This is the snaptane h23 h823h. My bad four axis aircraft series – um as you guys can see it – does have a lot of features. Self stabilizing, um altitude holds pretty much uh. What you guys see in the box. It does come with the drone. The athena shine blue it’s, pretty small, but i mean it’s okay size does recommend to fight only indoors, but if there’s no wind outside you can fight outside or if it’s very little, it does have a remote control, it does click. So when you want to flip whatever side you want um, it does have a return home button, but don’t recommend to use it because it will just fly whatever way. It has self landing and self take off a button and um. It does come with a um 12 month, warranty and yeah. You just had to scan it through facebook, uh here we’re gon na fly. It right now stay recording um. So this those features and put in the battery. You guys look at the box right now. Uh. It is on sale right now on amazon and um yeah we’re, trying to put in the battery now uh. It is on sale or now you guys buy one make sure you guys buy one of three batteries, so then yeah – and i really do recommend this for beginners uh i’m, not okay, i’m, a okay, flyer, i’m, not the most best, but i know what i’m doing You know whatever okay and then you guys come over here.

You guys have to put it down, make sure it’s turned on there’s a switch. You turn it on there. It is um you go up down, then hold it right here. Like this make sure you hear the beep, then you’re ready to go you’re gon na click this button and there is button. So if it’s moving, you can do this move them. But if you guys hear me, click i’m gon na be clicking forward so being maximum speed. Uh, this drone could go like a hundred feet up uh. Let me show you guys right now, guys zoom in a little you guys look up on the clouds very nice today, very little wind, but very nice drone. You guys are looking on amazon teams, it’s good or not. I do recommend this free, it’s, fully caged. You can fly indoors if you guys hit something it can bounce off and yeah, see guys how i am. I do have another drone on my friends and we checked it and how high this drone could go i’m going down there now and it does go up like a hundred something feet: uh yeah, oh yeah. I feel a little too far. You know okay, i’m, bringing it back right now to us and yeah it’s, very nice. You guys should be free to fight outside, learn how to fight indoors uh let’s wait for it to come back twist. I am lowering it. Oh there’s, quite a little wind right.

There struck it’s struggling a little, but we’ll fly back let’s go closer to it. I am going down right now, if you guys are trying to buy it right now, it’s on sale, right now, it’s like 26 dollars of tax shipping to you came to me in two days, so you guys saw how far that went. That’S very far. You guys want a drone for very little money. This is the ones the best drone you can buy and yeah and they come a little close up camera it’s on very forward. So it moves forward right now by itself, but yeah. So yeah it’s like a little sporty drone. You can it’s, not sbb, you can’t, it doesn’t come with goggles on camera, but you can fly it very, very nicely and yeah. I hope you guys are having a really good day. Um yeah make sure to subscribe. To my channel leave a like turn on the bell for more notifications, you guys want me to review a drone.