I could easily fit it in smaller drones, like my toothpick class twig from racerx its about the same size as any other buzzer, but with the battery included with it to maintain charge. If i unplug, there is no way i could lose my tiny drones anymore. The buzzer is perfectly loud. Its guaranteed recovery with the battery and its small form factor make it a must have for any diy drone pilot. This is the best v fly buzzer. Yet they are dependable and will save your quid in that unexpected time they are extremely compact, now and half tge size of the original one extremely happy with this product. This beeper is perfect for any fpv drone build its so small and very loud hands down the smallest emergency buzzer i have bought this buzzer is tiny, see, picture the only battery, backup buzzer. I have found that i can fit in my leopard and it fits conveniently under my camera works flawlessly and is extremely loud can say. I will definitely be buying more of these for the price.