Coming to you today, i wanted to give you a quick uh, what i hope to be quick review of the autel evo2 dual with the ira: 640t thermal radiometric camera. So we’ve got them here compared to we got the this. Is the the auto evo2 dual aircraft? Obviously with the 640t, this is the ira 640t thermal radiometric camera on this one. This is the uh alto evo2 dual the american made with foreign labor and components or or, however, that is from all tail um that’s. What this aircraft is, and it has the flir bassan 640 thermal dual camera on it. So, as you can see just from pretty much from the naked eye, even not up close, they look pretty much the same, not a whole lot of difference. What you’ll notice is there is a clear difference in the lens, or maybe the the finish on the lens of the thermal it’s a little bit different and also the bezel around that thermal sensor. Camera is a little bit different on between the two um but anyway that’s that’s, neither here nor there we’re interested in what my feedback is. I guess on how it works it’s good, i mean i have no nothing else to say at first, i was very skeptical. Um, even without knowledge i said, hey we got to remember this is not going to be a fleer. This is not a flir brand product. We all know flea or flare is great that’s kind of what we’ve known for years um and when we start bringing in something that’s non flare.

A lot of people just assume flear is: is they replace thermal with the flear because of that brand and what we know about it? But the reality is, is fleur’s brand ira is a brand. So this is an ira core, it’s, really good from a public safety standpoint: i’m: a public safety guy. We focus on public safety here at airworks unmanned solutions. All of our guys are public safety, it’s really good. I don’t know how that was to say it we’ve compared it side by side in two different. We had coinciding flights with both of these systems last week when they first came in we flown some at night. The imagery, the contrast, the quality of the image and the detail in it to me is – might be a little better than the flear. I mean it’s. Just again, it’s it’s what i see and it’s my opinion um, and that is what it is, take that forward it’s worth it but um it works really well, where there’s nothing out there, aircrafts it’s that’s different between any of that. Only thing that’s gon na be different is what that data output from the from a thermal image looks like and uh so i’ve got it pulled up here and um. What we’re gon na do is overlay this, so you can kind of see, but we what you’ll see in in the autel explorer app when you’re in thermal com, 100 thermal mode, so you’ve got three modes: you’ve got visible, you’ve got thermal and you’ve got a picture In picture, so when you’re in full thermal mode, you can be in record so in record mode, full thermal mode, we have a frame comes up.

It looks exactly like what you would find in dji pilot in the the mavic 2 dual or um one of the xt2s. What you would find in that, so you got the frame with the hottest and coldest and you’ve got those two dots it’s going to tell you those two things points them out keeps them in the frame. You can move that frame around you can maximize it, minimize it whatever you want to do. You can also go to a spot meter. Select that and point anywhere on the screen tap anywhere on the screen. Any object that’s going to give you the thermal radiometric reading temperature reading lamp. What you’ll notice is celsius. There is no way unless i’ve totally missed it there’s. Nowhere, no way nowhere inside the software right now or inside this app that you can change that. I assume that’s going to be a simple setting somewhere. Maybe it’s overlooked um we’ll get that request and i’ll ask them, but um anyway, so you’ve got it’s the same basic settings there. You also notice when we go into the camera when you’re in thermal mode. You go into the camera settings. You have several options that relate specifically to thermal, so one of the first ones that comes in is brightness and contrast. So there’s a couple readings, there’s, auto one, an auto two and then there’s a manual. So you can go into manual mode and you can turn your brightness and your contrast up and down to kind of to better, i suppose, define what you’re looking for when you’re out in the field.

So this is great. We’Ve got some control of that. We also have a detail, enhancement option, you can turn on and off and it has a setting of one to eight um i’ve played with it back and forth. It makes a difference. You can go up and down and clarify kind of fine edges a little bit more. I would not go anywhere near saying this is like msx, so don’t. Let it get you in that, in that mind of detail, enhancements msx, two totally different things, but i think it’s to satisfy a little bit of that to be able to find objects a little better and it does work there’s a noise reduction option. You can turn on and off there’s a gain mode which works really well. You got a high and low gain and then auto and when you go through and you change that it makes a difference and what kind of what you’re, seeing you have a thermal imaging emissivity option of was 10 to 100. So you can adjust that up and down. It makes a difference when you do that, you have a temperature warning. You can turn that on and you can set your temperature ranges so if any objects are defined, for example within your image either within your your spot meter within your frame, it will warn you it will give you an audible alert. You have isotherm settings, there’s a user defined option, there’s off their search for human already, pre programmed.

You also have a search fire temp, so very high temperatures, and you also have a user defined and you can. You can isolate those thermal settings a little bit or you can simply turn it off, but they um again this the thermal camera works really well. I’Ve been satisfied with it if i were using it from a public safety standpoint out um on a call looking for a fleeing suspect. If i were looking for a missing child or a missing person missing animal anything, this works. Well, it is there’s. I mean it. It compares if not exactly to me possibly a little better than the flir uh bassan 640. and i mean again that’s an opinion. Um um i’m, not looking at imagery from a standpoint i’m, not looking at it and and uh in any tool to pull out any more data other than just viewing um that raw data in the field looking for suspects or looking for missing persons that’s where i’m Coming from on this, so make sure everybody understands that that’s what i do that’s, what we typically sell to the people that do that um. We don’t typically sell to um inspection companies and things like that. Although we have sold to many um, they are professionals and they know what they’re looking for and know what they want and they come to us and we can help them with that. However, again from a standpoint of public safety, this is really good.

We put out some video last week, some side by side imagery to show you those details and the two images from white hot from about 200 feet above ground and then about 200 feet out 71 degrees, high noon side by side, almost the exact same positioning and You can really see – and you can see me standing out and i’m doing a kind of a jumping jack move out behind my truck on some some asphalt out back, and i mean quite frankly that the image from the 640t was more clear, more defined than you Would found than you found in the in the flear that’s my feedback uh? The flear did have some other nuances that i didn’t see, which you could see, for example, cross members, and we got a big fifth wheel, camper out back and the cross members that had heated up under the roof. As i said, that’s a fiberglass type roof on that particular fifth wheel, camper trailer and those cross members which are metal up underneath there on aluminum could clearly see that they had had some thermal loading in those and they were they were hotter. So you could see those on the flear. I could not see them as well on the um 640t imagery. However, i could see me better in the 640t than i could see myself on the flir bassan so again, it’s all in what you’re going to use it for, but again we’re coming to you from a standpoint of public safety, it’s nice it’s, less expensive we’ve got Both of them i’ve still got both in stock um, unless you know somebody’s, specifically working looking for um the usa made, and you really truly want to fleer um.

I think that you’re going to be happy with the 640t. Just the same so we’ve got both we’d love to say you both. We just want to be honest with you and give you our opinions, because everybody always likes an opinion of of what we have to say and i think it speaks volumes when i can. When, again, i can tell you that i’m, not gon na, tell you that this one’s better, because it costs more um and i’ve still got them in stock i’m. Gon na tell you, which one, i think is the best option for you to buy and use to be successful with so again. We hope to see you soon if you got any questions about this unit. If you want to buy one of course, we’d love to sell you, one we’ve got them in stock. Give us a call shoot us. A text find us online facebook, instagram anywhere it’s Our phone number is 864, 898, 9444 we’re at airworks drone, almost on any type of platform. You look for from social media and we respond almost 24 7. so reach out to us we’d love to help.