I didn’t want to give him a nanodrone that would be frustrating for him to play with, but i didn’t want to spend a lot of money for an electronic toy for a. I was very surprised to find three. Yes, three batteries in my package, Music with three fully charged batteries. I could spend time enjoying flying this responsive drone. The auto takeoff brings the drone up to four or five feet automatically, and then it hovers with no need to touch a joystick. Auto landing works perfectly. I tested using auto takeoff to take off from the floor and then flew the drone to my work desk and hit the auto landing. The drone slowly dropped to my desk surface and shut down perfectly the headless mode works. Well, the drone emits a tone every few seconds when in headless mode, this will be great for beginners to enjoy flying without worrying, about which end is forward. The drone has a bright lead on its front nose, so it’s easy to see which way is forward. I gave the drone to my great grandson today he was so excited and his father appreciated the auto features that removes the frustration most beginners have with their first drone. I hated to give this drone up. I may order a second unit for myself.