space and they have uh all the right to it. So im gon na go check this other break its a lot more crowded, so its gon na be more dangerous, but hopefully can find some action so now were moving over here. To this other spot, i found this thing thats, like almost a hair tie but gross, and then britney came up and i was like what is britney doing. What are you kidding me? Oh, how come you find the first electronics cause im the best. Oh my gosh. Okay, were gon na have to do like an artist reenactment of you finding this.

Where did you find it? Okay, youre gon na wear it as an accessory. So this is brittany finding it is about where she found it. She said um and its just crazy that it just washed up. Oh my gosh, i cant believe it was just sitting there like this thats so crazy. I wonder what one it is do we know. Can we tell from looking yeah, has this band that with no thing on it, yeah series six thats, a nice one, thats a freshie, okay were gon na try to find the owner lets see what other stuff we can find. I got hope now now that we found some real treasure and then we saw this drone flying around. Oh, my gosh. It just crashed so anyways back to looking for stuff. I found this band aid. Didnt touch the bottom side of it and then im in the surf zone. Now so its really dangerous found this bar of wax and then heres. Another guy surfing right over me, almost uh, a hotel key card and then some sunglasses, these arent, that bad but theyre, not like the best ive ever seen so well see. If brittany wants some and then i found my friend octavia and i was like hi baby and gave her some tickles and then she held my hand, it was so cute. I was like sorry, i got ta go, the wave is pushing me by and then i kept looking around and found some fiberglass and a key card.

This one looks ancient like i have no idea what hotel that is, but it looked old and then this insane finned this is like so nice britney has one of these and theyre not cheap. So i was really stoked to find out. That might be the best treasure of the day and then i found another fin and then this weird metal bowl thing and i tried to pull on it to see if i could get it out, unfortunately broke it, so im just gon na leave it down there. Maybe its like a pan or a pot or something i have no idea um, but it was very decrepit and then i found these sunglasses and i couldnt believe how nice they were like theyre, barely scratched or anything and then right nearby, underneath the rock another fin And then, before i went down, i saw this other fin, so i finally found it and its right there, so two fins and glasses in one drop and then a surfer going right over me. I really really have to be careful while im, diving and im just trying to look at my glasses, and this set is coming everyones going around me. Im like trying to dive under so i dont get whacked and then another fin and just put that in the bag. And what is this? A battery? So hey max whats up dude hows the action i got like five fins uh. One of them is like this really nice uh.

I dont remember the brand name like the island, something yeah, and then these are guest sunglasses, wow, yeah, scoring yeah really good day today, so thats, my buddy max just wanted to show them what i got found. Another sunglasses thing and then some more fiberglass just trying to pick up the trash out there and then this girl totally ate it and then this piece of glass i dont, want anyone to step on that. No way a freaking drone brit, oh god. Okay, so remember the waterfall, how you had to guess: yeah, yes, again, not an fpv, i know its so baby, its so cute. It reminds me of the kitten. Oh, this is a kitten size, drone wow. It looks like not that bad. I know it probably is right here: it probably hasnt been there for. Oh, no look, it falls out yeah, they must have just lost it. Okay, it wasnt. We were just joking earlier when we were saying that that one could crash it. Didnt crash um. This is crazy. Oh my god, uh lets go home. I can see the sd card right there. All right so were gon na go look at the footage. Hopefully they have someone talking about sushi on this one and we can find who it belongs to like. We did last time that was so epic all right. All right, i think im gon na keep looking. Are you still cold? Do you want to get out yeah im gon na get out? Okay, all right so im gon na keep looking around and see what else i can find and then britney is gon na go take a nappy on the beach or something okay, bye, all right, so im gon na keep looking around and dude.

Are you kidding me that fast, i guess i found the honey hole because its all right here – oh my gosh dude. How do we find two freaking apple watches today? Okay, this ones a series, three so its not as valuable, but that is so sick. All right! Im gon na keep looking around see. If i can find anything else and then probably Music, we got a situation Laughter such a jersey, shore vibe. Oh my god. What is up guys? We made it back to the beach brittany had a nice nap. While i kept looking for stuff, i wasnt able to find any other treasure, unfortunately, but the stuff that we found the sunglasses are pretty dope. It was so insane. Britney is showing you guys, one of the first pieces of treasure. Can we get a close up of that with the good lighting nice, so theyre guest sunglasses um, which is designer – i think they probably retail for like 300, maybe 200. yeah not scratch no damage on them, its really a really high quality. Somehow i cant believe that we found those out there. I mean thats, not even the best piece of treasure, so im gon na show you guys what we got okay, so of course we have this collection of fins um. These ones are still usable for sure. I dont have this either of this fin socket this one. I literally have these fins and lost. I think this exact fin, so this would be a great replacement im gon na actually keep it this ones trash somehow they ripped the um, the things off of it, and then this one it looks like you got something to say about it.

This one is so cool guys these fins are like uh, a hundred bucks yeah at least yeah, and i have the same brand in my longboard yeah like really nice, and it has some mess up spots, but its a cool fan. Yeah ive actually never seen this pattern so im. Definitely keeping up yeah, so brett has claimed it. I guess i was gon na give it to someone for them to sell, but the freaking apple watches. I cant believe that brit just got the first electronic of the day with this beautiful apple watch – um, oh yeah, true, i dont know who found what first, though, because that was like right when you found me and then theres just some of the trash that i Found couple uh hotel, key cards, bracelet uh gross um, some glass. I didnt want someone to step on it, its not quite beach, glass, yet um, and then some crappy sunglasses too. These are yeah. This is like more of what you would typically find out there. I cant believe someone went surfing with designer sunglasses, oh yeah, and a drone, oh yeah, just a minor all right so were going to go home right now check out what is on the drone see if we can return it to the owner. I mean at least return the footage yeah. We got to try to turn on the apple watches and return those to the owners and so for the drone.

I dont think that its going to fly again, brittany kind of thinks it might and then, given that tai was able to turn on his drone, but he waterproofed it but anyways theyll be able to use it for insurance, so if they have insurance on it, theyll Be able to finally claim that and if not theyll at least have a really nice paperweight that they paid a bunch of money for so lets, go home check out what is on this stuff and see if we can return some of these electronics all right guys. We are here were ready. Brittany is gon na come in here any minute now, um were gon na check if these apple watches work first, im charging them up lets, try to turn them on and see what they do. So here is uh the series. Six. Oh lets go um, it is not 3 17 right now. Oh lets go lets, go okay, medical id name, age, height and weight its all in here. The only thing not in here is an emergency contact. Oh really yeah so were gon na have to find her on social media so well check back in with that. Uh at the end, were gon na review the footage now and then well well circle back on everything later in the video next apple watch lets see. If it works boom, we got two in a row this one again completely wrong time. I wonder how the times got messed up like that.

Another name lets go so they have their moms contact as mum, so potentially from britain or something yeah, and they have their height and weight in not american stuff. Okay, so were gon na contact them a little bit later. Um off camera because ill be slow, and i want to keep it keep it active right now, while were recording so next up guys what youve been waiting for the drone. This thing looks pretty fresh, oh by the way, theres a kitten you werent gon na introduce the kitten britney shes, so calm right now i dont wan na hold her up. All right so well show the kitten close up uh after we go through the footage, so make sure you watch all this sd card is not fresherino. The cat is going on a walk. Can we see that? Are we getting this? Okay? Oh, my god, okay hold on. We got to get as close as possible. With this, she doesnt want you to hold her Laughter. Will she meow yeah Music, kitty asmr lets go all right. First file, oh lets, go its in their house and they like legos theyre, using the camera to take photos of their their roblox figurines boom. We got the guy. I did not think that we would get a guy that fast, like that was so easy. That was so okay, so whats the point of watching the rest of the video whoa and hes, not from here thats for certain or new york.

Yeah looks like new york right yeah and its like pretty illegal to fly in new york. So maybe this could be in brooklyn, though just holding it on his belt and his rooftop yeah nice shots of the skyline okay, thats, probably him and his girlfriend, oh and now hes at the beach okay. My friend, i recommend you do not be this close to the water with the troll hard to tell if he was flying it or just holding just holding it hes flying up there, okay and then wait. Did we cycle back? Oh, no! This is videos. Okay, are you, oh, my god? Is he flying it in the house? Please tell me youre not flying it in your house. Oh my god, hes flying it in the house what a maniac! Oh, my god, he looks, scary right. There be nice, probably a nice dude yeah, he probably is but his eyes look scary. He was just giving a weird look. I think hes probably nervous flying the drone in the house, as anyone should be dont guys do not ever fly your drone in the house. It is so dangerous: okay, hes got the tims too, so uh definitely new york. Guy again, these are dated 527 im assuming the date is correct. Okay, now hes somewhere, uh, probably upstate new york, okay, okay hes, using the features yeah were gon na skip through some of these uh, just because theyre not uh the most intense footage, yeah thats, pretty cool, oh that, oh thats.

Some nice footage right. There thats smooth all right back on topic, guys theres, so much footage on this thing. I was honestly worried that theres gon na be like no footage: okay, yeah im getting there by the way. Another thing guys if youre gon na fly your drone in hawaii. Okay, so this is way too close, guys like if youre in a crowded area. This is way too close, its annoying its noisy, its dangerous, its like borderline invasion or privacy like because you could be flying it to like perv on some girls, not accusing this guy doing that. Just saying, like its just its not appropriate to fly the drone. This close uh to people and so like you want to just get it away from this type of area like really fast, pretty nice shot getting okay and then turn to the last second there, unfortunately, but he was really close, yeah a couple cool shots in there. Okay, this is this is like ive seen, peoples youtube videos where theyre like. Oh sorry, my cat, blah blah and im like dude get your cat out of the room before you make a youtube video, and here i am with a cat in the room while im trying to make a youtube, video, okay, so thats, probably the whole family right There um, because he got close to that kid. A second ago: okay, were gon na watch, the second to last clip okay hes, so close yeah close, but if you know who they are, then this is a nice shot.

You know, but if you dont know who they are, then its kind of weird its like too close for, like just generic surfer footage unless theyre actively surfing, because when theyre just sitting there, its like a little bit too close last last shot is two gigabytes and It looks like its broken: oh great yeah, so im gon na have to run it through a handbrake and then well cut back to when i have the footage fixed so that we can actually watch it. Alright guys, i tried a couple things to convert the footage on the computer and nothing worked like everything i put it in was like a unreadable file, and then i watched this video on youtube and the guy suggested plug it back into your drone. Let the drone fix the footage and i was like hey – i cant plug it back into the drone, its broken duh. I have my own drone so im trying to look at the footage on the app to see if thatll work and uh so far unsure im trying to download the video from the app. So i was able to get the footage that we just watched, which was the second to last video, but then the very last one. When you look at it, it is downloading, but it says i dont know if you guys can see that it has zero seconds zero minutes. So its basically saying that there is no content there um, so i am downloading it its taking a while to download so ill.

Let you guys know if we can see anything. Hopefully we can see the crash um. Otherwise we might be out of luck but ill. Let you guys know in just a second all right guys, so while were waiting for the drone to transfer the file im gon na try to call the phone number on this one. I try to look up the the name that we had on this susan hong and could not find her anywhere so uh no useful social media profiles. So if you know someone named susan hong send this to them, hopefully they can find their apple watch by getting connected with us, um. Okay, so now its time to call the mother of chelsea, borrowdale and im interested to see if they have an accent or something hi michelle, my name is shane um. I found, i believe, your daughters apple watch all right, so i sent her a text message. Thats. Hopefully, more clear than the voice message that i sent um, probably pretty freaky, to get a random call from a totally random number um. So again i knew that i wouldnt be able to do it like live on camera. Unfortunately, uh cant always be epic content, but the file is almost done so lets go check out. If we can see what it is all right. So i think thats about everything that i can do. I got uh export failed right there, so it looks like its not going to work.

Unfortunately, im really sorry guys that i cant get that last file of it crashing into the water of course, but we did get some other footage so well, hopefully be able to find the owner. By sharing that picture that i got of him on social media and then, if we havent found him yet, if we cant finish the video, then you guys are gon na have to send this out. Hopefully we can find the guy to send him back his drone, or at least the footage, because im sure he would like to have the footage from his trip all right guys. So i have exciting revelations about chelsea the girl who lost her apple watch. So i thought you know, i should go look on instagram too, and not just check the id uh. She was following me: okay, bye, so she was actually following me already, which is super awesome, and then i went to message her. She actually sent me a message saying that she lost her gopro back in march, so how funny is it that shes just on this losing streak losing stuff? And finally, i was able to find something for her. So i saw this message back then, and i was like theres no shot that im gon na find that gopro um, because its just such a huge area that she lost it in but somehow found her apple watch. So im gon na send her a message right now.

She is not gon na believe this. I cant wait to get her reaction. Hey this is chelsea hi chelsea. This is shane, oh shane, oh my gosh. Thank you so much for giving me a call yeah. It was uh so funny when i searched your name on instagram and you were already following me and already lost something and asked me to go. Look for it for you, bro the gopro was tragic, but it made sense because i was like surfing some like bigger lighthouse ways and which was so dumb because it was like queens and like small waves too. I just needed to know what the time was and i lost the watch. It was like one week after i bought it too. Oh my gosh such a bummer yeah. So after that, i kind of myself from bringing technology all right, so that was epic shes coming over right now, im going to do a quick phone interview, so lets meet with chelsea. Give her back. Her apple watch all right, guys, im here with chelsea. She came to pick up her apple watch. Ah here it is, i believe i lost this two weeks ago in the ocean. Thats crazy, wow shane. Thank you so much yeah for sure, thats. So awesome. I cant believe it still works. Thats crazy, yeah. They last a pretty long time underwater, sometimes not as much in the ocean yeah but most of the ones that ive found work.

The hard part is like not everybody puts their medical id so that i cant return it, but you had your medical id. So i was able to return it to you, put your mom as your emergency contact yeah yeah. So that was how i got it was, was contacting the mom, so super awesome im glad i was able to return your stuff back. We have a lot more stuff to return, so dont go anywhere. This is the best youtube channel, guys im determined to return this drone. I had the idea to post on reddit and its already all happened. Thats. Why im telling you it now so i posted on reddit, you guys will see the post and it didnt. Take long before i got a contact from the owner and youre just gon na have to watch the rest. All right guys, im stoked, will got back to me and uh gave me his phone number, so im gon na try to call him right now: dude whats up uh. So my first question um like are you from here or you live in or did you live in hawaii? At some point? No, i mean at some point back when i was a kid out. Uh huh got it and uh im from new york got it got it. So i got your drone. I know its crazy. I was giving it to my kid so he could go up and down. He got too low by the time i got it wave got it and it survived.

As you can tell, did you see the footage? No, that last clip uh is corrupted, so you had it flying after it got wet and then it finally fell yeah. It fell forward. It flew for like a minute no way, oh, my gosh, so if you would have just brought it back immediately, it would have been okay. I was trying to bring it back its in there. If you see it, thats really cool. Did you fight in the water yeah yeah? I went uh snorkeling out there and found it like right near that surf break that you were filming my newest ones too, whatever its all good yeah? Well, if you have insurance on it, i can send it back to you youll be able to claim the insurance with the drone. I do have insurance, but i dont need the drone. Oh really, you should just save it. If you can, you can get that like fixed yo, keep it for yourself, okay, yeah ill uh ill see if its salvageable it doesnt, look in too bad of shape. Honestly, maybe ill try to fix it and then give it away or something if you dont want it absolutely: okay, thats, pretty badass yeah, yeah, thats super cool im, im uh excited that we were able to connect everything and like like, because if you hadnt filmed at Your house and showed yourself it would have been so much harder and so its just like lucky that you had that footage of yourself at home and uh that i was able to go through that and find you can you put uh? Can you see the drone again, so i can take a screenshot yeah, of course, sweet all right.

Well! Well, thanks for taking the time to talk to me, and let me know when youre back, maybe we could grab a beer or something talk about drones. I fly for a living so im there at least every other month. Oh nice, okay, so it wont be long all right, good talking, man have a good day, all right guys. That was crazy. We found will and got to tell him about the drone. He said he didnt want it back, so im gon na actually see if i can get this repaired ill. Look if theres any drone repair places. I might as also ask tai the guy whos drone. I also just found underwater because he fixed his drone um. So maybe hell have the tools and capabilities to fix this one, and that could be a cool video trying to repair a drone that literally got found. Underwater and didnt have any waterproofing on it. So now it sounds like were about to see the footage that you guys might have been waiting for this whole time. Uh wills drone flying into the water flying back out of the water and then finally meeting its inevitable death when it fell back into the water and crashed. So the reason that he has. That is because it was saved in the cache on the phone and uh. Not on the drone where the file was corrupted so thats sick. I cant wait to see that footage and you guys will see it right now.

Okay, the clip is so quick. I felt like i had to give commentary on it to make any sense of it. So so he told me that it was this kid flying so thats. Why were seeing some more erratic movements, and literally just go straight down to the wave super close, is like a pretty good angle, but uh like we were saying before a little bit too close to be filming people that you dont know he goes here and then The wave comes, and you can see the spray, gets it a little bit and then again here, just literally in the wave, so its still only sprayed didnt, actually submerge all the way and then hes like okay, i got ta fly. This back turns towards shore starts pointing in, and then the drone is just like nah that just jumps out of the sky, so that was super crazy and hey guys thanks. So much for watching this. Video like it was such a crazy experience. So many things found so much returned. We still have not returned this apple watch. So if we can find uh, susan hong, i think or sarah hong something like that, we need to try to find this apple watch return it to the owner. It was a series. Six, so i feel bad that theyre missing out on that, hopefully its someone that even speaks english because they might not and might never see or understand this video but yeah guys.

So thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. We found a ton of crazy treasure got to return. Some stuff got to pick up some trash and just a super fun awesome dive day. We got to return two out of three im super stoked on it, so make sure you guys are subscribed if you want to see more videos of me cleaning the ocean finding stuff returning it to the owner and uh thats. What i do here so i i love it. I im stoked that you guys watch it and thats all the stuff.