The drone itself is easy to set up, has plenty of power and is easy to control. It also comes with a spare battery, so you get twice the flying time. I tried both the joystick and the phone controls, but i prefer the joystick. It was easy to pair to my phone with the wi fi setup and i was able to see the image from the drone camera on my phone clearly while flying the drone. The camera picture and video quality are both great as well. I just received this yesterday night. I can’t wait to open it to play. It is so cool and very fun. I use the drone fly at home, took some pictures and took some video with my daughter. It is very easy to control to fly and the most important part it came with other battery to charge. It is very professional to think the customer. What we need a very good quality drone, stylish and lightweight the camera quality is good and clear, enjoy so much fun with it overall, a good purchase and worth the price Music. I purchased this for my husband since he had been asking for a drone for a while. Now he put it together rather quickly and synced it to the remote in no time we’re still trying to get a hang of flying it, but it works very well. I enjoy being able to control it with the app and using the voice controls.

I also like that it records the videos and you can go back in the app later and watch them. We hadn’t got a chance to fly it outside due to the weather, but it is well worth the money. This drones are the only drones with smart voice, control and gesture control. The drone will take off slash land or return back automatically. It also equipped with altitude hold headless mode and three speed switch functions to ensure safety and numerous fun. This product is designed with out of control, protection technology and lower battery alarm. It can perform stunts like 360 degrees, flip circle fly and high speed rotation. He can control the drone. Just like you are playing speed racing. It is nice toy for my nephew Music. This drone is great. It includes extra wings, which is really good. It is a powerful drone, but i would recommend flying it in a large field and make sure there are no obstacle around you until you get used to it Music. The drone is fast and powerful, at least for me great drone for the price Music at this price point. This is a great entry level drone. I would not recommend flying this drone indoors. It is fast. The instruction is easy to follow and set up only took 15 minutes. The battery live is short, but they gave you an extra battery. The drone is lightweight sleek, looking and solidly built. The picture quality is decent, but i forgot to take picture of it.