This is the second cheapest one i was able to buy and send to south korea. This one was about 155 dollars. Emacs easy pilot comes with goggles a little mini drone here, remote controller. Only one battery comes in the bundles extra props im gon na give this a go, see how this is then. Okay, so heres. My review pros its cheap for an fpv bundle, getting goggles and a remote controller and a drone. You get a taste of the fpv experience cons. The drone is hard to fly its its harder to fly than the blue shark super easy to fly and it doesnt fly like an fpv drone. It flies more similar to the blue shark, but just harder. So again, this one is like a toy, so if youre just getting into fpv stuff, i actually wouldnt recommend this drone. I would recommend this drone as a toy, just something fun to get someone who doesnt know anything about drones or fpv. If youre actually know some stuff about fpv drones and you want your first drone bundle, i dont think this is the one for you im guessing still its going to be like beta, fpv and again just because you can use the remote to fly in a simulator. Later, if youre looking for a toy, i would get the blue shark its just easier and more fun to fly. I think, and its cheaper, the emacs easy pilot. I dont thats, just not worth it thats.

My opinion hope this was helpful. Oh also, sorry, i forgot um, i dont need these drones so happy to give them away, but you have to pay for shipping wherever you are and if youre in the states, its probably cheaper for you to just buy one online than for me to send it From korea but yeah, if you want one and you are willing to pay for shipping, let me know and ill send you this emacs or the shark shark one. But yes, you have to pay for shipping if youre in korea, yeah just pay for quick service and ill send it over to you all right.