If i can, you know, lift off this guy and sure it works. You know yeah so its on right now. So this is this. Is our sensor obstacle sensor and this would be the on and off button yeah, you know, got the remote on press on this. Would be the this is the auto takeoff and landing button, and this would be for headless mode, but headless mode is kind of tricky to use, so wouldnt really recommend it and you got your speed button and it can also do flips Applause yeah, so check it Out when i lift it off, i see it flying you all wanted to show how your cunning day, you sync the remote with the drone. The drone is already on by turning on the power button and press pull the left, stick up and down to hear that beep, and this also, this endless mode button, is also used to calibrate the gyro sensors. Once you see all of that, you should see a steady light. Come on. Yeah lights are steady, so the drone is ready to fly. You also forgot to show you guys how you remove the battery by squeezing in these two sides you take the bat shower, and this is where the charger goes to charge. The battery and thats a connection point there for the battery, see the battery make sure you get the connections right put it in lock. It down turn it on and its ready to go here peeps.

So there is the old stone 450 millijoule when they calibrate and sync the controller with the drone and do a takeoff and landing hey, yeah peeps, so a rundown on the old stone for a 15 minute drone. My personal review. You know that its a nice drone, very nice johnny comes in no camera, but its a nice drone to fly indoor. You know and have some fun kids can use it. Adults can use it its very nice. You can also do flips obstacle avoidance. It can go into that settings that it doesnt down it bonks off walls, yeah man, so its not quite a nice drone. Very nice drone im very reasonable also. So i would definitely you know, give it a thumbs up come on ill, definitely give it a thumbs up come on.