Video of it was my actually second time getting it in the air and i’ll have to explain that in a second uh. There is, since this is a screen record and there isn’t really any audio anyway. For the drone, because it can’t it can’t pick up sound of course. So what i was saying was the reason it was taking. So long is because it was extremely windy and i was trying to wait till the wind died down and the reason i landed so quickly is because, as soon as i got it in the air – and i got it all – set up to fly and everything the Wind, like it came in instantly, and it scared me because the drone i have to i still have to explain it again in a second um anyway. The drone was like kind of like going crazy anyway, so i just brought it. I tried to land it in one spot and it had to move back because it wasn’t good enough anyways. So i’ll explain what happened. So i got my new props in the day or yesterday. Technically it was friday, night anyways and what happened was is i had put them on and i had got ready and i had taken it off on the table where, where i always take off my pop thrown at because it works just fine right there, it started Coming towards me and then it crashed and it broke.

It broke one of the brand new props, which is what didn’t matter, because i had replacements anyway and i also had two of the old props still working, so it didn’t matter much anyways anyways. Well, i was extremely scared that i was and it crashed and it almost broke it’s ten percent better. This is gon na – have to be snappy anyways. So what you saw was my second and first successful flight is what we’ll call it anyways. Sorry, it took so long and it’s kind of boring skip to just like drag the bar and skip to where you see like some movement, because i’ll start moving a second time. I move in front of the camera and wave i’m gon na. Do that to like say hi, you know welcome to the video and all um. You know like stuff like that uh and, like i said i can’t, i can’t. Actually you can’t actually hear me what i’m saying. If you can read lips, you might can sometimes the camera footage is a little terrible anyways. So i was just letting you guys know why it took so long. I am very excited on a not so windy day. I will fight more. I had it in beginner mode, there anyways i don’t really have to, but because of what happened earlier, i figured is a good idea figured out the reason it only happened is because i didn’t have my compass calibrated, which is a big problem.

I guess i don’t know i didn’t really need. I didn’t really know i needed a compass, but i mean i guess you do because you’d have to know which way you’re flying so whatever, but anyways lost two or i didn’t lose two of the green stickers. I took them off because they were getting annoying, they wouldn’t stick. They wouldn’t stick to the drones. I just took them off i’m actually going to replace them right now. Let’S see, i think, i’ll do a. I think i’ll do what you guys think i think i’ll do a Music there’s, a pretty like pink magenta. I think orange. I, like the orange you guys, like that color it’s, an orange if it’s hard to tell but that’s what i do. I do it off camera, though, because i’ve got to do some cleaning on that to make sure it sticks anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed this really short video because, like i said, my phone is on 10, if i could i’m not going to swipe down, because that ends the recording um yeah that’s, pretty much it i’m, getting really close to the camera there um so yeah. This summer, i am going to be, you know, doing drone videos, so just keep an eye out for that. If you are interested in that um is that a red or an orange clipped orange? Therefore, i mean red there for a second, i was like hold up anyways, oh shoot, screw anyways, so uh you know just like and subscribe.

I guess, as usual per usual, your normal youtuber, stuff, um. Hope you enjoyed this video by the way, and i will see you guys next time for probably another drone video and i do have just before you guys go. I want to look at this. What is this? Oh, you can like take off part of the joystick. Okay, i was like what is that you might take it off sort of get unscrews. Probably for i don’t know, storing or something let’s see here. I’Ll show you guys just stick in a minute. Just give me a second guys: i’ve almost got it come on there. We go see it comes in two pieces and they would fit like that and you can’t really see but two pieces and they’ll fit like that. All right. Let me just throw them back on for a second and then you can here i’ll shut the video off yeah all right. Let me just all right, i’ll see you guys next time for the next video whatever it may be, it might not be a drawing video. You never can tell um yeah man that’s pretty much it um. I don’t know why i’m still sitting here talking uh see you guys next time.