This drone provide much better image. Quality 1080 versus two 7k take the same amount of time to set up, but this drone is more portable than the d58. D58 is good, but i prefer this one. It has more function able to point on map to create a path but same price. This is my first drone ever Music. I was so excited when i received it that i tried using it in my house. I have high ceilings, but i ran the drone straight into the christmas tree. Second flight was outdoors and i soon realized how easy it is to fly when you have open space. I love this thing. The picture quality is great, it can land itself, you can control the speed and it charges up faster than advertised 5 stars for a beginner drone user. Like me, i recommend this product. It is very sturdy and substantial feeling and comes well presented in a thick walled magnetic closing paperboard box with a handle and fitted inside foam making an additional case unnecessary. The drone is a nice compact, foldable design, with folding props and folding controller. The drone is a very smooth and stable flyer, fights wind pretty well and is responsive and quick. I got an impressive 14 25 minute flight time on a cold 40 deg day. Camera quality is quite good, with sharp stills and clear sharp video. The remotely adjustable camera is a nice touch. The extra features follow me. Return to home hand gestures point of interest work.

Well, i was having trouble with my phone and wasn’t able to test waypoints for a lower priced foldable, gps drone pretty impressive. While the drone industry is rapidly growing flying a drone can be overwhelming. As with any other skill, it requires practice practice and practice. Snapton 510 is the best drone to start practicing your flying skills, while enjoying the benefits of quality aerial photos with the two 7k camera it’s easy to maneuver, and one quickly gets the confidence required to become a pro in less than a week. I was able to do my own roof expansion, impressive and fly as far as 500 meters. If you want to become a pro start, small start with snapton 510 Music. I am highly satisfied overall with the drone and all that came with it for the price it’s. The best drone to buy it has everything you need that higher priced drones have too 7k video return to home. Follow me all with having the gps Music. It was given to our son for his 13th birthday. He tried it out first attempt and it worked like a charm – must buy decent beginner drone with picture quality that leave a bit more to be desired. The startup and calibration as annoying having to do every time. Wi fi signal between the phone and drone is not that great and loses video connection at times Music. The most disappointing part is the battery life 10 to 15 minutes goes by too fast.

Controlling is super easy. This being my first drone, i wanted something easy to learn. The manual was a bit confusing, but i watched some videos on youtube, which cleared up a lot of things. Music. The drone is sturdy. I found this out. I crashed it a couple of times and it held up well what i don’t like is the way you have to calibrate the gps and having to calibrate it each time i use it.