They are 10 to 15 years old and easily got the hang of the controls. Even with a few crash. The drone has continued to work perfectly really happy with my purchase. I got this drone as a christmas gift for my nephews. I definitely tested it for one day and i have to say it’s super easy to control. Slash fly very beginner friendly. It comes with an extra battery. One battery lasts for like three to four hours. Getting started was super easy. All you have to do is scan a qr code and dl the app the app is amazing. It teaches you how to fly it as well as turning your phone into a controller Music. Very simple operation, one button take off and one button to land the batteries are rechargeable and small and have a long life. It also has a camera that can record video and take pictures. The drone is for 75 inches by five five inches. It came with a manual controller with a phone holder. I highly recommend this for beginners it’s, so responsive and fast it’s easy to learn and we still haven’t had to recharge the battery. I can’t comment on the camera because we haven’t used it yet, but we didn’t buy it for that feature. It’S, not huge, so strong winds could cause you to lose it, but other than that it’s a blast. This drone has some of the best value per dollar. On the market right now, when you consider the features, performance and customer support, i actually did enjoy flying this indoors and outdoors.

The controller is simple and just works when phones are involved, it’s a whole new to story, as it opens up so many options. I would ask to buy more batteries, as i am wanting more flight time, because it is so much fun, but a small battery means small flight time. This applies to all drones, though i am okay with this, because the bigger they are and the harder they fall, and this light little drone was made to withstand some hard hits. They even include extra props Music, a lot of fun. I got this for my eight year old. It is a great little drone for beginners. I love the one button take off and landing feature once you hook it up to your smartphone. The video quality is really good. The battery life seems to be better than all the others that are out there on the market, Music, it’s a great little drone for a starter and can fly indoors and outdoors just fine. It charges fast using just an ordinary slash universal charger and runs for 30 minutes non, stop, which is long enough for me. I play with it every day and crashed it several times on my first few days, lol hit on the walls many times and also got caught on trees outside, and i was amazed with the quality because it still works as good, even after several crushes. But now i already figured out how to control it and it is so easy, peasy lol.

It also comes with extra propellers and the app have emergency landing icon that i can quickly land the drone to the ground whenever the drone is out of control. I, like the custom route mode.