Hs 330 really awesome mini drone that looks like an alien drop ship. With this really cool angled light on the front um, you can see i’m i’m pretty pleased with the way. This handled the way this turned out holy stone sends me stuff to test and it’s always a good time. So let’s just get right to it. Yeah obstacle avoidance is pretty good, it will just gone. It will not hit the camera, which is fun. You know you know it’s the light on the front, which is actually you can angle it the way the front. Does it Music, i’m gon na tell you what it handles really good for a mini ground Music like it’s, really well balanced as far as Music. It does let’s talk a little bit about the holiday hs 330.. This is really cool um. You can see in the video. I have a genuine smile on my face the whole time i’m flying this. It handles exquisitely for a mini drone. I just like want to play with it right now, even it’s the light on the front that does it. For me, it looks like some starcraft uh terminator type, really otherworldly alien drop ship, like you can angle it straight down and everything like it’s it’s, really dope. Dude it’s really cool um. It reminds me of batteries not included. The 80s kids will get that reference um great movie. Probably why i like drones so much so this is a really inexpensive drone.

It comes with three batteries, a dual charger, so you can charge two at once: that’s really cool! You don’t normally see that unless it’s a really expensive drone um but, like i said man, these are well built. Drones i’ve tested a couple of things from holy stone and they always impress me so this is a really great flyer on the house. Whatever you cannot wreck this into stuff, the obstacle avoidance is really good for a drone under 30 bucks. All right, you can get these off amazon uh. I just i really like flying this. I’M gon na go fly it some more after this video um, yeah cool. This is pyro for sky pirates.