I compared the d88 to a mavic air which costs three times as much, and my conclusion is that the d88 is in many ways a real competitor and a really great buy Music for the price it’s. An amazing gps, professional adult drone it’s on sale at amazon. 50 discount coupon aluminum carrying case is a plus and the battery charger will charge two batteries at once. I have tried out a number of different drones and i believe the d88 is the best deal around for a p. After doing lots of searching on drones online. I decided that itd be best to go with this one. The silver case that came in the package looked amazing and the spare parts were a cool bonus. I was disappointed that the drone only came with a single battery, but regardless i didn’t really need to fly 20 plus minutes so far. The main problem i had with this product was the charging my first time. Using this drone, i only used up half up of the battery, but it still took the full four hours to charge. Next, i decided to use up all my battery and when i charged it well, it took maybe seven plus hours, which is very interesting, i’m, not sure if it’s, my battery in particular or if i’m totally missing a step here. But i don’t mind the extra time. What i like about this drone is the quality pictures and how well it handles rough weather.

I found the rth feature to be an absolute lifesaver and i’ve had to use it maybe three times because of signal loss and such the instructions were clear and easy to understand, as well as the app as for taking videos on this drone. I wouldn’t really say it’s that stable when you start turning and moving around, but still really cool. I do think this drone is worth the money for me as a beginner, and i really enjoy using it very easy to learn with having very complex and cool features.