So far, it’s been a long time that i have uploaded any kind of video on my youtube channel because actually i broke my racing drone while a crash due to which it is not working till now, but i do have ordered a new receiver. So we are expecting a new repair on the drone as soon as possible, so in today’s video we are actually gon na review about this racing drone that i made a few days ago on my youtube channel. If you haven’t watched any video about this racing, drone link is in the description so without wasting further time. Let’S get started. So here you are watching a 250 mm racing drone from 250 mm. I mean that the length from diagonal to diagonal is approximately 250 mm. So let us talk about propellers first, i am using five inch: bull nose, tri blade for whole nose, propellers, and these are pretty much fine propellers, because for beginners i don’t think so directly. Using six inch propellers would be good. It is a 5 inch quad because the propeller used in it have a diameter of 5 inches. So let us talk about the battery first. This is a 200 milliampere, 3s lithium polymer battery. It has a nominal voltage of 11.1 volts and it works. Approximately fine i’ve got this lithium polymer battery on robo dot in for just about, i think so near about two thousand rupees and it works approach approximately five fine till yet next, let us come to come over the frame.

The frame of this drone is actually pretty nice. I don’t say it is a very powerful frame because, after crashing my drone, let me show you you can see that the screw is actually inserted inside the frame. So i, and from here also the frame is actually a little bit damaged, so i won’t say that this drone is absolute, absolutely crash proof, but still it works pretty fine in terms of its usage, you know – and i don’t think, as a beginner, you guys are Actually gon na die perfectly. You are most likely to crash your tone for motors, i would say i’m using 2205. Let me focus here: i’m using rs, 2205 ready to sky 2300 kv brushes motors, and i would recommend these motors from beginners to intermediate level for professionals. I don’t think these motors are so much perfect for usage, but as for beginners, yes, these works. Absolutely fine and good. Coming towards the electronic speed controllers i’m using a 20 ampere bl heli s, electronic speed controllers – and i do got these on robot in for about. I think for one electronic speed control, the price is varying from 500 to 700 rupees, approximately coming towards the side controller i’m using a sp racing f3 acro modded flight controller, because i don’t think you do need a full version. You know i don’t think a 10 degrees of freedom. Flight controller would be good for beginners as per usage and for power distribution board.

I am using a basic matec pdb, it is just from robo.10 and it will cost near about 4 500 rupees and the flight controller would cost approximately. I think 2000 rupees on robo dot in coming towards the receiver. I use flysky fsia6b. I have actually a little bit modified this receiver, but it would be fine. It comes in a pretty case, packed in a pretty case. I will show you the main picture of this here at the screen and i do use this drone with the flysky fsi. 6. Radio controller once again from beginners to intermediate level this one. This radio controllers is pretty okay, and my configuration for this drone is right, switch number a to arm the drone and switch number d to switch from acro to you know self leveling and all that stuff and rest is just okay, and i would say this is A pretty much good transmitter for newcomers because it comes with a lcd screen, so you can actually see that what functioning does your radio controller show you up? I just love the drone to charge this drone. I use a simple b3 mini because, obviously for beginners, i don’t think using a very high rated charger would be a good option, so just going with this b3 mini, i think so. It can charge 2s as well as 3s. So yes, for just a beginner, i would say that for just a beginner i would say that these all materials are way more than enough for you guys to start up and for next video we are actually gon na see that how do we do the connections Of this racing drone, so let me show on so this was today’s video guys if you like this video, please give it a like share comment, and please tell me what type of video should i make next on next on my youtube channel.

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