Now this review came around about in a rather interesting fashion. The DJI sent me a set of their digital fpv gear and instead of just sending me an ear unit with the goggles and transmitter, they sent me this with an e unit and it unfortunately it didn't work. It was dead. On arrival of flight controller had a fault and it wouldn't talk to the computer, it wouldn't bind up and fly it just no. It just didn't want to know. So I contacted the manufacturers, who are trans tech through the website and said bit of a problem. Can you help, unfortunately, those in exchange was, there was some emails sent and most them ended up my spam folder? I don't know why. But so I didn't really get. We didn't get a dialogue going, but eventually we did actually managed to touch base and they said well. Don'T worry we'll, send you a replacement, so they did well. They didn't send me a full replacement. They sent me a new flight controller and a new plug and fly frame, so I was able to replace the flight controller on this and get it going again, which is absolutely brilliant, so today, I'm going to be reviewing it, and I got to say this: is The second time I've reviewed this product, I did a review during the process of the review. I changed my mind about what this quad actually is. I thought it's one of these little Sunni Kurds.

You know it's it's, a quad that you used. Oh, you know like some of the ones I've been reviewing recently, but it's a digital one and it's. It enables you to get out there and get close up shots of things and it's safe it's got prop guards on and it's small and light. In fact, they say less than 200 grams we'll check out that claim in a moment, but I thought you know: it's it's, a silly quad. Actually, no it's, not it's, not a silly quad for a couple of reasons, some good some bad, but it is a fun quad. I I've filmed the review yesterday and I wanted to get some additional footage because I've done, some sort of you know try to get some cinematic shots with it and, to be honest, I wasn't getting my wheels weren't spinning I wasn't being totally thrilled. So then, today I thought: well I'll get some other footage, I'll go down to the local park and do some flying through the playground, equipment and suddenly I realized what this court is for it's, not for moving around slowly and giving cinematic shots it's about flying. You know fast and low and shooting gaps and and all the things you do with a normal quad, but you do it digitally and it just made the experience so much more fun. I flew around the park. There was not a single glitch in the video. It was perfectly crystal clear.

I need 25 milli watts. I have an upgrade of the ear unit to these 700 milli watt vision. It'S crystal clear. I was shooting behind trees as guys through guesstimate. I came an old fella when I say shooting I'm talking more, like really slowly nudging my way through, but it was just brilliant fun. I went through two battery packs and I was only gon na try and get a few seconds of footage, but I loved it and you're looking at some that footage. Now it really was fun. Of course, I did do some slow flying and gentle through gaps and things as well, but one of the reasons that this isn't a Sydney quad is because it's just too much fun flying it like a normal sport quad. The other reason is, I noticed, a lot of jello. I hadn't looked at the DVR footage yet, but certainly in the goggles, you could see jello so you're, not you're, not gon na get your. You know top quality video from this as it stairs. No. This one came seeking hand from DJI, so maybe it got banged around, maybe them I've checked the motors. They all seemed tight and the bearings are okay, so I don't know where the jello is coming from, but there is some jello Thea, but hey you don't, give a damn when you just they're flying and having fun and that's what this thing is for. So I I love it, I really do love it um.

I changed my mind in 24 hours because I simply flew it differently, so you know that's one of the reasons. Sometimes I get things for review and they sit around here and I use them for a long time before I review them, and my reviews may not be the first on the block, but I like to think these days I'm, putting a little more time and effort Into my review so that it's, you don't, just get the first impression because first impressions are sometimes deceptive and first impressions of this we're not really good, now, I'm loving it. I take it on me. Every night I get in the park and have a ball brilliant fun, alright, so well, let's take a look at what you get and and what the whole thing is all about. So inside the box, you've got a very concise extinct. Little thing packing list basic through basic stuff: most people won't need that if you know what you're doing and and the actual this is there, so the plug and fly gon na provide your own ear unit. If I pull it out of this little foaminess I'm, not gon na unbox it but I'll, take it out. You can see it's just a it's, a quad it's, a unibody design. These arms are pretty thin but again it's pretty light. I don't know yeah. I think you could break these if you tried hard. The mode is a teensy, tiny, really really small motors, absolutely Tanya don't, even doesn't even have the size written on them, but they're very small that's essential.

If you want to keep it light, the body shell. That comes with it has LEDs in here I don't know I wouldn't waste, my better on LEDs, because you don't get much battery with one of these. You have to use fairly small packs. It'S got an adhesive pads, they just stick it your unit on there and the little plugs and cables are all set up. So you just plug in where you go it's sitting up is a breeze piece of cake, a doddle, as we say in the trade so that's that but – and you also get of course prop guards. If you want to use prop guards, I would say: yeah. I'M gon na leave the prop guards on I'm, not a I'm, not a sissy boy, but the prop guards are not gon na hinder the performance much and they are going to give you some prop protection and gon na make it easier to shoot those little guess Where you know you're, just gon na get a prop tangled and something in the crash. You get battery strap a couple of antennas notice. It'S got linearly polarized antennas with the other one. No sickly, polarized antennas, they're linear, see just little sleeve dipoles, but they work really well. You don't need circumpolar eyes on these little quads. They work really well comes with AC. I think two sets of props is it I don't know I had encountered them. No probably two sets of props different body.

Shell styles is a clear one: there's, a fluorescent green one, this one that I got did have the LED body or the one with LEDs, but unfortunately one of the screws here was completely munted and I couldn't get the screw out. So I had to rip the body shell to get the damn thing apart, so I could change the flight control anyway. That'S an aside. You get some spare screws there you go and anything down there, nope yeah that's about it, there's, not a lot there's, not a lot in the box, but there's everything you need. If you've got an ear unit, everything you need to get going and get to give this a bit of a brace so that's. It now let's check some of the claims that are made made for it. It says on the Box less than 200 grams. Is that true? Well, I haven't had the blood. Never the scales that don't show the blood let's find out right. Let'S weigh the beer quad without a battery that comes in at 155 gram, that's, pretty light, it's it's, pretty light. You got to know this damn lot specially considering it there's a digital system. It'S got the DVI digital system in it, so 155 grams that's, pretty cool. Obviously, whether it exceeds 200 depends on the battery you're using they recommend this battery. This is the tattoo 750 milliamp, 3s and it's is on the box that it's 95 C and that's 61 grams.

So it's gon na wake up the whole thing more than 200 grams, yep 218 216 grams, but we do have prop guards on. Maybe they have cheated and said. Well, you know with that prop guards so let's see much of prop guard weighs 3 grams it's only 12 much over where we look again. Oh, it may just squeeze and it may just be under 200 grams. If you take the prop guards off and you use the recommended 750 million battery so yeah well, let him have that one, but if you're gon na fight with the guards its overturned it grams. Why is that important? Well, because you couldn't you have to ridges to this in Japan, if you have the guards on, but you wouldn't, if you had the guards off now. The other thing is, I say this the recommended battery. They say I think I read somewhere seven minutes dreaming you're, not gon na get seven minutes on that page seriously. I don't know how you'd do that, maybe if you're flying downhill, but I other battery I bought for this – was a 650 million John Hubbell on battery and how much does that weigh by comparison? So this is 66 net 60. So this is actually 100 milliampere as Liss, but it weighs a little bit more. I don't believe it. This battery gave me almost exactly the same time as the Vette battery, so I never believe the labels on batteries they're trying to help you learn better.

Okay, it's. Basically, the same battery same size, maybe a little bit larger. Even then the tacho I don't think really. This could be a 95 C battery if it's their size hi this battery. If we fine – and it flew the same amount of time, so you don't have to be fussy of a batteries. This is three cells. Is the preferred battery size? You can run for sales and it says you can run five, but do it at your own risk and I think well, let's face it. Everything you do with a product you buy from China is at your own risk. I don't see them stomping up warranty. If you catches on fire for whatever reason so yeah but 650 to 750 million per hours and three or four cells that's what I'd say to go with it's, not sprightly on three cells: it's, not gon na it's, not gon na get your adrenaline flowing in terms Of punch out and so forth, but it is a really nice smooth ride on four cells got a lot more poke as you would expect, but you don't get longer flight times, because you just tend to use more power it's. You know if you've got more power. You'Ll use it so I kind of like cruising on three cells around the park, really really brilliant fun, so that's, basically the the claims we've tested and it seems to meet them their course got. Nick'S t30 connector.

The design is quite nice. We'Ve got the flight controllers in here's gon na USBC connector on the flight control that's a little unusual, but it's really good, because USBC is nowhere near as finicky is micro. Usb it's got a four on one esc, buried deep and the guts down here, and your unit sits on the top there's. Your camera it's got a TPU camera protector, which is quite a good idea. Tpu buffers out the sides here. So if your haven't hit on collisions much less likely to damage your expensive ear unit, camera and that's it, the props props are quite small. They are smaller than no that's yeah. I think that's smaller than the cine quit year. They are small than the cine queen, which I reviewed a little while ago. The system machine um the cine queen really is a cine quad. This is, as I said, it's like a little sports car little digital. If b.v quite a couple of sports car and that's kinda neat one other thing that this excels at, is it handles the wind really well now in the first flights, I talked with this thing trying to do this any quad stuff. I was flying here that quite a bit of wind yesterday at the if it was blowing quite a gale. To be honest, and I did my tests, the scientist I did with the Sena Queen, I hovered by the windsock sake. It'S not only see how well it it flies, but also you could see the level of wind involved and it was pretty good.

It may not be quite as good as the cine queen, but it could just be a slight difference in the wind, but it was holding its position reasonably well and I went up buzz. The tower we've got a buzz that air and again it was a very confident flying this, because of course, the digital system makes it just so much easier to fly with accuracy and precision, not that I've ever been known for doing either of those two things, but It'S a it certainly is a it's, an all weather quad. You can fly in a gale that it doesn't really notice the wind very much at all so let's summarize it what I buy this thing yeah. I think I had so much fun. I really did and ultimately, when I do these reviews and this, the products got a glaring products it. Maybe maybe you don't, like the jello, I don't, like the jello, maybe it's just this one I don't know, but if jell o's are gon na, be a game. Changer for you, if it's going to be a definite, no buy well, what I'm going to plan to do is build up that other frame that's in there just in case this is a got a problem and then I'll do a future follow up review. You can see for yourself but I'd say if you just want to quad that lets you sort of explore places, go places with all the benefits of digital and which is small and doesn't have to be licensed registered even in Japan.

Then there's got like down for it. It really does have a lot going for it. The I've seen other reviews. People say the toons, not very good on 4s, but hey that's. Why you've got the idea just nuts? You can tune yourself if you want to but it's more than adequate for person of my skill and an experience to to fly around, and I love it. It'S great, fantastic, it's gon na be another everyday fly for me. It'S gon na just going to go home with me and go at the park just every evening. Now we got the summer is almost here so that's it. Yes, I'll put a link to the sort of tick trains tick website. In the description of this video now I'm, not an affiliate link at that make a beam. They don't, if you buy this thing or not, but I think you'd have fun if you do so, if you're looking for something I it is an option, it's certainly an option to keep on your list of possibles and stay tuned, because I will be flying this More on the extra channel remember visually: all our products are review. I use on XG, so go over there and you'll see them actually being really used. This may become the new risky quad. I don't know it may become the new risky quad. If it does, you'll see a lot more of it in the meantime, thanks for watching thank you to my patreon supporters, you're very important.

You make it possible for these videos to continue and it's time for me to get back to the bench so bye for now.