Thank you carries everything perfectly. Should have room for the charging block that didnt come with the kit anyway works. Well, when i bought my mavic mini combo not fly more bundle, which was a costco exclusive. I immediately got the dji care and i wanted to get a good case. I love the look of the original mavic mini fly more case, but couldnt find it anywhere until i found it here when i read the reviews and saw two people claim they received a generic black case. I was a little nervous about buying this. I usually buy items that have photo reviews, so i took the chance. I was very pleased to find that it was indeed the original high quality oem case and it was a great deal in my pictures. You cant see this, but under the remote theres a spot for the cable that connects to the remote to your phone and the part where my battery is is where the battery hub from the combo goes. I need to buy that and it all feels high quality. I recommend this product Music holds everything you need.