I am going to review my drone, see if its worth it and see um tell you guys if you guys should buy it or not. So one thing the camera is bad and i already uploaded this, but like kind of the audio was very bad, so yeah um and heres the control and everything so yeah peace out to see if its gon na work there we go. Okay, so were gon na fly it right now, so you got ta start it up again the flash kind of good it could go up and down so im. Sorry, if you guys cant, hear me, but the drums kind of loud so yeah um it goes up down, it could go like not, it could help go high and, as you guys can see like it does 360s for the camera and yeah. I almost crashed so yeah that it flies im not holding the controls and its pretty steady, so im gon na put it down right now and see what you guys think so i stopped and so far its good. The only bad thing is that it dies quick. So like i could be using it for like three minutes. Four minutes lets say it was in a hundred percent. I could be using it for like three minutes: four minutes thats, so quick, so yeah thats, the only bad thing but lets see were gon na go check the camera right now see if its worth it and, like i said this, camera is like five to three Years old, but if you guys get an newer one, its probably better so yeah were gon na check it right now and well.

Show you guys the control right now for, like 120, its like not that bad, because this is the one as you guys could tell see, and then the control looks exactly the same. So yeah um lets see the review. The reviews and things so see make sure you fly in areas with good wi fi signal to make the phone last longer buy two batteries if you use renter, to drop parachutes its a great way to spend. This did not work bought for my son christmas gift and it returned it theres a lot of good ones. No, no. I, in my opinion, maybe yeah, see i told you guys. The camera is bad well, for that one, its actually kind of good. I dont know if i need to clean my camera. I mean this is an old one. We found this somewhere that asked my uncle. If i could keep it, he said yeah, but for 129, its not bad in my opinion, but it does die fast, so thats the only bad thing and to charge it. You just got ta open that truck battery thinking and charge it like charge the battery. So i do need to buy a new battery. You could buy new batteries uh for to make it last longer. So i need to buy a new battery to make it last longer, but if you do buy one then thatll be good. Itll be definitely worth 130.. Uh, but if you have like the same one like one that dice quick, then its, i would say its worth like 90, something but yeah thats.

The review hope you guys enjoyed the video and, if you guys did please make sure to leave a like subscribe and comment. What i should do next actually dont comment, because i cant um comment things but yeah.