Now i had this shipped to me from england, but it was a lot of work to get here. I bought it on a website called youngsters world, thanks to my friend, brick clicker over on instagram, that, let me know about it. I shipped them to a friend in england who then shipped them to me, and i was supposed to have them on friday of last week, but they didnt get here till today. But i do have the other sets as well so be sure to hit like and subscribe, because i will be reviewing those sets very very soon, but i wanted to go ahead and get this one out since im the most hyped about it. Now this set. Will retail for 40 in the united states when it comes out on october 1st, just a few days from now it does have some great minifigs and an awesome build so without further ado lets get started. So i can tell you all about this. Our first minifigure to take a look at is zendayas mj. Now this is a really cool figure. I do like it better than the far from home version and it actually does use the same head, which is nice. I, like that consistency. Of course, the torso is new, at least its new to me. I dont recognize it from anywhere but drop a comment if you recognize it from somewhere, then of course weve got that nice long brown, hair and yeah.

It just looks fantastic all around the next figure. Well, look at is wong now, as i mentioned earlier, wong has been a really rare figure up to this point. He only appeared in one set ever and that was the infinity war, bricktober pack, so im sure a lot of people are excited to finally get a wong in an easier to obtain set with. That being said, he does have a different head this time around, and it only has one side to it. So thats worth noting uh, you know, i think the other head actually looked a little bit more like benedict wong, the actor, but nonetheless this figure is really great. For some reason he has a yellow jacket on im sure well find out in the movie in the trailer it looks like he was going somewhere like on a trip, but i guess we will find out when the movie comes out. Next up we have the brand new, dr strange minifigure, and i know a lot of people are excited for this one. So im excited to show it to you guys. The probably most exciting thing here is the cape. The uh cloak is actually kind of like a rubbery texture instead of like a paper texture, and it has more give to it than like the 1989 batman. You know he had a rubbery cowl, but this does have a little bit more give to it, and i think that thats really nice, as you can see its a new leg, torso and head print for this figure.

So i really like that. I dont like the head as much as previous doctor stranges though, but i do think that the torso looks really great and looks really in line with the other uh. You know minifigures from marvel weve been getting lately. Then, of course, he does have a new hairpiece as well, which is kind of like the i dont know. It seems to be like the go to male hair piece, but this time around it has some gray on the sides. So itll definitely be nice for making some bruce wayne customs and things like that, its just a standout figure all around and last but not least, we have spiderman in his upgraded armor suit from no way home. Now i really love this figure. He does have dull molded legs. I think a lot of you guys will be excited about that and theres printing on the front of the leg, so thats really really exciting. I like the head. I cant tell if its the same head from the cmf. It sure looks similar, but i honestly cannot tell uh anyways. He does have a new torso. Unfortunately, no arm printing thats a bummer, but if you hit like and subscribe ill, be customizing that so be sure to uh. Do just that, but yeah its a really great figure all around. I really really love it and im very, very excited for you guys to pick up this figure and, of course, pick up this set now.

Moving on to the set. The very first thing you build in bag: one is this giant monster, hes kind of like a plant based monster and if you guys are into like monster, builds, i think youre really gon na like this. I personally dont like them, but im just thrilled to see it. Doesnt have some sort of stud shooter play feature. I feel like thats something super lego to do and they didnt do it, and i dont know that just makes me happy because theres no way this thing would shoot studs in the movie anyways. You can see that hes got ball joints at the shoulders here. Hes got ball joints at the wrists and you could close up his little pinchers there. You can move the head around too its kind of like a mantis looking head and he does have one sticker on the back piece of his head. I guess thats his head. Im not really sure what to call it, but, like i said, i think those of you that, like monster builds, are really gon na dig this and then, of course, we have the actual build of the set. Its really really amazing – and it feels very lived in you – guys know that i love location, sets way more than vehicle sets or anything like that. So im very excited with this personally lets move over here and start on this side and well just kind of work.

Our way over, you can see that theres a little desk right here and if you look on the computer screen, you can see that theres uh articles pulled up, presumably from the daily bugle. You could see mysterio on the back page and on the front page. You could see peter parker, it says who and hes kind of got like a black eye and all that – and it looks like theres some coding going on underneath that, like on the back back window, thats open but yeah, thats, really cool. Of course, there is a nice little desk set up. There got a little boom box on the floor. Weve got another monster coming out of this piece here. So i wonder if theyre gon na do like a very horror element driven thing when theyre in the sanctum hard to say, speaking of being in the sanctum weve, got all these shells here, presumably with like potions, and you know like magic rocks and things like that. I dont really think that anything in here is going to be too specific from the movie. I think they just tried to make it look like something you know dr strange would have moving to the center section here. You can see that theres all of these flat plates that go around and kind of uh frame. This doorway and, of course, all of those are stickers that you see there, but it does look really really fantastic and i love that it adds some depth to this.

Set which, of course, we get in the back, and you can see that back there theres a little statue theres a little gem and there is a little bowl back there im not really sure again. If any of this is going to be something specific in the movie, well, just have to find out when we spin it around. You can see that there is a spider perched up on top there and theres a scorpion hidden back around here uh. I guess itll be interesting once the movie comes out to see. If any of this actually appeared in the movie sometimes lego sets are very misleading. I have a hard time believing they would spoil something for this movie in this set just because theyre trying so hard to keep spoilers under wraps anyways on this side. Our final side. We have this really really nice candle here, its built using several different pieces. So the candle holder is one piece, then you have three candles and three flames on top. I think that you guys would really dig that its really going to be cool for castle builds and things like that we get a pretty simplistic little couch, build there too. I really like that with a video game controller up top and then of course, we get a whole bag of tools that go across this little workbench and if you open up these its hard to do unless you have fingernails. But you can see that you do put some tools inside the little uh shelves there and yeah theyre pretty tough to get out once they go in.

So you know, if you are worried about that, you know just then you know in advance so yeah. I really really like this set. I think that theres a lot of detail. I love the depth, as i mentioned, and it really just makes for a great play set. So with that being said, lets zoom out and ill give you my final thoughts on this set. All right guys well be sure to drop a comment below and let me know what you think of this set. I absolutely think its worth the 40 dollars. The figures are great, and even if you deconstruct this, you get some great bricks in this set. So, like i said, drop a comment below. Let me know what you think and dont forget to hit like and subscribe because ill be reviewing the other two spider man no way home sets very soon. Well, youve made it to the end of the video you should hit like and subscribe down below for more lego content from me, because i post just about every single day, youll be up to date on all the latest in lego.