This will be flight. 15 ive had it about a week. I i love this little drone having a lot of fun with it and theres a power switch. There, on the back of the drone, pull sticks to the bottom and to the right okay, so that was uh counter clockwise uh in the horizontal and vertical planes and when its right youll have solid lights. On the on the bottom. There compass calibration to the left, both sticks when you do the compass calibration youll get a quick flash on the lights im, showing that i got 18 satellites connected next is to unlock the mortars, so Music, very stable bird. I i i think this is great for the the price point. My second drop brushless drone now uh. This is over the 250 gram weight so uh. I required a basic drone license for this Music uh, so uh vijay from canada, im giving the holly stone, uh, hs 700e, a thumbs up, uh and uh. Based on my experience with this particular uh quadcopter, i would probably buy another holley stone. Uh, and one thing i like about it is that you can operate the drone with just the transmitter provided now. Ive been able to hook this up to a tablet and you can get additional features like waypoints or tap to fly. Follow me and an orbit function as long and you can get a fpv view from the the drone to a tablet or a phone but uh yeah.

I i paid uh taxes included 400 canadian and uh ive already got 400 worth of entertainment uh. This is uh.