So before i get started, please hit that subscribe button and comment down below um. How you like this review and how you like the drone, lets, get right into it? Okay, guys so, while im opening the drawing youre making a lot of stuff in the background im in this area. Since i dont want to show my room and because you know its beginning im still working on it and finishing it up so first of all, it comes in this nice case, its actually pretty nice, its like a hard case its like that and its pretty nice And so let me just angle the camera down here. Actually a little bit itll help, okay, so wearing my shorts today. No one cares. So what it has here is, if i open this up, it has. This is the drone. It has um it folds up and it has multiple props, which i think is very nice. Um holds like that nice and carefully theyre nice and stiff when you open them, thats good good. I dont know people love. I dont like when people pull this off. I can hear someone or something like just pull it off with that battery theres. The battery um here is the camera, as you can see there um its a 2k camera and pretty sure it takes 4k pictures, which is pretty nice um. Nothing on the bottom, no optical flow sensors or landing lights on the bottom here, but there is um lights on here here and on the back of the drone, let me just lift up the actually yeah.

We just looked up the camera here, so i can show you a little bit better sorry guys tired havent vlogged in a while, so its kind of difficult, um yeah. So this is the battery here. You just press these two little buttons and push out and pull out whatever, and this is it and if you just press it theres heart battery, so you can see if um, how many lev, how much charged um so its on level three. I think they all come on three, because it does come with an extra two batteries, one there two there. I believe this drone has like about 20 to 25 minutes, but the drones that are under usually 400 ill cut that in half or a little bit down low so ill see like maybe 20 minutes, thats it probably the next time um. This drunken fly, which is pretty nice for this drone, but it comes with three batteries, so youre gon na have more than 20 minutes. Youll probably have like maybe 40 45 minutes with all three of these batteries for me now or something like that, um yeah. So its a pretty nice drone, i like the camera and the camera, does have image stabilization and it can move up and down with the remote controllers and it comes included with and yeah that is super nice and um. It has foldable props, which is very nice. Brushless motors um, i like this drone its a pretty good drone, its pretty fast thats.

Why a lot of people buy it because its pretty fast a lot of people? It was going on a hit not too long ago. In like 2019, everybody was buying up because its a pretty nice trip lets just fold it back up here: okay, sorry guys, thats, my mom, but um these fold, the props here and then the props will fold up, which is very nice, so its good for storage, Um this way slide it nicely there, okay, so in the bag, theres the remote right here and as you can see there, so it has these antennas, which are not real. If you look into the internal, if you see a wire and if theres no wire, then its probably not a real antenna, i dont really. I dont think i see a wire, so i dont think theyre just theyre just for show. You know what i mean um, and then you lift this up here. To put your phone in, it can fit a pretty decent sized phone um right there, you fold these down, like that, so you have a grip on them um! So right here, let me show you here: this is to move your camera up and down. This is for the speed right there um. This is to record a video, and this is for your phone and you need um for this drone. You need to register it under faa um if it says its over 250 grams.

I believe, like 516 grams um, you have to register it um. If you dont um, nothing really happens. You just. I think youre just get a little bit of baby trouble. Something like that, ive never flown without it, so anything so really like that so, but it has little buttons here to show that its on it has the little buttons right there. The show um the speed and stuff and your gyro – and this is return to home right here – remove these are your controls here. I believe these can come off. Yes, you can unscrew this. If you need to you can get new ones if they break or something um and yeah its pretty nice controller. I really like it. I believe that its wait, a sec yep, it charges so its a chargeable remote. You dont have to put batteries in it. It charges, which is nice um, lets just hold that back up here. So, if i guys can show you already, there is more batteries in here comes with an extra two batteries, so you have three batteries in total, which is very nice. Um really strong, usually used to come in. This really really colorful case this, and it was like shiny and thats. Why? I really liked it. I like the box of it, but it didnt come with. It came with the one for the f uh 11k 4k pro, which i didnt get that i got the 2k the one and i said it had a 2x gimbal and i opened – and i just said well i know this one, but that ones good too and Um, well it didnt.

It came with. It came with the lf11 pro, but it was the wrong box, but um. So this is the in the little mesh thing here. On top it has a little um. This is a gps drone by the way um. It has a little like manual and instructions and stuff and how to unscrew the propellers if you need to um also, if you really just want to get to know like um a lot more things in this drone ill go to captain drone. He knows a lot about drones and stuff and he will like give you a lot of good information that i might not be able to give you because hes been doing this way longer than i have hes older than me, but obviously but um yeah. So it comes with this charger in the mesh, so you can charge your batteries and you can charge your remote, which i think is pretty nice, so you just slide that right back in there, oh im just having this back in there too um. It comes with some uh replacement, props right here, the portable replacement box. This is nice um. I will probably post another video on how to fix the propellers, because im not sure theres got some of you guys out there, who really dont know how to fix the propellers and stuff. So what ill do is ill? Do a review how to fix your, maybe fix up the juice to the props, a little short video um, if you guys really need a business micro, i dont want to replace my props now um, but pretty nice drone.

As i said, you can press this here and ill show how the level of your batteries you have to hold it, and let it go to the you hold it, you let it go to all those four lights and then you like it and then it shows You a percentage set, they all come in three, which is actually pretty nice, so youll have a pretty good time of flight. On your first try remember to register this drone its over 250 grams um with faa theres, a site you can go to faa, okay, so its a pretty nice case. It comes with these, so lets tighten up the drone here. Okay, guys close it up here, lets go and fly. Okay guys were here were gon na fly, the drone im gon na set it up, and then im gon na screen record lets go okay, guys. Here we go starting up the drone here: logging in okay im. Turning on the camera here, okay, this is a voiceover by the way um yeah, so theres, all the things on the top there guys and on the side theres like to follow me in in the left, is to follow me on the top and not on the Left side, um and theres a follow me and then on the top and then below that theres, a return home and then below that theres. A um raise up and raise the drone up and then pull that is the razor joint down or below yeah.

And then, on top top theres, the remote control connection, um and a bunch of other things, the vr and then all the way on to the right. Theres, the gps. Like those little signal settings, um theres, the motion, control um on the left side on the side, theres, a motion, control and then below theres the camera and then below the thing thats blinking is the video and then below. That is the little voice recorder. Um were about to take off in a sec. Here we go. Um hang on going a little bit forward its a windy day today, guys the drones gon na be a little bit unstable, did not too bad in the wind. Actually, i thought it would not do that good, um and below that also in the real in the bottom bottom theres a like altitude and wind and all that stuff in the height and through it, and how far its going okay going up there now a little Bit side to side going pretty high up now, just flying around you know getting some uh the use to it, see how, in this drone, seeing how this drone flies. Okay, im going lifting it down im going to go to the following now: im going to theres little walkie mans theres, the first one, which is the one thats like track me and im going to the one that says, follow me, which is the one with the Little three lines behind it, press it now it should just follow me everywhere i go so if i was, as you can see me walking here, its gon na follow me and its going to go sideways when it follows me, ive never really seen a drone.

Follow me sideways before or fall sideways, but so its pretty nice that its falling sideways never seen a bunch of drone follow sideways before its actually pretty nice, going high high up very high a little bit unstable there and move the camera down. So you can kind of see me still very high up. I think im, probably like 100 feet up, maybe a little bit less. 50S. 50S. Maybe 60 feet up. I would say maybe i dont know um yeah. This is our baseball field, so youll see like baseball and you see the park and stuff inside of it, and everything like that. Okay, so guys its a very windy day, so im probably gon na, not post this video until a few days. So i can record another part and show you a day where its not windy. So this is just a video you know youre seeing work and how it does on a windy day its doing not bad and yeah. Now i just press return to home. It should be returning home now it goes down, it goes pretty high first, he goes forward and goes super high and then goes down. I dont know why i need to maybe i just probably set it really high before returning home its gon na bounce up button down a little bit because its so windy, the wind is just not letting it go down its very, which one very windy day. Actually its like, i think it was like 10 20 mile per hour winds.

So pretty pretty garlic wins. Okay, you just stopped returning to home im gon na probably lift up the drone and youre gon na see my face uh. No, it just flipped over yeah. I forgot that it flipped over because it was so windy. Theres my face little ogre face: okay, yep guys, but ill probably be uh. You know posting a um ill either post another video on this drone or ill just add on to this video late. Okay lets im done flying it ill, see you back home, okay, guys back home. Now, tell me how you like the f11 pro um. I think it was a pretty good drone im, also gon na post, another video of flying this germ, but not on a windy day. Um again give yourself more of a proper review and just go full out and tell you all the specs and stuff so its going to be more high. Detailed video um make sure you hit that subscribe button down below make sure. You comment tell me how you like this video and how i can improve my videos and also tell me how you like this drone and what terms i should do next comment down below what dreams.