Hs 420 mini journey theres a small 30 gram drone. It is perfect for beginners to learn to fly on. Basically, the reason is its not its an affordable drone. If you do crash it and happen to break it, youre not out a lot of money, its also good, because of it being inexpensive that you dont spend a lot of money on it and if you find out hey, i dont like flying drones. You didnt waste! Anything some of the features are has prop guards on it that will help when youre indoor flying, if you bounce off the walls, lamps, whatever itll, protect them from being damaged, and it will also help protect the props from getting bent or broken. It also does a good job of preventing your fingers from getting in there and getting nicked up if blades are spinning. It also has a 720p camera. It is manually adjustable as far as up and down on the angle. It does take for a 720p camera and a small drone like this very good photos and videos, and that is something else: youre not going to get on a lot of small trends like this as a camera at all, it does run off of wi fi, with Your remote and it hooks to your phone via the holy stone fpv here with the remote basic features this flips up to this point right here, that is your cell phone holder. It stretches out so you can put your bigger phone in if you need it.

Has your camera button for record or video? It also has your power button. Your one key take off and landing button. Obviously you just press it and itll take off and press it will. Land also has an emergency kill button, and this button right here is for some of the functions that the drone has your flips and spins and so forth. It also comes with three of these little modular batteries here now they are a lithium battery. What is great, is modular batteries just tend to last longer a little bit safer. They charge through your usb cable youll average about six minutes of flight time for each one of these batteries, which is actually very good for a small drone like this. It also comes with two charging cables, a very good manual. You definitely want to look over this and read it, and if youre going to teach your kids to fly, you definitely need to go over it and show them the basics that way, you know how to fly to show them how to fly. It also comes with a prop removal tool and a set of spare props, and it does have a small screwdriver that comes with it for removing the props some of the features this drone has. It runs off of wi fi, like i said, goes for your phone. It has two speeds on the drone, a high and a low, and just through that button on the remote now it will take off theres a but function for to do a circular motion flight, a quick spin and flips.

It has an altitude hold, which means when you take it off like this and you let go of your sticks, its generally going to stay at that level, its not a gps prone. So it is not going to stay perfectly still. It will drift around if it does drift left right forward or back. There is a function on the return that you can trim it out with to kind of bring it back to where it needs to be. Music gives a low battery warning. It has an emergency. Stop button on the remote that way, if you do get a little bit scared you lose, it lose sight of it youre afraid youre going to crash, you just hit the button and it will stop motors and drop. It has a headless mode on it, which means, as far as headless mode, any way you any way the drone is facing. It will go the direction of the sticks, so if its facing away from you and you press left its going to go left if its facing towards you like this, you press left its going to go left. You press right its going to get right now, if youre, not in headless mode, which is probably one of the better ways to fly. But you definitely want to use headless mode until you get used to flying the drone and then step up to non headless mode, which means if the drone is facing away from you like this.

You press left, moves left right moves right forward forward back back, but if its facing you and you move, the sticks left its going to move right. If you move the stick right, its going to be left. If you press forward on the drone, itll go backwards and if you press back its going to go towards you, so basically that is about all for there. I will give you a little pros and cons here pros of it, its a nice small, inexpensive drone to learn on its a great way to learn so youre, not dont have to worry about losing a drone crashing the drone breaking it, and i will say this Is a pretty durable trend because i was out flying it in the wind which is not recommended at all. It should only be flown really mainly indoors and, to tell you truth, i was bashing it off of trees and everything else and it held up. You can see this is, after all, the flights theres, not even a mark on it and, like i said before, another pro to this drone prop guards, especially for an indoor drone. Now the drone is not the fastest prune there is, but it is a very agile. Little drone as youll see in the video i mean it does buzz around pretty good, and i was flying in probably four to five mile an hour breeze off and on which is incredibly hard for this train to handle.

Like i said, it is not meant for the outdoors. That is not a knock against this drone, its just the what fact of these small drones like this, they will not handle the wind another part of this three batteries, youre not going to get that with a lot of other drones.