Sorry, this is the pilot. His name is brody now here’s a controller for it, there’s a flip on the speed switch. This is like flying land uh, this outdoor emergency landing. So, okay, we need to land it like quickly like if the berries are dead and here’s the camera, and this is what controls it and here’s the stick. This is for trim, hold on left and right and that’s for trim to turn it left or right, and these are gon na turn. All right, let’s just demonstrate all right, so here’s a little demonstration all right. I all right here we go ah Music, oh Applause and there we go now. It’S landed so guys, we’re going to try and see if we can so our next challenge. Hopefully this is okay by my dad. We are going to fly it around. The living room is that, okay with you that’s fine, but first we want to see if we can give your mom a haircut with it, a home haircut. No okay, laura watch, wonder that is good, all right, all right and now i’m playing it around the learning room, all right: Music, yep, Music. I feel bad. Okay, try to land it you’re, going to run out of juice; pretty soon no don’t crash land, it. Okay. What do you got to say about it finish up your video, so that is it for the show so guys you’re also probably wondering: where did i get this drone? I don’t know because i got for christmas, so yeah that’s, all i know um.

If you want to get this drone search, snaptane and it’s an s5c model all right, thank you guys. Goodbye wait before i forget like comment and subscribe.