It has a few standout features like 4k video recording at 60 frames per second, a high resolution, 48 megapixel, camera mode and 34 minutes of flight time. Now all this points to the ultimate drone, but is it well lets find out technically the mavic air 2 is slightly larger and heavier than its predecessor, but its not a problem. You could still fold it for easy storage in a backpack. Meanwhile, the hard lines in its design gives it a more aggressive look and its a warranted change. Given the upgrades under the hood now, if youre worried about all the extra bulk slowing down dont, be it still reaches a top speed of 42.5 miles per hour, just like its predecessor, i personally like piloting it in normal mode, just because you get that balance of Speed and responsiveness you can switch it to sport mode for tighter controls, while tripod mode offers slower and smoother movements, its also quieter than other drones, ive flown, but im pressed more by its battery life, its rated for 34 hours of flight time, which is the longest In the mavic line at the center of the mavic air 2 is a new 12 megapixel half inch quad bayer cmos sensor on a 3 axis gimbal. The sensor is larger than whats found in the mavic air, and the mavic mini photographers will be especially happy to find a new 48 megapixel high resolution mode because theres more detail and sharpness than its 12 megapixel snapshots, but dynamic range isnt as good.

However, im able to recover some of the details in the shadows in post using an editor, its good if you want crop images, but i found the 12 megapixel snapshots perfect for social media posts. The dji mavic air 2 is a beast when it comes to video. You have 4k 60 frames per second video capture and thats at a bit rate of 120 megabits per second, so there is some room for flexibility to work on the footage later on in post. I also prefer shooting in the d cinelike profile you get rich and sharp details with low contrast, theres also hdr video, its a handy option when you want the best results without having to work on the footage later on. You get improved, dynamic range, so highlights, for example, are toned down, the sky wont be blown out and it will have better exposure to match the rest of the footage. Colors also receive a bump in saturation too. Now. The only issue is that noise is more prevalent in the shadows. Other notable improvements over its predecessor include 1080p slow motion at both 120 and 240 frames per second, as well as an 8k hyperlapse mode that essentially speeds up the footage into these bite. Sized clips – and yes, you get all the cool shooting modes that djis perfected to give content creators professionally made video the weakest part of the mavic air 2 is its low light performance and thats kind of expected.

Considering the sensors size, i took it out right at dusk, with the sun already below the horizon and theres a definite increase in noise and details are muddier, whether youre a first time or casual fly. Theres no worry about flying the dji mavic air 2. Thanks to its advanced collision avoidance system, you have forward and backward obstacle sensors just like in the mavic air, but dji added downward facing sensors as well. It works pretty good. It actually stopped the drone dead in its tracks from colliding with a tree. Even when i had my thumb, pushing forward on the controls its assuring that its smart enough to avoid potential disasters and finally theres also air sense technology that allows it to receive signals from other nearby aircraft and shows it on your phones screen the controller for the Mavic air 2 is a bit chunky, but i still found it comfortable to use. I like how the joysticks and cables are tucked away when youre not using them. However, the pull out cradle can be a bit finicky, especially if you have a thicker case on your phone. The dji mavic air 2 is an impressive drone, thats fun, easy and safe to fly, whether youre new to the drone scene or if you fly professionally it has everything youll need.