I know i named my channels, partial gaming but i’m. Also gon na do some tech videos so guys i’m i’m planning to change my channel’s name again so stay tuned for that and today i bought a drone guys and you better check this so guys. This is my drone i just bought this like, and this is a tailor so guys. If you i already opened it, you will get a charger with your charger and you will get what three batteries yeah. Where is my other batteries? Oh okay? Okay, guys, i found my other battery. This is two. This is the okay i fought. This is the charging portal. Then you will be pressing the three one. Then you are gon na plug in to uh your laptop. You need to plug into the laptop guys by the way, and if you open this, there should be the charger and all the thing i opened it so guys. This is the drone box, and i already show you the drone. So here is the drone guys here’s. The drone – and this is the box – and this is the menu option, so i only found my one two batteries. I didn’t find my other okay it’s plugged into the drone you can play. You can plug it in like there is this you can this. The battery is the better result, so you have to press this button and press this button to activate to turn it on there’s blinking, so guys, the one.

Now you grab your phone and install tello app and i installed your app and you will go to your wi fi here you got here, got tailor press on that now press connect, the telo is connected, but now look at this guys. It has a hd camera. Look guys there’s me, hello, guys, hello, hello and, if you’re uh, if you’re this is bending like this, you can see guys this give this gives you a warning that aircraft is still or something yeah guys now i’m gon na show you how to fly it. So yeah and i’m gon na press it over here guys so guys you can see. This is my drone and i you need a pretty good space so guys i got a good space. This is actually my in my house. So now what you do you press this button? And now you press this uh, you press this to fly; okay, guys, i’m gon na take it back: okay, okay, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, oh okay! What is happening? What is happening guys? What is happening? Wait, let me see if the so guys yeah, i don’t know why it’s red but it’s, saying okay, guys it’s not moving over here. I don’t know why, but it could. It could happen like look at this scratches over here. It does not get any space – okay, guys, i’m gon na take this off. Actually, you can take this off by legs this this and this here you got a nice airplane.

Now, if you press it over there, you press it over there. Now, if you hope it flies, it flies guys, it flies, it flies, it flies look at. It fly yeah, yeah yeah i have to. I think i have to get this pair with this, so i think i broke that suit it’s. Okay. Now, if you, if you press this guys, you move this way now down, is this guys down? Is this guys now it’s going down, you can do some tricks. You got hd flips guys but i’m. Not gon na show you right now, because i got a pretty, not big space space i mean now i’ll, keep it down now, there’s an option for tap to land or land. In your hand, i’m gon na do this. It lands yeah guys it man, it land guys so i’m gon na show my yeah guys. That was epic. I hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned for the other videos in the future subscribe and not 25. Are you subscribed, hope you enjoy? You can always change your mind.