I bought this for my seven year old, who is a little more mature advanced, as he has older brothers it’s, pretty easy to control. The product seems to be made of good quality plastic, not as flimsy as some drones my kids have had. I am a little nervous about the propellers and how they connect to the drone. So far we haven’t had any issues, but it doesn’t seem super thick. I love that it has a rechargeable battery. It seems like the battery life will be pretty good too. We haven’t had it long, but so far i’ve been pretty impressed with the quality for the price. I will update if anything changes as it gets used more Music. I haven’t used it yet because it is a present, but i did open it and look at it and so far i love it grandson likes it a lot. He has started tricks with it now. Music super fun to use can make a great gift to kids. If you’re looking for something of the sort, i would recommend buying this Music very stable, lightweight and easy to fly. My nine year old loves it Music. I really like this drone because you have to put it together. This can be a good project for a kid to do before start playing. It did come with extra wings just in case this is one of the most entertaining toys i have played with. In a long time, the instructions are clear on how to pair and bind the drone to the transmitter.

Everything was perfect upon checking contents of packaging following the instructions bound them successfully, and i was ready for my maiden flight. I got it for my son, but i’ve been playing with it too. The sensors work really good and it stops right before it’s about to run into the wall or my hand and reverses in the other direction overall, i’m impressed with the performance of this little operated.