The grounds are all beautiful um. It is a budget friendly hotel. I think we paid like 66 bucks a night thanks dad yeah. Thank you, got ta mention that im out of here too, but theyre probably still getting ready things. Dont really get going around here till like eight eight a.m, uh in terms of like coffee and restaurants and stuff, you cant really do anything before that um, so were gon na go, show you the beach, show you the grounds and then casey said shes going to Get coffee, oh yeah, get coffee. I was trying to think of something extreme, but i couldnt really top my head. You know all right later directly outside of our room, theres rooms, of all different sizes. Here, even kitchens and stuff. Oh, oh, damn theres a sundress unfortunate. It smells like a sewage right now, but its beautiful you know, heres the lobby, everythings, nice and colorful. Oh, they took the hammocks down. Maybe they wash them yeah lots of nice cool colors. I, like all the towel work and everything yeah right here, usually theres a hammocks. Maybe they washed it – i probably wash them yeah theres a restaurant over here called mina super expensive. If you guys are into soup, if you guys are into spending like hundreds of dollars, every time you eat thats, where you want to go caseys taking a peek, do you know i have to spend twenty dollars just to take a peek right, twenty dollars, the guy Walks out hes like excuse me, maam, you owe twenty dollars now.

Oh yeah, its nice restaurant, like really nice, we havent eat there, yet, unfortunately, okay heres the pool area, its pretty wicked um, no ones around, because its morning time i dont think its open. The pools not open yet theyre still cleaning it, but its a pretty good pool, not bad and along. The beach is uh kind of this, like sandy walkway that you can just mill around on. You can just mill around on it right venus and uh theres tons of restaurants up the up the way here, theres, so many pelicans out here. You can just sit and watch them dive on fish all day ill zoom in on on them. So you can see heres the beach area. They got loungers down here and its beautiful check that out suns coming up waters high right now and the water here come goes up and down in the daytime, so its not the greatest place to swim. But people do its a little bit um. Well, they filet their fish and just toss them in there. So you see fish carcasses once in a while, but its beautiful anyways look at all those pilacons. I like calling them pilacons, though casey hates it. Oh wow, look at all the fish jumping out there yeah a little sardines. No wonder the freaking pelicans are just having a good old time, so we ate at this restaurant here and this restaurant here um this one here is like reasonably expensive.

I mean reasonably priced. I should say that ones really expensive, but if youre rich as hell youre, a bitcoin millionaire go ahead. Yeah theres the rest of the beach, not really like the greatest swimming beach, its kind of rocky on this side, anyways and then over. On the other side, theres uh playa, punto de mita, which is really nice. Oh damn. What was that? A big old fish man? Oh damn look at what we got here lets go up there, pelicans theres, a ton of sardines just jumping, and there was like some big fat fish that came out or a delfino delfino delfino dogfield theres, the moon theres, some crazy going on in the water. We saw some big fish, i dont know if its sharks or what going after these smaller fish and now that i said that they wont be on camera boom.