Goggles i’ve been using and goggles i’m going to be using. These are analog, goggles, not digital, but you could use them with the new sharkbite fpv digital system from fat shark. So buying a set of these doesn’t mean you’re out of the digital ballpark. It means you’ve just got one option: we got two options: if you buy analog, goggles you’ve got the option of flying analog and flying digital in the form of the uh shark bite bite. Shark, i don’t know what it is: the fat shark digital system, which i will be reviewing comprehensively on this channel very shortly anyway. These are the goggles i’m looking at now, these are the goggles i’ve been using for i don’t know how long since i don’t know ages, i started with fat shark goggles. Then i went to sky zones and i used sky zones for a very, very, very long time with all black ones. You know no dvr, nothing loved those goggles 16 9 view um, not a particularly large field of view, but they just worked and worked and worked and worked. And then i got a set of ayom ways which had a dvr and they worked too and now i’ve gone back to sky zones, because the sky zone oled offerings are just really really good. I mean i’ve got to say i actually enjoy the the quality that the colors the vibrancy, the the dynamic range of the analog signal wearing a set of oleds more than the fat shark.

Sorry, more than the dji digitalism dji’s got wonderful, sharpness and resolution, and all that sort of stuff but and it blows you away with massive field of view, but nothing beats the the color rendition and the the dynamic range of a set of oleds and the. Oh sorry, the dji they’re just lcds, so a lot of people were hoping the new version twos would be oled, but they’re, not they’re. Just lcd still so let’s have a look, as i say, two sets of goggles. These are the sky zone 030 or zero. Three o’s or something this was the first oled goggles that they produced and i’ve been using these and loving these every time i use them. These are the newer ones. These are the o4x, and these are like those but they’re different and they’re different in a number of ways. Some ways they’re better some ways: i’m, not sure, they’re, better, so let’s, take a let’s. Take a bit of a comparison. Take a bit of a look um. What are these? They are analog, fpv goggles, which will receive on 5.8 gigahertz, and they have a four three aspect: ratio by default, which means the synth. The display is a four three, but if you want to go 16 9, they will display 16 9 it’s. Just that you won’t be using the whole display, so you lose a little bit you’re paying for pixels you’re not going to be using so stick with four three trust me it’s just easier, especially if you’re flying proximity, because it’s nice, when you go to 16 9, You don’t gain width, you just lose height and you can’t have too much field of view.

So 4 3 for proximity, brilliant fantastic. So what i missed with my sky zones, they were 16, nine, not most guys it’s, my aionways. They were 16 nine. These are four three. I love four three anyway, i digress. They look pretty similar aren’t, they they’re white. They said which color do you want? I said white because it basically it does show the blood, but it doesn’t melt in the sun and it’s so hot today, it’s 29 degrees here 29 degrees celsius. I think that’s like a little bit less than the surface of the sun in terms of fahrenheit, but it’s it’s, quite warm, so anything other than white outside today would just melt it just gets so hot it’s ridiculous. So white is the color of choice for my fpv goggles um. They do have other colors and you’ve got red and blue and all sorts, but yeah white, yeah color of a virgin that’s me right. So there we go um that this is the earlier set. I have the camera on there, which um i did use for a while, but after a while, you just don’t need it because you’ve just organized yourself and because these one of the beauties of these. I love these because these just plop onto your face now with my aon ways, i had to spend about 10 seconds getting them in the right place so that everything lined up and getting everything you know and fill them with the ipds these just pop them.

On your face and away you go so it’s easy, just pop them up on your forehead sort yourself out, drop them on your face and fly, so you don’t really need a camera once you’ve got some of these goggles because look look at the padding on this. Now i’ve reviewed the 03 well zero three o’s before there’s a review on this channel. You hunt for it i’m not going to find it um hunt for it. Hopefully we find some other stuff. You watch as well got these lovely cushioned sort of imitation leather padded. Leather things – and these are brilliant – not only comfortable, but they also block out the light very, very well, no light leakage on these goggles and the fan got some buttons got diversity. Initially they had this stupid color bar here, but unfortunately they dropped that they had that on this one. This was the 03 s or something i’m, not sure. Anyway, it was a gimmick because waste of time. I said that when i reviewed those um, these work brilliantly got ipd adjustments underneath they’ve got dc barrel jack they’ve got a power, switch, look at power, switch and head tracker output, hdmi input. So if you’re going to use your sharkbite digital system or your fat shark, whatever plug it in there, where you go avn usb av out micro, sd card and headphones because a lot of people, some people like to listen like to listen and you can plug your Butt in there and away you go so everything you want there.

So why would you? Why did that shake? Oh, why, sorry, why did skies don’t even bother making a new set of goggles if these things are so damn good? Well, i’ll tell you what they’ve done with these ones. Now, if you take a gander in the business end, you’ll see that the ones on the bottom which my old ones, have got square holes, and these have got round holes. How about that? What a fantastic achievement improvement that is, but it is actually because these goggles, the optics, are pretty good they’re pretty nice. The field of view is wide enough: it’s, not the widest, but it’s wide enough. The problem is, there is a little bit of barrel distortion. You know the vertical size you get a little bit of curvature in them and that you know you never notice it when you’re flying. But if you look really hard, you’ll see it okay and this has fixed focus. So if you, if you need corrective lenses, you’re gon na put diopters in here, you know get these little plastic. Things slide them in to account for your your focal length, if you don’t, if you see blurry through here, what they’ve done with the new ones that the o4x is, is what fetchok did with theirs and which, i must admit, some of the other chinese manufacturers have Done they put a focus individual eye focus, so you can vary the lead position of the lens, with these little twilly knobs here and focus each eye individually, which is fantastic because you don’t need diopters unless you’ve got really mild eyes that are really really way out.

You won’t need diopters with these brilliant and, as you age like me, and your eyes get worse, you can just keep turning it up until you burn a hole in your eyeballs brilliant. They also have ipd. Of course, the ipd adjustments are in front there same connectors as the other one everything’s, the exit. I notice that the head tracker out is now a three millimeter jack and not a um, or was it a din type connector on that one let’s go on to that? There you go. They do provide cables for these things in the box i’m. Not going to show you all the stuff that came with, it basically get a cable to plug in the av which will plug into a separate base unit with the rca connectors, and you get a 2.1 millimeter barrel connector for the power with an xd60. And you get an um, i think you get a usb lead as well, which is quite good, usb c on this one micro usb on the old one, so they’re moving with the times they’re getting with the program um. So there you go now wearing these, the field of view is bigger. I love a big field of view. I mean it’s, always a trade off i’ve mentioned this before in reviews. If you like a really immersive experience, then you go for a large field of view. The downside is, everything, looks a bit more fuzzy because you’ve magnified everything.

So, given the limitations of analog and the resolution, things will look a bit softer through a wide field of view, and i noticed the difference between this and this things look sharper but smaller in this one. They look bigger, but slightly less sharp in this one. Despite the fact you can focus things i don’t care. I love the immersive experience. I soon forget the fact that this isn’t pin sharp because my field of view this has got pretty much the same field of view as far as i can see as the dji digital system, which is a really big field of view, 46 degrees diagonal. I think which is heaps you get too big. It becomes distracting you, you can’t, see the whole image once you end up looking around the screen, and i noticed that some of the i’ve had fpv goggles, where the image was too big. It was. It was simply too big and you did end up sort of your eyes – are moving all the time trying to see what’s in the corner of the screen. This is the perfect compromise. I think this is the best field of view. I’Ve used 46 degrees, fantastic, brilliant. Now, coming to the front here and we’ve got these antennas now one thing so that’s something i like the optics are brilliant, fantastic field of view brilliant. I love it on the front i’m, not so impressed with the changes now with the old ones.

We’Ve got two we’ve got diversity and we’ve got an antenna connector here and antenna connector there. If you look at the angle of the antenna as it comes out, if we just have a straight antenna, it’s not hard to bend that round to face the front so that basically the antenna is pointing imagine this was a patch. The antenna is pointing where you’re, pointing and directional antennas need to point where your model is so that’s real easy on there, but on these ones, they’ve gone for the fat shark style module on the side, and unfortunately that means the the angle of these. If i put that straight and we’ll just compare the angles of the straight angles on things here, so you can see because i’ll put on the other side hang on a moment. I should cut this out, but i’m can’t be bothered. Here we go i’m. Changing the antenna to the other side, let’s just compare the angles at which the antennas come out of the goggles, and you will see there is a marker. Let me give these liners a marker difference in the angles, which means that if you want your patch to face forward on this, you’ve really got to crank around it and it won’t come all the way around anyway. It’S going to kind of keep pointing out to the side rather than the front. I find that annoying. Another thing that is perhaps from an rf perspective even more annoying is that antennas like this there’s, a tuned there’s a tune to 5.

8 gigahertz that’s. The frequency we use and when you have one tuned element in close proximity to another tuned element, they interact basically it’s like if you have two wine glasses and you ping one and you hold another one nearby, the other one will vibrate as well, because the sympathetic Resonance that’s, what you’re going to get here? These antennas are so close that they’re going to affect the radiation pattern of each other, so you’re not going to get the anywhere near as ideal a radiation pattern, as you do with two more spaced antennas now in reality, is it going to make a difference? I don’t think it really will for most people if you’re trying to go ultra long distance, it may have an effect but it’s, just something i’d, rather have seen them keep the existing layer. But the reason i’ve gone with this layout here is because, if you look carefully on the other side, there’s another module bay and you can throw your rapid fire or your foxia or whatever module in there. If you don’t want to use that one previously, um people have been using a number of add on modules, with these they’ll just be basically gluing them or 3d printing. A little adapter then running a lead around into the av and doing it that way. It’S, a bit of a bodge – and i don’t know these work fine. For me. This way you can put it in now.

You can’t use both at once. You can’t have quad diversity. You have to have to choose that one or the third party one and if you’ve already got a module and you find it’s great and you think rapid fire works better than this, then you can throw your rapid fire and then away. You go you’ll, be happy as larry, the difference being that you can’t adjust the frequencies and anything you can’t get the status messages from the third party module in the same way you can from the built in module. Now. The thing is that this built in module has diversity and it has something similar to rapid fire and things, but it merges the two signals so that, basically, on a line by line basis, it chooses the best signal, rather than a frame by frame basis and that’s Supposed to give you better results, i didn’t notice much difference and i did i’ve had about 10 or 12 flights on these goggles now and on one flight. I had to land because the picture went really crazy. It was in the mixed mode, they call it, which is their special mixing, both inputs mode and it just went really dark and broke up. The image went, really dark and broke up, and i couldn’t fly so i had to dump the quad go and pick it up, bring it back. I switched to diversity mode that hasn’t happened again so i’m wondering if that was just a weirder thing.

They do say that if you have problems with the mix mode switch to diversity mode, maybe the camera i’m using is not fully compatible with the mixed mode. I don’t know, but the beauty is you’ve got a choice and in diversity mode this works damn well. So i don’t know that i’ll bother going back to the mix mode. It doesn’t seem to offer me any particular advantages. So i’ll just stick with the diversity mode, in which case i’d love to have seen the two antenna positions back there, but hey ho they’re not have to live with it now. Another difference with these goggles is the way you control the menus and things on the earlier ones. You had a button for the head track. A button for channel select button for band a button for your mode, a button to start your dvr and a button to scan the channels and things. So it was like lots of buttons and it’s really easy to push the wrong button and bang a button when you’re putting the goggles on this is a problem they’ve solved that quite well. By putting a couple of little whirly wheels hear this i’ll hold up the mic, see that little whirly wheels we’ve seen on transmitters these days. Unlike some transmitters, these whirly wheels are actually quite good. These rotary encoders seem to work really well, and these enable you to select menus and make adjustments very very easily much more easily than these buttons here did so i’m happy with the user interface and recording it’s.

Just a simple start: stop button there, and this is a mode button which calls up a menu up here, and you can select channels with this whirly wheel. You can do a search, you can do all sorts of things and that good on your skyzone for saying don’t rely on the results of a search always check that your video goggles are switched to the same frequency as your video transmitter because, as everybody knows, it’s, So easy to do a scan and think you’ve got the right channel and take off and 100 yards away. It all turns to snow and you crash because scan just isn’t, reliable but it’s there. If you need to the time to use scan is not when you want to fly your own model, but if you want to go along for a passenger ride on someone else, and you don’t know what channel and just hit scan it’ll find a channel that’s good Enough and you can watch from there but don’t use scan if you plan to use your goggles for controlling a model it’s, not a good idea. Okay, now the million dollar question that everybody’s going to be asking right now. Should i should i invest my money in a set of analog goggles? Surely digital’s just around the corner and these you know i’ll be buying some djis or something else, or maybe some orcas with built in digital and an analog will be dead and my response is no wait.

Analog is far from dead. I have the fat shark system, digital fpv. I have the dji system, digital fpv, acknowledged leader in the field, and i have analog – and i just toted up my hours for the last three months, 80 of my fpv flying was done analog. Why? Why, if digital’s so much better, why am i still flying analog so much and i’ll tell you why it’s, because it’s more than just the quality of the image it’s more than just the um, the amount of money you pay it’s an experience and the one thing I, like now paul spachelski pavel, i can never say his name um anyway. He did the video recently the five things he likes about analog fpv and he missed one. He missed one go and look at his video i’ll link it in the description of this, but he missed. For me, what is one of the most important reasons i like to continue flying analog, and that is because, when i’m flying analog, i get to see the flight through these goggles. I get to see it in standard definition, with with sparkles of snow and and next to no latency and it’s great. As a control and command system. Analog is brilliant. Everything happens so quickly. There’S, no there’s, no latency there’s, no blockiness it’s, just you’ve either got a picture or you haven’t, it’s, brilliant, it’s, fantastic and i feel very confident flying analog. I can fly until i can barely see the scene through the snow, but i wouldn’t dear fly digital to that level, because sometimes the digital just goes off like that.

Just instantly disappears and then you’ve got no picture at all analog’s, far more progressive in its decay. Even compared to the fat shark system, analog just decays so more progressively that i’m happy to fly to the limits of my video link with analog far more than i am with digital anyway, so i go out there. I fly. I look for my goggles. I have a wonderful time and then i go home and when i get home i take this sd card out of my hd recording camera and i put up my computer and i fly. I relive the entire flight this time in full hd, maybe even 4k. So i get to fly twice for every flight. I get two versions, i get the live, sd version and then i get the recorded hd version. If you fly digital you only get one version and that’s hd. You get it that’s what you fly and that’s what you see later, so i find with my dji system my digital fpv systems. I don’t actually usually bother reviewing the recorded footage unless something really strange has happened or i’m trying to get some footage for something. In particular, if i’m just having a flight, i don’t usually review the footage. I just erase the card and use it again when i fly analog i’m, always reviewing the footage, because i see things in the digital footage. I didn’t notice when i was flying: it’s, brilliant, it’s fun adds an extra dimension to my flying and i really enjoy.

I get a great buzz out of watching my flight, almost third person because i’m no longer controlling the quad, but i can see what happens. It’S, brilliant fantastic it’s, one of the big reasons i still fly analog, so i would say to people if you’re looking at getting into it, if you’re into fpv, already you’ve already got a set of analog goggles. Should you upgrade well, i don’t know possibly possibly or you may just want to go to if dji um that’s a choice you have to make, but if you’re not in the hobby yet – and you want to get into it now – and you think you might want To go racing because let’s face it. If you’re going to race, there is no options. You have to have a set of analog goggles, because fat shark system relies on on goggles like this to work. So if you’re going to be into quad racing, you just have to buy something whether it be the fat shark, hd02s or something like this. You’Ve got to buy a set of analog goggles with an hdmi input, in which case really do give this some serious consideration. Because they are super, kick ass goggles i don’t have a set of hd02s, but i do like the engineering of these it’s very nicely engineered everything fits it’s, it’s, comfortable it’s. Just you know, it’s hard to find anything to complain about. I’Ve got a set of fat shark goggles, they just don’t seem as refined as this i’ve got to say, they’re, just not as refined, and i have had a lot of experience with sky zones.

I’Ve used them for many years right from the first version of sky zones, i’ve been using sky zones and they’ve. Never let me down i’ve, never lost a model or had a problem, because my goggles have failed in mid flight or anything like that and i’ve always been happy with the results. So i would say, if you’re going to buy a self a set of analog goggles. These got to be high on your shopping list now. I must declare that these were sent to me for review. I did not pay for these, but i would pay for them if i had to, because i think they’re that good and there are no affiliate links in the description of this video there’s, a link probably to where you can find details. I don’t know if i find a link on the sky disguise on hobby several website. They probably do. I will put a non affiliate link in the description of this video so that, if you decide to buy one you’ll get more information but i’m not going to make a bean if you buy this, so there’s no benefit to me in telling you. These are good. If they’re, not because i don’t make any money, if you buy these and i don’t lose any money, if you don’t buy them, so i can be totally objective and say these are my daily drive now these are the goggles i’ll, be using probably for 80 of My fpv flying and my my probably more actually, no, it will be more than 80 now, because with the fat shark digital system, i will probably be setting it up on this, rather than the fat shark.

Goggles i’ve got because the ones i’ve got are only hd2s. They’Re not oleds, and i just love the oled experience, so i’ll set up the the sharkbite system on these, so these will probably amount account to you know well over 80 of my fpv flying and if you want to see me flying with these, you can go To my extra channel from this point on virtually all my fpv analog stuff will be done using these goggles. The dvr footage that you may see on that channel will appear from these goggles you’ll be able to see how often i use them. I will probably do some longer range flights with these just to to verify that this antenna setup isn’t going to be too much of a pain in the backside and so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you’ve got some questions, some comments, anything you’d like to say go down to the questiony comedy bit that youtube provides for that purpose and leave them there. I’Ll do my best to answer them, but yep. I see other reviewers have said that that these are, you know top of the line these, and i forget this – is a there’s, also a sit by um, our favorite. Is it chinese e tailer? I think they have a set of goggles which are pretty much on par. I don’t know i don’t have those, but i do have these, and these are the best analog fpv goggles i have ever used and i will be using them a lot thanks for watching.

Thanks patreon supporters, you make it possible for me to keep making these videos for you without having to worry about shillings for stuff and living off affiliate links thanks for watching bye. For now now do foreign.