So no wonder the bleed. The blades are now green, the cheerson cx 10, nano which is actually starting to break it’s supplies, though Music it’s not it’s, not on a full battery. Obviously i don’t care for this thing anymore. Oh my i kind of do i have this for my collection, no minor, the difficulties of flying anyways. We got this this. I think this is cool when we first got it super hard to fly, but we got it and uh guess what we got. Oh yeah, by the way, make sure to leave a like and subscribe and also hit that bell and uh one quick statement. I want to say before we get into the review of this. You cannotice that i’m, not really as sippy as i usually am. That is because i just woke up, but hopefully later in the video i’ll get more zippy, because you know the gemini and everything don’t like waking up uh but anyways. We got this cool cool, i’ll move control over here. Nobody likes controllers point to this: the dash it’s, a sky, viper drone – you can’t, see me, you know this is on the wide angle lens. This is not wide angle, lens whack, but uh yeah. This is it so let’s get the party started. Oh no, it fell on the floor. Okay, so it says on the back of the box. Let me just read it to you: you’re my child child, incredibly zippy and fun to fly the sky viper dash.

Nano drone packs a full size punch into a palm size package. It is advanced enough to satisfy experienced pilots wanting a small drone to fly in confined spaces that’s. My need yet simple and lightweight enough for beginners pilots to learn the basics, but that’s it inside the bag. Here’S, all the other models got the dash hold up stage two stage one flight assist. Why does this at the bottom, which is boring barcode? Our very best friend barcode and yeah that’s right and then the front what’s. It say right here, auto hover, auto launch lan it’s 12 and up on set we get one set. I mean this came in a smaller package. This is like anyways enough roof raft. Let’S get the dang thing out into the box. How do we oh wait? Do you have to open it like this i’m confused i’m trying to open it later see? What happens? Oh got the bottom of the package loving the texture of this box. What have i done? How do i do this? What i’m hopefully not doing anything wrong? I don’t know what i’m doing guys i’ll see you back when i get all this adhesive off. Okay, hopefully i got all that adhesive off it’s kind of but um once i try to take it out of the box it’s not coming out, oh, my god, i’m destroying this box. What am i doing wrong? I need to go. Get a butter knife.

Okay, even though this channel was fi friendly friend friend family friendly uh, i got ta use a butter knife instead of a real knife, but hopefully this helps yes, no, no, no! No! No! No! Okay! I didn’t need the butter knife on the first side. I’Ve got it. Finally, now do we get the dang thing out of the box? Oh it’s, coming oh it’s, coming yes, it’s spoken, wow, Music, wow, nice, nice partially destroyed cut the tape. Okay. The first thing that we get is a instruction manual sky, viper, cool cool, very nice, very nice, very nice, and this must be our uh. It takes a screwdriver. I think i could use the butter knife as a good enough, screwdriver, yep sort of. Is it me or do i feel, a sense of redneck ingenuity coming in aaa batteries? Okay, you know what pretty cool right. Ah let’s put this back in oh dang. It ah see you back when it’s turned okay that’s the best i’m gon na be able to tighten it um. We got a charging cable, and this is gon na be hard to tell apart, because it looks exactly the same from the others, and it has a zip tie on it. Thanks sky viper, wow um. Can i take this o if i can how wow what’s the plan today making a youtube video that’s the plan? Hey, i like that plan joining that play with you. You can i broke it.

Am i really that stupid? I got a butter knife in what’s up so i’ll see you back when i get this out. Okay, sky viper loses some points for the box and how they sealed it. No. I’M. I’M. Sorry, i’m. Sorry, sky, viper, just don’t box. Your products like this it’s, just not worth it this. This was simple. It was so simple. Literally, all you had to do was just take off one piece of tape: lift it up. Unscrewed some uh tie straps, and this thing was out, and the controller was super. Easy too, really sky, viper, plus like waste and stuff, oh working on guys, okay, i finally got the dang thing free from its box i’m telling you sky viper, you lose. You lose like 20 points online. That was terrible. So, okay, so after that sorry for doing the unboxing, i don’t know how i put that box together, but out of that gigantic box that took forever to unbox, we get instruction manual, charging cable controller, drone that’s, literally all we get out of this i mean i Get it the controller is pretty big but, like you, don’t need to make it so secure, like you can literally just put a few tie straps on the drone, not a freaking rubber band, but let’s charge it up and get it down to flying. I’M. Sorry, sky viper. I gave a bad review on you, not that good. When it comes to packaging, oh yay, that’s, how you get a tie, strap off it’s cables.

Okay, okay, you get five points for the charging cable being okay, let’s! Look at the drone! We get! This that side, charging port and back and then and then we got the front. You know fun fact. This is actually my first ever nano drone pretty cool right. Oh, oh, no, it’s! I think we need to charge it, but here it is compared to this it’s. Actually, the blades make it look a little bit bigger, but honestly, really nothing different from these two quad cups. Look at that there’s a comparison between this and this bar it’s, not about you, so yeah let’s get this thing charged up in a flight let’s power up the charger. I don’t know i’m gon na plug it in okay. So we got it here and that will turn green when it is done and hopefully it’s done fast, like cheers on bye. Finally, well it’s done charging right here here it is so we finally got it charged let’s go fly it okay. First, i really want to see the takeoff just to see what take off it is because i saw some reviews on youtube. It looks like it has a pretty unique: take off so let’s go. No. Those leds are so much brighter. Now it looks good there’s. This thing, in my blade: huh, oh really, that easy, okay see what happens i’m, very scared Music. What what is it? What just happened? Ah my mother just jumped over me what the heck just happened.

I think we might actually have to read the instructions. It doesn’t sound good. What the heck what’s auto all about, then i have it on manual mode, it’s, what’s audio, really, really it doesn’t sound like what a mini drone should sound like here. Let me show you what a main drone should sound like. It does not sound like this. It sounds way more choppy. These lights are actually brighter than this. Let me show you how a mini drone shouldn’t sound like that’s, how it should sound like, but this literally just sounds like this. I i i actually have to read the instructions. I actually have to read the instructions to this yeah. It takes a while doesn’t it, and this does not sound like whatever your shirt sounds like, but i think that’s because of the voice yeah it looks. It looks so cool. I love rugged designs, but anyways let’s turn this off and read the instructions, because on auto mode it would not just go up. It would look like whack get many drones anyways. Let me read the instructions to this quack. Okay. So apparently, i just figured out that auto is actually just literally just for beginners it’s, literally just easy mode. It’Ll gradually move up instead of going full throttle, so cool yeah, we’re gon na keep that manual. Uh let’s press launch again well: it’s wiggling, Music, Music, okay, um i’m, still learning how to fly. I need to learn how to calibrate the dang thing so back to reading instructions.

I honestly didn’t expect it to sound like so weird it’s so loud too: Music, Music. Okay, cool let’s go outside. I don’t want this review to be too long, so uh yeah, bye, okay, so giving it my final rating. The packaging loses 10 points, the drone, auto mode it’s uh, i don’t know the sound sounded concerning, but it flew and uh yeah uh. I would give it um five sixes five and a half out of ten five and a half out of ten it’s. Okay, okay it’s, just like that auto mode is actually kind of terrible the packaging’s terrible they should have just all. Beginner flyers should just have a regular drone that has auto that has a a regular like fly like. Oh, no, but um it’s a little complicated.