I got a drone uh. I did what get out of here. Okay, what what are you doing? I got the drone hold on let’s. Try it again, Music i’ll say it. I got the drone yeah! You got! The drone all right, so she got the drone, it was a birthday present and she has been kind enough to. Let me borrow it and she’s excited about making a fishing video anyways, so that’s, pretty cool yeah, so i’ll tell you about it. We’Re going to do a review we’re going to try it out and tell you what we think: it’s, not a really expensive one, but it had really good ratings and it is a snapton s5c. Four axis but it’s like a beginner drone costs about 65 bucks, we’ve tested it out in the yard some and seems to fly pretty smooth and it the cool thing is: it has a little camera on it and so she’s really excited about using that, and i Thought it’d be a lot of fun too, so i’m gon na do some fishing and she’s gon na take some video we’re gon na try out a drone man. Cool cool yeah let’s go fishing Music, so we’re in von or tennessee, and this is a really nice, pier it’s, just uh off the a little off the main road and nice lake area. Water is down. I was here last week it wasn’t as far down but that’s. Okay, fish still live here again, go for it, so this is it and it’s uh, pretty simple a remote and the drone and the camera’s built into it.

Uh, and also you get an app. So you can oper record from the camera and that’s on my phone and it comes with two batteries uh and they last. What would you say? 10 minutes yeah, maybe 10 minutes, but you get two batteries and it charges. I think in a maybe an hour, or so i don’t remember – we charged it, takes about two minutes to charge two minutes to charge. Really i don’t know either way, so we don’t have a charger with this, so we’ve probably got maybe 20 minutes. We can play with it but uh. So here we go um she’s gon na try it here in just a second and probably not smartest thing to be flying this over water. We we’ve practiced with it some, but whatever we’re gon na give it a go. Let’S give it a go. Yeah sure give it a go of course. The first thing she does is fly it right over the water, so Music, pretty good flying okay. Now what i would like to do is hook it up to the my phone what’s that mean oh, no, no! No! No! No, no, no, no oh um run run to the truck and grab the net it’s sinking it’s going down Music in the back Music craps. Okay, i think it may be toast. Is it still blinking let’s get all my stuff out of our pockets? Where did it go in right here? No, i can’t get down there without falling i’m gon na fall in hmm.

How much is that for a workout Music, it Music, Music, hmm, Music, it’s, still blinking, okay, well we’re, going to call this first test a success. Let’S turn it off for now and we’ll test it more later. You want to try to catch a fish. Don’T sit in there. Okay, take two uh we’ve had a little time to uh practice with it. Some and uh we’ve learned a little bit more. How to fly it better and uh we’re gon na try this again at a smaller area with more land. Around uh still got a little pond here. We’Re gon na check that out and continue testing our drone Music do well. Whenever you do it, i think it’s. Quite terrifying, and whenever i do it, i feel safer yeah, you drove it into the lake that’s behind us. Okay, well, definitely it’s sturdy um. We have been practicing and uh it’s taken some bumps and bruises and some other kids trying to help us with it. The fact that it went into the lake sunk to the bottom, we pulled it out dried it out. It still runs that’s good as far as the camera on it uh. I think it’s a little jerky um, but it’s not too hard to fly, especially for a first time ever drone for us learning how to fly. It there’s a lot to flying a drone watching the operating the camera and the drone is kind of a two man job.

So we still need some practice but we’ll. Let you you know, tell us what you think put your comments uh below, and this is our little snapton drone and i hope you enjoyed watching it. I hope you enjoyed us trying to wreck it uh, but so far, we’re going to continue learning with it. Try to get better with it and see where that goes. So, thanks for watching should we possibly try this drone in the future. Oh yeah we’ll still use it for sure, yeah and um yeah. If you like watching this, please click subscribe and we appreciate you watching. We’Re having a lot of fun hope you you’re, enjoying it too so take care! God bless.