This is the second one that they asked me to do and it’s so cool it’s, an ht02 mini drone. It fits inside the remote let’s check it out so let’s unbox this. This is the holly10 mini drone by holy stone instructions. Lid, oh don’t, lose the batteries. Oh, my god they’re so tiny, but two batteries cool and i think there’s a third must be already installed in the drone. Oh my god, okay. So this is the controller here, and the drone is that that is so cool. That is unbelievable. Let me see how it just lifts out that’s that is so cool. What a clever idea! Storage box is the controller that’s amazing, okay. So before we well we’ll have sorry. We have to have a look at this. This is so cool, so it’s got a battery already installed in it. Four little props and antenna systems sticking out here and there and that’s all there is to it. Oh, my god, can you even see that it’s so tiny? You know they they always. They always show the the mini two sitting on somebody’s hand: okay, that’s tiny. What else is in the box? Sorry got distracted tape on here, there’s a uh, some wires extra few extra props looks like there’s. A full set of extra props and charge cables looks like a little mini charger system there and something to hold your phone snaps onto the bottom of the controller there. All right, let’s check it out.

So, first of all, it takes three aaa batteries in the back and to get this started, you take your drone it’s. This tiny, tiny little connector plug that in it only goes one way and your drone will start flashing. The lights will start flashing, so you need to turn the controller on and pair it to the to the drone press and hold the on button and be flashing. The throttle button up once down once lights, go solid, you’re paired that simple. They recommend that you calibrate the gyros every time in order to do that. I’M. Just looking at the instructions here, you press the calibrate the gyro button to calibrate the gyro. It will start flashing flashing and when it’s done, flashing, it’s done it’s too easy. So to take off you press the take off button, which is this one i’m, sorry i’m, just laughing, because everything’s so incredibly cool and easy press it again it lands. There are prop guards i’m gon na put those on in a second okay. This little thing is ridiculously fun and i’m such a wimp. I put the prop guards on it, which are now actually interfering a bit um it’s, just it’s hilarious, it’s, it’s, fun, it’s, functional it’s got a camera on it. I didn’t know it had a camera on it. This thing is amazing: it actually has a camera on it, there’s, an app that will p you pair with the with the device over wifi and it it’s unbelievable, recording function.

You can fly entirely from your phone or from the little controller thing, it’s uh really cool. Let me let me just see if i can get this thing launched. Okay, so when it’s flashing it needs to pair need to turn this on up down and it’s paired. They recommend you calibrate the gyro every time all you do. Is you push button down flashes and it goes, and here we go. I don’t believe it Music. Now you can’t see where i’m flying – maybe you can now, but it is so cool and so easy to fly. This thing is fantastic for the price. I think it’s about 40 bucks, canadian camera controller everything three batteries in the box, extra props and, like i said it can be done on your phone as well. This is this is a good deal. I mean it’s it’s not going to give you cinematic, uh beautiful shots of the alps, but for a bang for the buck. Amazing um, i would say don’t fly this in any sort of wind because it has no stabilization whatsoever. But let me see if i can get the this thing going here just a minute. I turn that on i have to have you have to have the other controller off which it is okay, so it’s flashing there we go it’s flashing i’ve turned this on. Maybe that means i’m, not paired yeah cause i’m, not paired just a minute. I just have to go to my wi fi, find it on my wi fi connections.

It takes a second it’s, not showing up yet oh there. It is bang. Give me a warning that there’s no there’s no internet when i’m connected to my drone and there we go, show you the the imaging is incredibly sharp. I mean that’s just that’s insane, so i hit the start. Button uh make sure it’s away from my face there. It goes and there’s little on screen on screen thingies Music there. It is ht02, too much fun i’m, not getting anything done this afternoon. This is just too much fun to fly and it’s got a flip function. If i could get it to oh there, it is, let me see if i can do the flip. Oh, i don’t know how to do the flip on the phone Music glad i put those prop guards by the way. This is in slow, slow mode Music. I landed all right the hd02, i mean to be honest. They sent this to me for free, but this i would pay. I would pay serious dollars for this. This is amazing: it’s recommended for 14 ages, 14 and up modularized batteries, so there’s three batteries 360 degree. Flip i don’t know how to do that. That’S that’s there’s a whole button for that three speed modes: it’s got an altitude hold button and uh amazing cool.