I just bought the new vivitar 360 skyview uh drone i’ve never owned a drone, but currently the battery’s charging um here’s the box for it. So i’m gon na try to uh try to fly it later on um we’ll see how it goes and i’ll probably have my son, videoing and i’ll try to see what i can do so check it out and talk to you later: Music, Music, Music, Music. So after flying the vivitar skyview 360, i had a lot of fun with it very easy to control um. The only thing is: is you have to charge this battery and it says it in the struct instructions. You have to charge this battery for five hours and you only get 10 minutes of flight time um five hours for a full charge. So you would have to get extra batteries so really to charge it for five hours and then only get ten minutes of flight time. It’S really really not much of a point to buy this drum i mean to me, but it is a lot of fun like i say, camera quality isn’t the greatest, but you see the camera quality on there and it is a lot of fun took you know, Decent footage so just to keep that in mind, but i would probably suggest something, maybe like a dgi mini mavic and maybe try to get you some extra batteries with those they usually you can get a bundle.