Why ive got a checklist in the description, so you can see if things have been fixed or if they havent, as i feared and really was quite predictable. When i was exporting this review to go up online tonight, i had a quick look on facebook and the mavic 3 group and saw that somebody said there was new firmware. Somebody else said that theyve done it and they couldnt see anything new. So i decided to update anyway just to double check, to see if any of the issues i had with the image had been fixed because a lot of people wouldnt be looking for those. So i went through the whole procedure. This is a big firmware. Update, started. Three up had a look and yeah large chunks of this review were suddenly made redundant, and i had to redo a lot of the tests. This is what im set up for right now. This is for one of the image tests. I also have to go and do some more flying, because we now have active track. We now have master shots and hyperlapse, which werent expecting until late january. So i need to include those two, oh its better, that this happened before id uploaded. A video and clicked publish, then, just after anyway, lets get back to these tests and get back to the main part of review, because a lot of it is still completely valid and fine, it just wont, be as fluid as i would have liked.

As much as i like, sitting in the middle of a field with a puddle with people walking past me with their dogs and wondering what the hell is wrong with this man, i think its time to stop these over the top obsessive tests. I think you get the points theres some inconsistencies, Music and they are obviously fixable and maybe theyve been fixed already, and maybe all of this was a complete waste of time.