5 motors. They are 12 000 kv motors um, clearly intended to spin a three inch prop and the ultimate conclusion on these motors is, if you are looking to spin a three inch prop on one s, buy these motors conclusion number two buy these motors conclusion number three buy These motors, why is that the conclusion its because theyre available, um and thats a real issue these days ive been really wanting to try and compare these to the fpv cycle 13 – something motors, but they just havent been available. I didnt jump on them when they briefly were and then so i havent done back to back testing with that. I also havent really done back to back testing with motors i do have, which are the uh, which i also like that the flywoo robo the 1202.5 motors, so these are definitely bigger motors um. These are 110 3.5 and weigh 4.8 grams. The flywoods weigh 4.3 grams. So each motor here is carrying an extra half, a gram that turns into two grams over the whole quad because were dealing with four motors and its not just two grams to the whole quad. Its 2 grams of rotating weight, spinning weight and also add at the ends where its going to have more influence on flight dynamics. Now these motors, i do think, are powerful enough that they actually carry their weight well and so compared to the flywheel motors theyre, not as efficient flight times are shorter, but overall performance, even kind of theres.

How well the quad flies. I think theyre actually better than the flywheel um and that might partially be just the top end. So you know when were flying 1s, so much of it is like the top end because thats the limit, the thrust, the you know, thrust away ratio such a limiter that we just get enamored anytime. Something has a decent amount of punch and thats, probably where these motors shine um and they still feel okay, otherwise so thats kind of like why id give them the knot over the flywheels um. But then the question is like um. Let me get to one thing. So the one main drawback about these motors is, you can see here they kind of sit up tall and the wires have kind of a lot of gap under them, and the one issue ive been having is breaking wires on these um and theyre breaking. Unfortunately, at a place where i cant fix it really close to um deep in there by the stator, so i cant really fix it. I mean i could probably if i really really tried, but its just not worth it. What ive been trying to do to mitigate that is put some extra tape up real close to hopefully make that not wiggle, and hopefully i stop ive killed two of them already um. But if you arent married to the idea of three inch, 1s and honestly im, not sure if you should be, i would not recommend buying these motors, mainly because i dont really recommend this platform.

I feel like ive been trying it for so long and kind of forcing it and ive been trying to do this 1s battery test. But honestly that battery test is starting to feel like a chore because im not flying this because im grabbing it. Because i want to fly im flying it because im just trying to cycle batteries which is kind of silly at this point and the reason im not grabbing it – is because the the platform in general is just not its not filling a gap, its not fixed, its. Not its not doing something for me, thats, productive and the reasons for that is one to get the performance that this quad has. I think you probably need a board like this. I think you need a board like that pv cycle board with the bigger escs and the problem with the fpv cycle board. Besides the fact that you cant get it is that its a lot of work, everything on there see theres the vtx on there theres a receiver on there, theres a camera theyre all soldered on thats, eight solder points to get a vtx on there. Eight solder points to get a receiver on there. Three solder points to get the camera on there and then plus uh 16 points for or sorry uh 12 points for motors. Two points for the battery leads and its just a lot of work. If im doing all that work, then why dont i get like 2s and 3s um chargings, not that much of a difference i mean were on xt 30s anyway, so its not like youre plugging these into like little battery chargers.

So i dont know that you know that sort of benefit of the simple, easy 1s thing is just not quite there on this format. The other part which is actually probably a bigger part, is now this built up. I dont have to worry about that. I built it once and youre done right. Well, the other part is um this quad, not because of the power, but because the footprint flies big it just. I know it sounds like a tiny difference, but going from 120 millimeter frame with three inch props down to 115 millimeter frame with 2.5 inch props. It just reduces the footprint down enough that the quad flies a good deal smaller and so that, even though that 2s quad is far more powerful, it feels much more agile and at home in this small space, where im weaving in and around things, yes, its louder. So, okay, not you know, give that point to the the three inch 1s that i can fly this all day if neighbors are in the backyard and i dont feel bad for them. I dont think im going to bother anybody with this quad, its just not loud but other than that theres theres, just not much about the flight dynamics that im enjoying im not getting into tighter closer spaces im, not its 1s, so im never going to have that Same like big punch out of a 2s, and i just dont – i dont know its like what its not doing it for me.

On 1s, im interested im actually interested in going back small again im interested in going back to smaller motors 1102 or smaller angrydon is working on some happy model, 1002 motors and so doing something 1s where you can use a 5 amp all in one board, thats. Basically, all built up for you and you just do the motors and youre good to go, of course, the dogs choking over here but thats. What im kind of more interested on 1s um and yeah its nice? We got those the big gmb batteries. I am liking. These theyre holding up well for me so far i dont know some people have said their hype. Okay, but i dont know what other battery is outperforming it. I dont know i havent found it so um and i think that makes these big motors you know pretty viable because i get what i find to be a pretty satisfying flight time and i dont have to be like super conservative or anything um. But this platform, just doesnt, really do it for me. So in that regard you know whats the conclusion of these motors for me its like well im not going to buy them and when the fpv cycle motors come available um am i really going to buy them? Just so i can test them and tune them. I dont know. Maybe somebody sends it my way or something like that. You know if rookie wants a tune or something like that, then i dont know.

Maybe i do it um, but i dont think im going to spend whatever it is 60 bucks to get some motors that i dont really want to fly. I guess at the end of the day, so these motors have been durable, theyve been holding up well, except for that wire issue. I told you about um theyre, pretty smooth they are powerful, theyre efficient enough for what they do for you, but i just dont know. I feel like this is a platform just in one of its its an answer and want of a question: does it make sense, i dont know but anyways until next time cheers i might well. I might try and get a little flight footage.