Please watch till end of this video, so we will help you to make the purchasing decision and if this product is good or not few reasons good about this product Music, the mini foldable drone equipped with 720p hd camera, which captures high quality, video and clear aerial Photos you can watch a live video on your smartphone for beautiful scenery by wi, fi, real time transmission control. Your drone with simple voice commands like take off landing left right forward. Backward and gesture control allows you to pose to the camera to trigger phone taking and video recording. Snapton a10 is a versatile drone can perform stunts like 360 degrees, flip circle fly and high speed rotation, and you can also draw a path in your app interface. The drone will fly following the path accordingly, which is the newest technology. It has gravity sensor, mode altitude holds mode, headless mode, throw flying function, one key start landing return, emergent, stop and three speed mode adjustment, which is the best choice for kids and beginners foldable and flexible blades make the drone small and portable two modular batteries can support A longer flight time for you and your family, which makes your flight more exciting and interesting buyers rating by feature Music, rated 4.5 for durability, rated 4.6 for easy to use rated 4.3 for for beginners rated 4.3 for remote control, rated 4.4 for picture quality rated 4.9. For value for money, 426 satisfied buyers, Music, overall, 4.

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