One of the best investments ever keeps my dji spark from cutting the grass on take offs and landings. This item saves props, perfect in all expectations. Exactly what i wanted in description was accurate Music. I pre ordered a new drone that has precision landing and it required a landing pad to use that function. I shopped around and found this one for a great price. It arrived in two days and was exactly what i wanted. It is blue on one side and orange on the other. They give you three pegs that hold it to the ground on the straps that are attached. They also give you some decals that i dont think i need you might want them: Music, not bad product. Personally, it takes more time to pull this thing out, set it up, stake it down then finally, set up your drone. You could have probably already found a decent spot to place your drone anyway, i kept seeing other drone users with these. At my meetup group events, i thought they were super expensive, but this one was very affordable. I was very pleased with the quality when i received it.