This is my review of the holly stone ages. 2. 1. 0. Michael 12.. Now this is probably an auto michael because it is just so tiny, especially when i just saw the thing out of the box whoa and when i suppose they got two different colorful palettes, as you can see, because the leds are very visible, that’s visual because i’m, Considering that with diesel this month here so we know we did Music, that’s for sure and and you’ve got green leds on the floor to go with the green, propellers and uh. It doesn’t have the normal switch and though the battery pool is here, there is a red led right on the behind the battery boards, a letter with d, and that goes with the weather. With the letter from the battery port. Now we do got this battery slot. So nice battery case let’s see anything else to say about the self. Oh at least it takes about 50 minutes of challenge. For me, so almost an hour, they said that mammals had 40 to 60 minutes charge, let’s see it. It weighs for about 22 grams. So the battery should be quite small: okay, here’s the battery it’s, a 250 milliamp hour batteries, whoops so and that’s. A pretty small battery it’s, a the battery for the controller, is kind of normal for a sweet trip away batteries, a lot of transmitters and sweet triple a batteries, and now let’s take a closer look at the transmitter.

This is huge heals you transmitter. It kind of looks nothing it’s made of plastic and here’s what you get. This is your takeoff button, but it looks, but it doesn’t really take off once you press the button, it just spins. This whole pedal staying on the grind, and then you push this wall to up. You push it down to stop and then you press it again to stop, because not only that will spin on the ground, but then push it up to take off that’s you press, you can press it again while it’s line and it will just run on the Landing land very well, this button. Well, the takeoff phone was this one now there’s, also one on the right now that is headless mode. Well, what’s, really weird about the headless mode is because you have if, if you try it on one final after a flight and then you land, then it will work. Actually you have to do it before you first point, which i think is really surprising. Don’T really know why they did that here’s, the user standing up and down pull back left and right – and here you only this button here – is your speed switch, so you got low medium and high, so that’s good and then the other one here is your flip Button, so you can press that and click on whatever direction you want to flip. But you can press and hold the flip button for three seconds and it will and it will do a few relax which uh keeps spinning.

You can’t get to rotation and you can exit that, but one pressing it for three seconds again or by moving the you know the direction moving. Then you, if you press and hold the speed, switch for three seconds, it will do a funnel and you can exit that by pressing it for three seconds again or moving the direction stick once you also got your emergency stop by pressing both. At the same time, i don’t really know why it’s flipped, but if you press the flip on amazon, but now i actually found out that it actually makes sense. It drops fast Music by pushing both sticks down to the left. Let’S see is it, but is there anything else to say yeah here’s your switch now? Well, i think that’s. All i got about let’s go to the point all right, let’s plug the battery. In here we go now. I forgot that uh there was a whole set of skills: Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, pretty good. Now let’s go ahead and do some flips whoa yeah, so put it going on whoa.