My name is niraja hi, guys um. This is gon na, be my first review. Video i’m gon na be reviewing on a drone that i bought from amazon um it um it was hold on. Once again. I i just i already forgot um. It was 70. and um 99.. This is a drone. I was gon na buy something else. I was gon na buy like a white one, but i was like let’s go with the black and this is a small one um. I wanted to get a big one, but i didn’t want to waste money like i’m gon na fly, it i’m gon na break it like like it’s just for a beginner like i never flew one before so i’m. Just like okay. Let me just get a little one, um, so yeah let’s get on to the video okay, guys we’re gon na start opening up the thing as this is it as you can see. This is how it is um. I am going to open this up and show you guys what’s in here and i’m gon na see what’s in here too. This is my first time i’m. So excited like. I have no words. Like i don’t know, i’ve been telling everyone was like i’m gon na get a drone i’m gon na get a drone i’m, so excited i’m gon na fly it i don’t know i was so excited, so i will be just opening this up just to see what’s In here and stuff and i’ll be flying to um this morning at like in the afternoon, maybe because right now, it’s 1 52 a.

m. So i’m just let’s get opening okay. I’M! So excited i’m, really excited i’m, so excited so they do have a little mini bag. There’S, nothing involved. They do have this little box. This is so cute, like you can carry this around everywhere, like it’s, so cute, oh, my god, i can’t wait to go. Um, see how it is omg. This is so cute look see. This is how it is. The cab – and they have they have a little pocket for the other stuff actually with the wire or something maybe let’s, see let’s open up this first. This is so cute i’m, so excited um. So this is the uh here here: um the little um flying thing and a little scooter, that’s whatever, and then i don’t know what this is, but we’ll see and an instruction book. So this is the um remote for it um. I believe you can. This is where the phone goes. I don’t know i don’t know if my phone’s gon na fit, but no you can extend oh yeah, you can extend it and then we’re going to take thrown out. Look how small this is like look at it’s. So pretty my favorite color is black by the way. So this is how it will go. Like i’m scared, i’m, just gon na break it like i’m, a kind of person like just break stuff like like within one minute let’s, say like even a second like that’s.

It and i believe, oopsies and i believe these are the the batteries or something that’s supposed to go inside the drone, because it has a little so little cameras right here. This is so cute, so tiny um. I believe this is supposed to go in there, since it has a little it’s the same size. I believe that’s supposed to go in there and that’s it that’s in there. So guys. We’Ll fly this in the morning i’m, going to i’m going to go. Take a nap i’m going to go to sleep. I will do another video just i’m, just going to combine the video i’m not going to do some um, separate videos. I just want this and all um all together. Um so see you guys in the morning. Hey guys good afternoon, it’s right now: 12. 30.. I just woke up. I know it’s late, but it’s, okay, it’s it’s, okay, it’s totally fine! I mean all you guys is corona. Okay, um, so i’m gon na go fly this little guy, so we’ll go see how this works and um gon na go change and we’re gon na head out see you guys: Music, Music, food, Music, Music, okay, guys, i’m back now it was like cold. So i had to change into my regular clothes but um. It was gon na rain, so i had to come back. I like it was like dark and stuff, and then i got sunny like it was messed up weather, so um yeah, the drone fell so many times it got stuck onto a tree one time and i had to like keep on um starting it um just to Fly it up from the little branch thing it landed on and it was so hard.

I was so scared. I was like okay, i broke it like it’s gone, i feel so many times so. One time i fell on the rock and um it was okay like everything’s, fine, like it didn’t break um. I am gon na keep flying it until i get the hang of it. I love it. The camera quality is okay, it’s not like you know, but it’s, okay, um that’s. It guys hope you guys like this subscribe like and comment.