This is a great little strobe that i picked up on amazon recently, and i wanted to show you guys what it was all about. Uh, you can pick it up on amazon, like i said, for a little under 15 us. It comes in this nice heavy duty, little plastic case with the drone bubble, wrapped charging cable and your operating instructions along with some velcro, but well go over that later. The strobe itself is uh, wrapped in, like shrink, wrap plastic, its a single unit, piece battery included. You can charge it with the included cable there on the side, its a micro, usb port right there and to turn the strobe on you. Just activate it with this black button and it activates the three strobe modes. The instructions are also included in several different languages, its very easy to understand, simple and user friendly to operate the strobe. You depress the button and just hold it and it activates. The first of three modes for each color: the first is a flashing strobe. The next is a pulsating and the third is a constant light and thats the same for each color of the strobe hold the button steady for a minute, and it turns off ive put on some heavy duty velcro on my strobes, so i can attach them to My drone well try it out on the dji spark today, ive put some of the velcro on the side. These attach very quickly very easily and very sturdy all right.

So now we can take it outside and try it out. Music Applause, Music im really impressed with how easy it is to see these strobes even during daylight hours. Now it is late in the day, and these do get much easier to see the darker it gets, but these strobes can be seen up to three miles away.