3 silverado and sierra models Lets go. The zero fg is a true cat back exhaust featuring 3 inch, t304l stainless steel with a wall thickness of 0.065 inches sourced right here in the usa, baby. All that sweet stainless runs into our patented 180 technology resonator. This is where all the magic happens and by magic i mean killing drones. Let me show you: Music right now were cruising at about 65 miles an hour. You really would not be able to tell that theres a system on this truck. You can hear the road noise. You can hear the rain its raining right now. You guys can probably tell but theres no indication that theres an aftermarket system on here until you do this. When you drop the hammer you wake up. Those deep v8 sounds that youre going for, but when you lift out of it and bring the rpm range down, the 180 technology allows you to have a peaceful cabin when youre cruising, but you still get those deep tones when you jump on it, see magic Music. Exiting our 180 tech resonators, the three inch piping, extends all the way through the y split to the back, where we find this configuration of quad four inch. Double walled, slash, cut tips available in diamond black or chrome silver and the zero fg sounds a little bit like this Music. If your truck is equipped with the flat bumper without cutouts, you have two options: a dual rear exit with five inch straight cut tips or a single side exit with two four and a half inch double walled, slash cut tips both of these configurations available in chrome, Silver or diamond black, each exhaust is 100 bolt on emissions friendly and features.

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