The drone has excellent 4k ultra hd picture quality with its 90 degrees adjustable camera, so beautiful video and aerial photo shots. Here i come. I got about 25 minutes of flight time out of the battery and the drone comes with two batteries, so you can’t go wrong. The drone will auto take off and auto land at the press of the app button. I have been trying to land it myself to get used to the controls, as you can see in the video. I am not a pro yet, but i will get there. I love the built in safety features not only for myself, but if i let someone else fly, that is also a beginner it’s good to know that the drone is equipped with functions like auto return find the lost drone. It returns automatically whenever the battery is low. The signal is lost or you press on. Overall, i am very pleased with my purchase. I will continue to play around with it every day to get better and use more of the features of the app and drone love the carrying case and quick start instructions on the box, just in case you forget in the beginning, but after doing it all the Time at why can’t wait until tomorrow to go flying again smiley face Music. I really enjoy using this drone. The app is easy to use and the drone is easy to set up. The instructions are very thorough and provide steps to start the drone.

There is a gimbal camera attached to the drone that allows you to move the camera up and down while flying, which is a really nice feature. The ruco support team is excellent. They respond quickly and are very helpful Music. This drone is an excellent drone for the price. The camera resolution is the best i’ve seen at 4k it’s very easy for the beginner to master and with the new app update two days ago, ruko fixed all my issues i was having. I would recommend this drone to anyone very well built drone. I bought this drone to use for work. I am in the electrical field and i have used my dollar dollar dollar drone a few times and while it worked, i don’t want to risk my expensive drone. This drone has a good camera and has very stable flight. You get two batteries and extra props and all the charge cables. I would highly recommend this for entry drone flyers and if you want a great drone for kids, some drones are locked to forward or down, and the u11 allows me to pick different angles. While it is flying. The kit also comes with enough cables to charge everything at once. You do need a 2w charger, but the three usbc cables are included. You will need a sd card to store video and photos too Music, the slot to insert or remove it is conveniently located on the bottom of the drone. An important note is that there is a piece of foam in the battery area to keep it from accidentally connecting before you use it Music.

You will need to remove this to fully insert the battery. It is gray, so it blends in with the body of the drone a bit.