This is drone 2 robotics. So today were going to be reviewing the holy stone. Hs 240 drone, so stay tuned were going to go into previews and i shall be Music, so Music, Music. Welcome back so lets, go ahead and get this thing out of the box, get a little knife or something in here here we its back, go my drawer here we are okay, this bolt flaps out like this. So all right, oh, my goodness! This is interesting. Never seen this drone before its completely new to me so heres. I guess we have the instructions they just set on top here, uh for it, and then it looks like they have a little pack of four spare blades, a charger screwdriver and some extra screws. Here you get in this packet, so im gon na set that right there, okay and heres. What it looks like in the package right here and gon na go ahead and lift this thing out go all right. Here is the drone all folded up, as you can see very nice, it looks like we got some blade guards in here also, i bet thats what those screws are for in that little packet to screw those down because theres a little screw hole here. Itll uh clamp onto these right here, thatll screw into those so im just going to set them uh plate guards right here, oh and heres the controller its a lot smaller than i thought it was going to be see here.

It is looks like it takes uh. Three double a batteries ill have to go, get those so, oh and here its heres its battery right here it looks like a phone charger could almost fit in this ill have to do a little research, but i doubt we could use our real phone charger to Charge this gon na set that there and thats it so, oh and before i go, i got a another battery folks. So now i have two batteries to fly it with. I do believe each sure the spare battery i mean costs. I think it was like. I dont know like 12 bucks, 12, 15 so and heres the the entire, the entire drone and everything i got it with two batteries and it costed about 60 bucks. So all right lets gon na get a get. A little look look at this drone here. So all right were gon na go into the full detail subscription so uh. I guess i will talk to you in a minute all right folks. So here we have all the drone contacts, except for the box and the plastic wrapping and all that came inside. You know like that, but okay, so we got one drone, one controller, two batteries, four blade guards one battery charger; one instruction, uh four extra props in case theyre broken, which this thing doesnt have enough power. I dont think to really break props, but i might be wrong and it comes with four screws extra i think, or no it comes with five five extra screws, one screwdriver and no those arent extra screws hang on my bad easier to attach the blade carts to The drone were gon na set that there so lets go ahead and move on to the drone, and here it is all nice and folded up, reminds me of one of the mavics.

Actually, i think this is what this is: a base off of and theres, where the battery pack goes your power button on top um. Let me fold this out its a little bit difficult to do with one hand. Ah, theres, no positive click. These things just fold out, they do have a little groove that they kind of go in, but i mean theres, no uh positive click like listen, yeah, see thats all they do, but it holds them right. There nicely see they theyre theyre, pretty sturdy. So that is good and what else? Oh? Yes, the camera, look at that camera, that is one tiny camera. Look at my thumb and i dont have a very big thumb that i know of anyway. I dont think i have a very big thumb, but anyway thats not what were talking about here. Uh heres, like i said your power on button, your holy stone symbol on the front uh. Well like led lights as eyes, i guess insect dies or something. This looks like an insect. It could be an insect of some sort, ah well figure out the name later. So there is the drone uh. That is pretty much all i have for it. I guess so lets go ahead and go into the controller, and you have the your antennas were gon na start off with the antennas. Why do i always start off with antennas, but anyway were gon na start off with the antennas, and these antennas are completely dummy.

Fake antennas, theyre like nothing, see, look theres, no wires or anything. You guys cant see very well theres, no wires or anything going into these antennas. I think the antennas are – and i think theres just one, because i dont really think theyre well. They might both work, but i have the feeling the antennas are more like inside here. These are not really extensions. They dont, i dont, really think theyre real, but right here on this side button right here right when you rest like this, you have your flip im. Sorry, your speed on this one, your flip um, your camera, your video emergency, stop your one! If you take off one key land, your null button, your headless mode and your power lets go ahead and power it onto what that sounds. Like okay, that sounds nice. I like that a little flashing light there for some reason: oh thats, because we havent been connected to the drone here. Let me test this. It stopped flashing its not really connected, because i dont really have the battery into it, but uh so there that is and just click it once to turn it off and your this is your uh throttle your up and down uh your rotate and then your forwards Backwards left and right right there, so that is pretty much all i have for the details of this thing, so were gon na go ahead and take this thing outside and i will be right back all right.

Folks. Welcome back, you saw my inside scene now were on the outdoor scene and uh. Well, its a very beautiful 95 degree day out here feels like were in the middle of the tropics, so heres my drone, the holy stone uh 240.. So here it is gon na go ahead and fold. This thing out, um were just out in the middle of a field so were just gon na fly. I probably will not have any uh screen of um on the screen of what the drone stand, because i havent got that all worked out yet so ill, probably just kind of show you what it does flying around so also, whenever youre out in the field. This thing does not have very good landing gear, so youre going to want to buy a landing pad from amazon or ebay, and something like let me set that there something like this costs anywhere from eight dollars to twelve dollars, so its a foldable landing pad. You just put it in the case it all folds up, just put it in the case, so youll definitely want to buy one of those so heres the drone controller, so im going to go ahead and show you how this thing works. Get this thing paired and all uh probably have the drone facing away because im going to be flying the drone behind the camera, so im going to have the drone probably facing this way, but all right, let me get the battery out.

This is better yeah heres a little battery for it just going to slide this in here there we go, and i have it facing this way: im gon na power it on there. We go: okay, well, walk back here now and all right, so heres the power on button. This button you hit first, okay, the controllers on flip the antennas out. The antennas are just not real antennas, theyre, just dummy antennas. So we got your picture. Your video, your speed, your flip and well, your one key take off one key: stop your no button and your headless mode. So lets go ahead and pair this gon na lift up and youre gon na go down and then and then to get the gyro activated. You go yep and thats what it is so now were ready for takeoff. So here we go all right took off nicely, so here, im gon na put it on well, there is a slight, probably five mile an hour breeze out here, so im gon na put it on mode two. This button right here see her two clicks and then theres like mode three for more advanced uh pilots. Im just gon na go ahead and keep it on mode. Two though so so can fight against the wind a lot better im gon na bring it back here. There, it is all right, im, gon na fly this out here now a little ways all right doing, good doing good im gon na bring it back now i have it on full throttle on on back and im flying backwards right now.

Also, i want to show you a new function: im gon na look it up in the air for a minute and im gon na go okay. Where can you see me, let me get to a very way better. Uh, Music, closer range? Okay, so here we go. Let me get a little bit lower im gon na go ahead and try out the flip yeah. It works nice very nice kind of got out of the screen there, though, but here let me try that again. Wow you guys probably didnt, see that. Let me get it a little bit: lower! Okay, hang on a little bit lower! Okay, all right! You guys saw that so thats, how i flip my button works. So now this things rather easy to control, actually rather easy, so i dont know what height ill set. It up, but up high. I dont think itll itll go very well up high because of the wind currents up there, but as soon as i get the camera uh figured out ill. Let you guys know so. Ah doing a spin works nice. So, okay gon na look up and see okay. There we go im gon na try that flip mode again, man that flip really really works nicely Music, yeah purple martins out here they dont, like my drone or any drone. That is cool and i can flip you can flip in any direction, so that is truck im gon na look back down.

Okay, bringing my drone down! Try not to crash it all right! Im gon na see, if i can land it on the pad, see how close i can get it right. This things rather difficult to land. Actually, Music. Okay, stop there we go there, we go so thats. I guess how you land it folks. So all right, im gon na skip the middle of this video, because this thing has like a 12 minute battery life, so you guys do not want to watch the whole flight so ill, be right back all right, folks, youre at the end of my video uh, I used up the battery. I had a stopwatch going and i found out the battery lasts 11 minutes and 22 seconds, so its really close to what they advertise to 12 minutes so uh when you buy this drone youre gon na want to have two batteries for it for a longer flight, Because halfway you get one battery its fly out there. One time fly back and youre done id recommend at least two you can get them on or ebay or amazon. For how much should i get mine so around probably around 15 bucks? You can get another one of these little batteries in the back and theyre just plug or charge by a little like a phone charger, but you dont want to use a phone charger ill, explain why in my inside video so over charge and such and such things Like that but uh, i really like this drone uh.

It comes with blade guards, as you know, but i was not flying with blade guards today, because i dont, i dont, think i need them theres an interesting function about this thing, though, that i dont know, if you guys knew, is that the props after, if you Hit something with a prop: you just touch it or whatever, or if it like, runs into something. The whole drone will automatically power down to avoid injury and harm of the drone. So all right, im, gon na probably go back into inside scene, so uh ill be right back all right folks, you guys saw my outside part, so im gon na give you the finishing up details here, uh some things i didnt mention in the video that i Probably should have mentioned, but i forgot so this thing is, i forgot to mention – is altitude hold. I forgot to mention that so i apologize this is an altitude hold. This is not a whatever you caught where it is just automatically you let off the stick and itll hold that height, so its altitude hold, and let me think, is there anything else that i need to tell you about. Oh so far, ive been having extreme difficulties. Getting my phone hooked up to this drone, all it goes is to the blank screen ive had it connect, i think twice since ive. Had this thing so uh i dont know what is wrong with it. If its a something manufactured wrong or what the problem is.

So uh, it just goes to the screen of the first screen on your phone. Whenever youre trying to go there uh whenever youre trying to connect it just stays at that screen, doesnt want to connect to the drone. For some reason i dont know what the problem is. My wi fi is on everything and ive had no luck and ive been trying for about two hours so uh. Well, actually, yes, i did have a little bit of luck. I had it on it stayed on, but then it backed out somehow it just left that entire page and ive been unable to get it back since so, im not impressed with the camera, even when it was connected, youre going to want to get the 4k optical Flow if it was working because the 7 or the 720p or whatever it is, is not a very good quality camera, its kind of not exactly blurry, but i mean it. Miss shapes ill have to show you a picture of it sometime, but not very impressed with the cameras. So i dont know if you want, if you want, you might want to get it just a different drone. If you really want a cheap one with the camera. Another holy stone drone for around 50 bucks. I dont know whats wrong with this whats wrong with this one, but if you want a folding one for 50 bucks or 60, i got it for 60.. So if you want a folding one, this is the one to get i found for the cheapest amount of money so or the hs 190, but its just a little mini drone.

So this one looks like the like: the the mavic air one or the mavic one. So thats what this thing looks like so all right so well, i had a lot of time flying a lot of a really fun time flying it and oh, there is a scene that i forgot to show you in there. This is what my uh drone looks. Like with blade guard, so all right, so heres what it looks like with blade guards. Oh if they want a bird attacking my drone, so all right, thats what it looks like with blade guards all right. So welcome back, and that was a very interesting video. The birds attacking my drone uh, sadly, i did not get in the video them actually attack, hitting the drone, knocking one of the blade guards off and causing my drone to crash. But i did that i didnt get that in the video, so i wasnt recording that i turned the camera off by then kind of disappointed. But you know it was its kind of interesting just very, very interesting. So all right so were just gon na go ahead and start wrapping. This up ive already went over my time as you can tell and so heres any. Let me get this. Let me think of any finishing of details. Uh oh yeah uh. I wouldnt highly recommend this drone if youre wanting to take pictures unless you get the 4k optical flow and somehow you get the uh camera to working because im using the android android.

So i think it might ive heard of guys, because i was researching this afterwards. Uh ive heard of guys using the iphone and they said it connects and fine, but it will not connect with the uh android, so i probably better get an iphone to test it out with and see. If itll then connect, i dont know it says its made for android, so i dont know what its problem is, but its the holy stone hs 240, so uh take a look. Uh keep a lookout for some more of my videos.