A lot of fun update, i’ve, been enjoying this drone for about two solid months and i’ve found its limits. The blue wire that gives wi fi broke from its connector yesterday and today. My flight time was drastically down. The two incidents are separate, though it’s a bummer about the wi fi, but a more pressing concern is that the interior of the battery compartment is melting. Gon na wan na watch out for this Music, i’m thinking, the plastic that is used is just as a low melt point, because i’ve never taken a battery out of the drone that felt nearly hot enough to melt plastic. I did notice today that the connector that connects the drone to the battery did feel hot, though, and that’s new, considering that i’ve Music it’s clearly time to retire. It, though now the problem is, what do i replace it with? I need bigger, better, faster more. This is my first drone and it was easy to put together and start using. I had a little trouble getting started because i didn’t know to begin by pushing up on the left control then down Music. Doing this first starts the lights flashing faster than they go solid. When you pull down once i discovered this, i had no trouble getting it off the ground.