Now, if you hear noise in the background i’m sorry that’s my little brother playing but anyways let’s get right into the video. Now. This drone is my first gps drone. I had it for about a week now and i had so many drones in my childhood and trust me. I crashed all of them and flew them too high, and then they flew right away right into the sky. But this drone is a gps drone, so it will return home when i press the return to home button on this transmitter, which is right here and when it’s on a low battery, it will return home automatically by itself. Now this drone comes with one instruction manual. One transmitter four extra propellers one screwdriver and one charging cable one battery one camera two landing gear, four, prop guards and the drone itself. Now it doesn’t come with double a batteries it comes. It takes four double a batteries that you have to put on the back of the transmitter, but it doesn’t come with four double a batteries, so you have to buy them yourself, but now let’s talk about the battery of this drone. No, it has 16 minutes of flight time takes about two hours to charge now when it while it’s charging, these lights will blink when it’s fully charged and then the lights will blink and to turn it on. You hold down this button and turns on right now. It’S not fully charged and to turn it off, just press, you just click on it and it turns off now after a flight.

You need to let this battery sit somewhere for about 30 minutes, because it could damage the battery because it’s hot. So when you plug it in while the battery’s hot after a flight, it could damage the battery and you’ll have less flight time. So to turn on the transmitter you press, then it turns off wait to turn it off. Just hold down hold on hold on and turns off. Now you put your phone after connecting drone. You put your phone right here on the top of the transmitter, so you don’t have to hold your phone while flying you can just put it right in the transmitter and then when you’re about to fly the drone. You need to turn on the drone and then the transmitter and then to connect the drone with the transmitter you put push up on, throttle, stick and then down and then to calibrate the drone. You need to turn the drone clockwise horizontally and then once the back of the lights turn a greenish, yellow, color and the front lights are still blinking. You need to turn the drone vertically and then spin it clockwise. Then, once the lights stop blinking on the front and the back lights turn red. That means you need to leave it on the floor for a little and then the lights in the back will turn green and the light in the front will stay white. That means the drone has found a gps signal and it’s ready to fly now to turn off to start the drone.

You need to push both of these sticks down this way or you can just start the drone on the phone when you’re connected to the phone. It doesn’t really matter so this drone. It says it could go a thousand feet away, which i only had it to go up to 446 feet away, so it could be power lines that was messing with the signal. Don’T know, but i’m gon na be flying. This drone across a river called lehigh river to this island, called adams island only 526 feet across the river. So hopefully the drone will be able to get there because it only got to go 446 feet away, but there’s no power lines on the river. So it might go a thousand feet i’m, going to test it out one day and forgot to mention if you’re in strong winds and the drone is blowing away with the wind and can’t control, the wind you need to to make it go faster. You push down on this stick once and it will. It will beep once that means it’s on low speed. If you push down again and it beeps twice, that means it’s done medium speed. If you push down again it beeps three times that means it’s on its highest speed, so it will go really fast, once high speed and all that, so it could fight strong winds. But if it’s not really windy and you’re kind of like a beginner with the drone, i suggest you should keep it on low speed.

So you don’t really crash it. It doesn’t have sensors, like those dji. Drones have sensors like in the front and back and sides, and all that alright, so that’s. All i have for you today about the sky.