I love it. I first bought a 30 inches pad, which i found way too big to bring along replaced it with this one and am happy with it small enough to toss in a small backpack and provides enough landing space for the mavic pro air. Just about doesn’t fly away. When hovering over it with the drone, though it flutters a bit when the drone gets close it’s possible that when you fly in very low over the edge it could move, you could always use the stakes to make sure folding is real easy once you know how Hands on opposite sides and twist and turn at the same time recommended especially for a drone like the mavic air, with the camera so close to the ground like the size. Only wish there was an option to using the spikes to hold the pad down. Some sort of weight outer attachment not always able to place on grass dirt or sand drone landing pad waterproof 22 universal landing pad, folds and unfolds easily seems to be well constructed, cannot tell if it is durable until more usage and comes with a carry case. Taking one star away because the reflector strips are no good, they don’t stay on the landing pad. Don’T really need them anyway, unless you are flying when their is nt.