These are two runcam 5s. This is the original run came 5. This is the run. Came 5 orange. I wonder why they called it that I don't know anyway. So we've got run. Camp 5 it's a new one, we're still gon na black button. How about there they couldn't actually get around to making an orange button, and the back is still black. The back of this one has some flora violet, because I like bright colors, not black colors, because if you lose this in the grass or someone's really hard to find this pops, it pops but it's more than just a color change, there's more than just a color Change here, which is kind of cool they've added some extra features and functionality I'm going to show you that now there's, a new app I'll go back to it. Here we go. Let me just doing this here we go the run cam app. Hopefully, you can see that I should have used fixed exposure, but I can't be bothered, you know, and you see it's just like in the picture yeah. This app uses QR codes like we did before, but now the camera has a whole lot more features and facilities. Nothing to go through them all, but one of the key things it has it's got two point: seven cats 60 frames per second. Previously it was only 50. So if we get in here we'll see there is a 2.7 K. Few people in America who like to have the 60 frames per second option, don't make a liar of me.

Look at this. Oh here we go 2.7 K at 60 frames per second I'm in a pal country. So I like the 50 frames, a second for 2.7 K. Where is it 60 50? There we go now. It'S got two volume settings, you've got fpv and normal now, so any PV. It really turns down the gain, so it's, not gon na just be blasting. As speakers, but if you want to use it as a normal action, camera it's got more gain on the audio, which is kind of cool I'll, be testing that out preps another later video. I might do a vlog with it. You know, and I know I've got shutter speeds now we can slip from a range of shutter speed on auto right up from one thirtieth up to one to 40th and that's kind of Handy, but I think you probably need to be limited by the amount of Gang control on the sensor it'll be blown out. If you have the wrong shutter speed sensitivity, what does it mean? Oh I so, basically, ISO coolin device, a color style you can have normally can have Fleck, which is kind of like most cameras. These days offer you a flat or a it's, not really war, but it's, a it's it's a much more subdued color output, so that you can do a lot more post, edit in the process in color correction, so that's kind of handy, too distortion correcting which corrects For the barrel distortion, you normally get in a lens with a wide angle and electronic image stabilization.

Now we know the GoPros have got this it's fantastic and it's really effective, and I think even the was that the that other one, the cube that has a form of stabilization, I think so it's become in common, that the chipsets in these allow for image. Stabilization. Now you can turn this on or not, but it says only effective at 4k, 30 and 1080p 60, so that does a little a little bit as to when you could want to use that and the general side of things we've got an almost a date stamp. Whether you use it as a when it connects does at a webcam or is it a external drive, you can flip the screen if you're mounting this upside down, you control your color saturation exposure compensation, contrast, sharpness metering mode. These are all pretty standard things white balance which is currently set to water. What are the options? Oh yeah, so it's got a range of white balance. Quite often, I like to fix the white balance, because otherwise you you can end up with Cala belts drift during a video which it kinda looks pretty yucky low light image enhancement. I don't know what that is. I suspect it's, just that turns the gain up when it gets dark which can make a grainy picture, but you can still see what's going on water shutdown. They only give you a choice of off or one minute so it's not like you can sit it for any more than that, so yeah there you go pass by frequency again, I'm in a pail country and we're.

Our mains is 50 Hertz. So I have it set to 50, but you can set it to 60 to suit your own thinking, that's, it it's it that's what you get and, of course, once you do that you hit the apply button. Okay, it's a QR code that are, and you can then hold it in front of the camera and oh and even lists what you gon na, be sitting it's kind of nice. So that means you can then program the camera, no Wi Fi, so there's, no still wasting money on Wi Fi, no extra potential for having the Wi Fi turned on and not realizing it and effectively compromising the range of your IC gear, which is also on 2.4 Gigahertz so that's it. I like this QR code set up it's, really really simple, really straightforward. Has a lot of it's keeps the price down. I think this is 100 bucks, nice and cheap. So there you go they've put a lot of extra stuff in this thing and they've also made it easy to find when you lose it. So I guess all we have to do now. Just go film, some stuff with it see what looks like here. We go. Okay, so flowing this camera, but – and I really like it – it's it's excellent – I have to say it's totally excellent and the really good bit rates – I mean we're, getting 40 megabits on 10 ATP's over 60 megabits on 4k and some of the higher resolution.

So, unlike some of these cameras that have been built for fpv, it delivers a good low compression. What there's not many compression out effects in the image, which means you can do a lot more with it. Some of these cameras in the past, you know they've been really constrained on bit right, so you get that pixelation that blockiness, that really ruins the fine detail and a lot of of the footage they produced. This one is really good it's producing plenty of high bitrate data. I must have checked the way let's check the weight that's. Why? I have the scales here. It is a grand total of 55 grams 56 grams it's just put on some weight, that's, pretty damn good that's, not bad that's, a pretty light camera and, of course, in the GoPro form factor. So that makes there's plenty of mounts available for it and I'm gon na take it out now and do some flying around the park now some of the things I've noticed that are perhaps not so good there's no provision for Indy filter. Okay. So if you want to put an ND filter on whether you're pretty buggered and it's a shame because one of the problems you have with 30 frames per second footage. Most of these things I need before K 30. Is that you get if you don't have an ND filter, you get stuttering. Well, I say stuttering. The shutter speed is so high. It is adjustable on here, but if you'd lower the shutter speed you're going to get the picture will blow out because there's no way of reducing the amount of light getting to the sensor.

But the shutter speed is so high that, instead of getting motion blur, as you pan or whatever it's, an individual set of very sharp frames, so that when you pan it's like each it's, you don't get the fluidity of motion. If you have a high shutter speed in a low frame rate and that's the problem with 4k on this, without an Indy filter and bright sunlight, you might see some of that in the footage I'm going to take today and again in the park and try and Eat some nice footage at 4k at what 1080p and perhaps them and some resolutions in between, and also the the image stabilization now. Yeah GoPro does a really good job of the image stabilization, but it does really really mature piece of technology. They'Ve had it for a long time and I've really got most of the bugs out of it most. This isn't the only fpv action camera that has motion stabilization, but it's, not quite as good on here, but certainly nowhere near as good on here as it is on the latest GoPro. So you tend to get sudden jerks it'll be smooth, smooth Juke, because only the compensation is adding up in a can't compensate anymore for a movement and it just suddenly jerks to a median position. So you can, you can use the image stabilization and get some really good footage, but you won't get continuous good footage, it'll be interrupted by jerks as it recalibrates.

Basically, and that means that if you want to do a lot of editing, yeah it'll come out. Okay, but if you're gon na do that, you might as well stabilize in the Edit use a slightly higher resolution stabilizing the unit cropping a little bit, but it means that you will be in full control of that stabilization. So I would say yeah the optical or the electronic image. Stabilization is probably more use if you're using this as a handheld camera and I'm gon na be doing that when I go to the park I'm gon na do a bit of vlogging with this as a handheld, camera and we'll see what the audio is like, because One of the cool features has two audio sittings. One is for fpv, which severely attenuates the audio cuz. Are we gon na get buzzed hiss, roar, roars, nothing to listen to anyway, and the other one is just normal, in which case the microphone? The sensitivity is wound up, so hopefully I'll be able to talk to camera, and it will sound really good, even if it is my ugly face doing the talking. So having said that, let's go down the park, see what we can do with this thing. Okay, here we are at the park, I've got the image stabilization on and the sound is set to normal. So we should have more. Volume should be like a regular action cam, but a wind here today, so gon na be a good test to see if there's any wind noise from this camera and what I'm gon na do just fly around most everyone better with me.

But I'll fly around various resolutions: we'll start with the the 4k with image stabilization on or try keep it smooth. But today is not a good day for me: we'll see how we go and yeah I'll tell you what I think afterwards: Music, okay. So with 4k. Again, but this time I turned off the image stabilization tell by the way this is of jerky and I'll do another similar flight, so you can spot the difference: Music, Music, now we're 2.7 k let's see how that works out, shall we Music, Music, Music, finally, 1080p60 And the wind's getting up quite a bit now and no stabilization either Music just made it back on that battery you're, going okay back at the field and we in 1060 of 1080p 60 frames per second with image. Stabilization on and I've gone to the Flex color sitting overs a flat color sitting, which is the like log – is that so it brings down the color. So you've got more options in your edit and your post did it in this, but a wooden tear again today. So could this audio could be really crap I'm, sorry about it, but I wanted you to see what the flat looks like it's, just a pan around and hopefully you'll be able to see what that is like and I'll do another pan out here with the color Set to normal and I'll show you the difference. I suspect most people will choose to have it set to normal and not have to worry about grading the colors.

Sometimes you get really good so that's. It I'm really impressed with this little camera it's. It it's got some significant advantages over the runcam five black, the original one, not the least of which – being that it is orange, but also seems to have much better wide dynamic range. But the light handling seems to be better and that's good, because the runcam 5, sometimes when your head, like you, know bright cloud in the sky, the ground to get dark. This doesn't seem to encourage you to do that which is excellent, so yeah. If you're looking for a camera, you know it's good for putting on ya quads because ya, then you go pro. Is that pretty good, but that big in they're bulky and the heavy? And this is just small compact light and it is let's say an 80 of the camera, so at least an 80 of the price so yeah and front cam. I think you've got a you've, scored a goal with this. Well, it's good it's, a it's, a win and I'm happy I'll. Keep using this camera you'll see lots of footage on my extra channel, where I often post stuff, and if I, if I filming with the run cam five orange you'll, see in the corner, it'll say: run, came five orange, so you'll be able to see what's going On and you haven't made your mind up yet just keep an eye on X, chip and you'll get some more info to help you there.

You go thanks for watching guys, questions coming to the usual place and thank you to my patreon supporters to make this all possible. Thank you run cam. This was a product provided for review purposes, I've always disclosed it, never try and cover it up, and I don't show for products. There are no affiliate links in the description. If you want to buy it, choose your own.