It works with your phone or remote to control it the arms fold. In for good storage, it seems much better built than some other plastic ones. We have the streaming. Video is fun and good quality comes with two batteries, which gave 10 to 15 minutes flight time each. It has good balance and my kids were able to fly it very easily. Fpv mode is cool. Also lots of fun recommend Music just received this today and couldnt. Wait to get it out of the box fun little drone takes a little getting used to the controls. Definitely dont do what i did and just take it out and try to fly adjust the trim to ensure it is flying. Steady ive only had a few hours and im really having fun great entry level drone well update. When i get some more of the features down as a first time drone flyer. This is such a great drone for the cost. I really liked how the controller was very similar to a video game controller it felt intuitive to fly. Instructions were very important to read ahead of time, otherwise it was very lightweight without feeling cheap, like many on the market. These days, the app has a lot of functionality, so im working to figure out all the features. Currently, video and picture quality is as advertised very fun product easy to use great pictures. Everyone in my neighborhood wants a chance to use so excited to keep using im.

Really new to the drone world, but overall i figured out how to fly great product easy to use. I also took some photos using the drone great camera quality. Great drone to play with it comes with two batteries, which allows to run it for about 15 minutes and recharge time is about an hour. The usb cable comes with a light that turns on when the battery is full. You can control the drone with a provided. Rc or with a phone the default app xt go had issues with my phone running: android 11. It controlled the drone, but didnt save the pics or videos because of a permissions esu. It is hard to believe it. Price is under 100. It is coming with two pre charged batteries for the drone and three aaa batteries for the remote. The remote has a holder for the cell phone, which is another nice thing lets play with it. I love that it comes with two batteries. I keep one charging while im using it, so im always able to use it once you get used to the controls. It flies very well.