I have to say that the new version is certainly an upgraded version. Music. Everything about this drone is improved Music. The f 11 gym is a little more involved in getting it all set up and calibrated. So you need to pay attention to the instructions on the screen, as well as the printed directions, as it has commands that are crucial to getting the gyroscope calibrated once it is set up. You have a lot of options to help you with flying Music. One thing i noticed right away was that it had a voice prompt telling me that i had reached the altitude and flight limits which are set for beginners to prevent it from getting beyond your visual sights. Overall, this drone is a very good system with great control and stabilization during flight, as well as recording of video additional upgrades of this drone are in the on screen display of the handheld control Music. It does take a little getting used to having controls on the control as well as on the app, but it once you are aware of it. It becomes very easy to navigate. I also like the way the phone holder has been tilted down to improve the visuals by decreasing glare on the screen. This model is also seems to be quite a bit faster as well, which is great for reaching high altitudes quickly. This drone has so much to offer that i can’t wait to go out and explore all of the new features Music.

This is my second drone, my first being an f11 pro, which i love, since this is essentially an updated version of the pro rather than repeating that review, which you can find on the product page by searching fun little drone, i thought i’d just cover the changes. Improvements, the most noticeable difference has the changes to the camera. On the pro model. The camera is attached directly to the body of the drone. While this doesn’t have much of an effect on taking stationary pictures, it does impact the video sudden movements make the camera bob. Think of how hitting the gas or brake on a car causes your head to move, which, at times made navigating by video a little disorienting. The gimbal setup on this model helps to counteract this, so that you get a lot smoother video. One thing i think is worth noting is that gimbal can make the camera feel a bit flimsy as it lets the camera move freely, which is the entire purpose of the gimbal. When i first removed the camera cover, i thought i had broke it in terms of the quality of the video feed. All i can say is wow i’m sure how to put it in words, but the best example i can think of is going from sd to hdtv.